Dr. Umar Must Receive Our Unconditional Support During This Character Assassination!

Dr. Umar Johnson is a School Psychologist, Pan-Africanist, Political Scientist; Author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust Against Black Boys (3.6.13) and President of Team Pan-Afrikan/IMIPAP.

History has taught us that when the character of our most brilliant Black leaders is attacked, that it is only because they are making tremendous inroads through their work for the liberation of our oppressed Sisters and Brothers.

In this day of Social Media and the ability to immediately post damaging words to the world with lightning speed, many of those who lurk in the shadows of envy are used to bring down a high profile leader not only for what they perceive as their own twisted agenda, but for the purposes of that hidden hand that wants to bring that leader down.

In other words, it’s business as usual in Amerikkka and at this time as Dr. Umar finds himself in the cross-threads of that deadly scope of character assassination.

Isn’t it obvious that he has been stepping on the toes of oppression and those who stand to benefit from this satanic system must silence and stop his forward march of progress with a very public attempt to distract the masses from his innovative cutting edge works.

What I find amusing is that those who are spreading the lies and feeding the rumors will engage in a negative based activity but won’t lift a finger to aid our Brother in a lifetime work that will ultimately benefit us all.

Listen to the recent letter written by Dr. Umar detailing the attack which will proactively clear the air of this latest attack which is a constant and unnecessary distraction on the works of our REAL Black leaders!

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Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • Spoken Poet says:

    What’s wrong with Dr. Johnson getting laid he is a single man.. Damn

  • DaRealLadyE says:

    I could have been a private donation, and no one would have been the wiser.
    Somebody frontin…

  • Ade Abasanji says:

    Dr umar tapped it. He should of come clean and let us know what happened.
    Still got love for the brother.

  • Marashor says:

    Will you cult followers STOP with the nonsense!

    You are speaking about this GROWN a$$, so-called conscious, so-called
    respectful male as if he is some special needs kid who was taken advantage
    of. She didn’t have some nigga’s to capture him, hold him down as she stuck
    it inside of her–he VOLUNTARILY hit it–over and over!.

    Y’all are RIDICULOUS!

  • roger spice says:

    Dr Umar for president

  • Queen Supreme says:

    I Agree Brotha, Still Standing with Brotha Umar. The Women pulled a Rachel
    Dolezal posing as a Concious Women to gain access and Approval, shows how
    deceitful she truly is an based apon her deceptive actions shows she had
    intentions, Why lie your way into gaining access to Dr. Umar, shady – As
    far as Dr Umar is concerned he Is human and is allowed to make errors as we
    all do, although I believe as a Single Man there’s nothing wrong with two
    Adults having consensual sex, some might not agree but that’s just my
    opinion. I recognize the game and I support my Brotha.

  • Luvie1980 says:

    This woman if you can call her that, pretty much exposed herself as a
    bonafide slut!

  • yerejay says:

    Stripper? female? Midnight? 3 occasions? Amateur mistake playa… You
    should have known better…man up…no need to disparage or denigrate this
    woman or make her the issue…admit you’re weak, take the L and try to move
    on. If he was smart (or a real pro) he would’ve gotten far out in front of
    this thing when he was on Roland Martins TVOne program and admitted all
    this himself (instead of saying he was celibate and all that puritanical
    junk) before anyone could’ve made an issue of it. People would respect him
    more. Now he just looks like a lying fraudulent phony, when he didn’t have
    to. I’m sure more women will come forward, now, real or not. Especially if
    he got caught up in such a easy trap as this. Shit begets more shit.

  • jtray Trever says:

    It wasn’t like he was married and claimed to be saved.

  • Ms.BlackWallStreet says:

    So I’m guessing the nba superstar couldn’t secretly give increments of
    money by simply putting it in a briefcase and giving it out to trustworthy
    people so that they can donate in person at different Dr. Umar lectures.
    I’m not saying you should do that, but it sounds sketchy when you make it
    seem like that was the only way you could offer financial support. If he
    really wanted to do it, he would– regardless of if there is a scandal.
    Meanwhile, there’s a good chance you’re donating to organizations that deal
    with scandals (true or not) every year! That was a poor excuse. If
    anything, the player wanted media attention because if he secretly donated
    the money (no managers needed), NO ONE WOULD KNOW!

  • BlackThoughtsSurrounded101 says:

    A few years ago black folks in the so-called conscious community they said
    Dr. Umar was messing with a white woman.Then they try to get the mother of
    his kid to spread some dirt about him but it did not work. There
    are feminist and gay activist who do not like him because he is focusing on
    black boys and speaking out against homosexuality so this story works in
    their favor.

  • angryspectator101 says:

    I’m a doctor Umar supporter however this story is becoming all too
    familiar. He admits to at least 3 booty calls with this chick by his own
    admission which would indicate that at least some of the text messages are
    true. Also if this woman is an agent why is he so gullible to fall for that
    shit its what he preaches ..I know of several other young ladies who have
    told of similar stories but.lacking the confidence to speak out so are they
    all agent’s? Is it difficult to believe that he could use his position from
    time to time to get some cookies? To blindly follow any man is to walk into
    the fire. I’m not knocking him have you seen that ass but at the very least
    he is a liar. Telling us men to practice celibacy while fucking strippers.
    Criticism against non natural sisters while bedding them? Futher more using
    woman as booty calls is not practicing what he preaches which is
    relationships. I don’t want my daughter with this dude. He’s not even man
    enough to just admit he thirsty like the rest and own up instead he is
    attacking this skank who is now a maggot. Was that whore that when he was
    all up in it begging for more. He should be smarter than that considering
    what he is attempting to do. I get he have needs shit we all do but he
    could have been way smarter about it and choose better

  • Tonty says:

    Dr Umar’s REAL supporters aren’t going nowhere. Were much MORE smarter than
    that….Now is his time to see who the real supporters are.

  • Joe Cool says:

    Great commentary brother +LanceScurv​. I honestly don’t care what he or
    anyone does in their personal lives that doesn’t affect the work they are
    doing or ppl they want to help. This does seem loke a setup lie to
    discredit the Dr. and I’m so neutral. We all have issue we are working to
    overcome and I support Dr. Johnsons effort, work, and platform.

  • K. Halli says:

    Taye Diggs is going through something similar

  • K. Halli says:

    Watch those Philly hoes ie Amber Rose

  • TheSunset1009 says:

    Mr. Scurv… You have been on fire recently with wonderful topics and
    guests. Keep up the great work!

  • Mason Storm 09? says:

    I KNEW IT!!! That bitch is definitely working for them peoples (the
    government) *They do not want young righteous educated black men with
    money. That is the governments worse nightmare.*

  • sterling king says:

    Lay down with hood rats you get fleas.

  • sfumatoking says:

    Our academician Brother has studied a vast treasure drove of books no
    doubt. One book he has perhaps forgotten to read was Sharrazad Ali’s
    famous, “Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman.”

  • BoardzNdaHOOD says:

    There are more agents than soldiers. When Umar announced the new location I
    knew something was coming. Even if you don’t like Umar, you have to feel
    for the mission he’s on. With the net, everyone is about a friend, follow
    or view. Some want fame at any expense. You have to really watch your back.
    This bird could have been sent by another “conscious nigga” hating because
    Umar is progressing. The Gov is always at work too. The timing is so
    perfect for PsyOps though. Within the last week, the weak have taken a
    beating mentally. Stay strong Lance!

  • A Charles says:

    The good Dr was set up

  • Valerie Yisreal says:
  • MightyLawns T.V. says:
  • LanceScurv says:
  • >