Dr. Umar Must Receive Our Unconditional Support During This Character Assassination!

Dr. Umar Johnson is a School Psychologist, Pan-Africanist, Political Scientist; Author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust Against Black Boys (3.6.13) and President of Team Pan-Afrikan/IMIPAP.

History has taught us that when the character of our most brilliant Black leaders is attacked, that it is only because they are making tremendous inroads through their work for the liberation of our oppressed Sisters and Brothers.

In this day of Social Media and the ability to immediately post damaging words to the world with lightning speed, many of those who lurk in the shadows of envy are used to bring down a high profile leader not only for what they perceive as their own twisted agenda, but for the purposes of that hidden hand that wants to bring that leader down.

In other words, it’s business as usual in Amerikkka and at this time as Dr. Umar finds himself in the cross-threads of that deadly scope of character assassination.

Isn’t it obvious that he has been stepping on the toes of oppression and those who stand to benefit from this satanic system must silence and stop his forward march of progress with a very public attempt to distract the masses from his innovative cutting edge works.

What I find amusing is that those who are spreading the lies and feeding the rumors will engage in a negative based activity but won’t lift a finger to aid our Brother in a lifetime work that will ultimately benefit us all.

Listen to the recent letter written by Dr. Umar detailing the attack which will proactively clear the air of this latest attack which is a constant and unnecessary distraction on the works of our REAL Black leaders!

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