Drama Specialists: How They Work To Destroy Your Life And How To Nullify Their Secret Attacks Before Its Too Late


While it makes for great entertainment when at someone else’s expense, anyone on their right mind wants nothing to do with it when the tab is on them.

Nothing positive usually comes out of drama although the aggressive drama pursuers tend to think differently, it’s as though they feel that they will be elevated to a higher station in life because of their twisted and continuous craving for this age old art form.

Drama is the number one reason why the various Venetian blind companies stay in business, and in good business at that, with very high profit margins, because if it weren’t for the drama that happens outside of your window every now and then, you wouldn’t have a reason to aggressively pull and tug on your window dressings in order to peek at the fight going on outside because someone got caught creeping with their best friends wife or those two church sisters who had a big falling out in a loud verbal spectacle only to reveal to the world that there was more to that sanctified pairing than meets the eye when the beans were spilled that they were really long term lesbian lovers. I guess somebody caught feelings when they saw how good the other was licking the potato salad clean off the plate at the after church service fund raising dinner! Lol!

Does drama make the world go ’round? Some may think so but I beg to differ, I guess it depends what world you live on. What I mean by that is that there are so many levels of existence to “dwell” in, while you and I may physically be in the same room, my mind may be on something completely different than what is actually transpiring in the space around us. And while that happening may be of the utmost importance to you and others, it may not figure to rate no higher than being a trivial event in the entire scope of my world.

To shorten that phrase into a bite size piece, what’s important to me others could probably care less.

While many have told me in some deep discussions that they feel a drama infected individual may in fact be addicted to drama, I asked them in return that if that person WAS addicted to drama then what was the reason why they were? I mean, as far as I am concerned and from my observations, a seemingly drama addicted individual is not really addicted, they are more attempting to keep the negative energies moving because they are in pain, on fire and very hurt by the state of their lives because they know that otherwise they are not where they should be.

Trust me……

If that same person had something of value to indulge in everyday where they were honored, respected and appreciated for that station that they were so beautifully occupying, then you wouldn’t hear a negative PEEP out of them!

But because they feel as though they are powerless to ascend to some measure of a productive life, they have to keep the conditions of confusion, disarray and the swirl of aggressive emotions within themselves and in others going in order to distract the void that they possess inside of their heart.

Think of a drama king/queen as a hurricane that cannot thrive on it’s own because it needs the right conditions around it to grow. Hurricanes need the warm waters below as well as other important atmospheric properties to feed into it to keep it alive and well but if those conditions were to cease to exist the hurricanes power would be diminished and eventually dissipate.

So in order to keep the conditions just right the drama king or queen will help to keep those conditions going. You see, they are not a hurricane, they happen to be a human being who can think, plan and be very intuitive. Good traits that are used in their case for something negative. So they will become that whispering spirit to create tensions between you and another person. For they do not desire to see you get along with others in peace and harmony. In their mind when they see you getting along well and actually loved and appreciated for who you are, they despise it because they could never see themselves enjoying that particular respect because again, they don’t feel worthy.

So instead of taking the time to improve themselves and rewiring their outlook on life, they in turn emulate that category 5 hurricane and leave a path of destruction in it’s wake. But the difference between the hurricane and the drama king/queen is that instead of being left to rebuild a mere house, physical structure or a community, they have destroyed lives, relationships and a hard earned character reference.

The drama expert cares not for your losses as they are only concerned with that damnable hole that burns within their bleeding heart that is caused by insecurity and low self esteem.

The confrontation that they create or help to continue will give them a rush comparable to that of a drug. For them it is exhilarating because for those few moments of the heated argument and relished battle, they are in control, they are in the drivers seat and all eyes are on them!

After they bask in their shallow perception of a cheap so called victory, depression sets in and they, like their crack addict counterpart, must engage in seeking or spinning the next confrontation. You see, for them, drama is a way of life and an emotional binge/purge that has gripped the depths of their hungry tortured soul.

In my opinion the drama king/queen needs to be put in a controlled atmosphere where their games are nullified because all those that are in their midst would be thoroughly schooled in their explosive and manipulative ways. This is necessary for the drama lover to see their ways and force them to deal with it. What I mean by a controlled atmosphere doesn’t always mean professional treatment but a place where there are no prior conflicts with anyone present. The reason being is that most drama ridden souls almost always act as though they are the sweetest people on the face of the earth while sizing up who they can play their games with.

It is in this dormant state when they make up their mind who is the weaker prey to walk all over for their drama filled purposes. If everyone in their new atmosphere has been briefed on how this individual acts and performs, they can now set things up where the drama king/queen feels the consequences of his/her actions instead of those around them.

This is where the lessons are learned.

Drama specialists must always have an ever helpful and ever present enabler to aid them in their time wasting episodes of confrontations as well as sustaining them where others won’t. If the enabler is removed or the drama specialist is in a brand new atmosphere where they must desperately find a new enabler, they are forced to grin and bear a peaceful lifestyle until they have a designated and dedicated enabler or an entire set of enablers from which to begin spreading their venom laced wings and fly free spreading their pain to others in the form of confusion.

Therefore what does this tell you?

That with human nature, when someone is introduced to a new job, family situation or any regularly scheduled and structured gathering, they will always be on their best behavior and put their BEST foot forward each and every time!

Beware of those new entities in your life!

Test the spirit.

And let me tell you this, testing the spirit doesn’t mean asking this individual if they love drama…….because what do YOU think THEIR answer will be? Do you think that they will say that they have a HELLIFIED reputation where they came from and are a certified hell raiser? No! They are NOT going to say that at all! And if you ever run into someone from their past who does NOT have a high opinion of them, do not refute it immediately because that of the fact that this potential dormant future drama specialist has only showed you a character and personality that could only been created in heaven by God Himself, but file it away mentally and make a note of it so that you can look it over for future reference until that potential drama specialist has completely passed all levels and tiers of your spiritual screening process.

But back to the issue of testing the spirit…….testing a potential new drama specialist’s spirit is not always executed because YOU want to see what their internal character is all about. It will not always happen because you believe you can push your internal “walking in the spirit I can see the intentions of everyone around me” button, because in actuality, you are NOT God and cannot always be 100% correct in your character assessments. Sorry to bust your righteous bubble but as long as you walk in the flesh and are subject to a limited vision because you like everyone else is “trapped” in these earthly bodies of ours, your judgment on your own will ALWAYS be blurred to some degree. This is unless you experience some type of spiritual epiphany directly from the Heavens above that let you know that your Creator gave you a direct spiritual emergency telegram instructing you without a shadow of a doubt to immediately cease all contact with this drama filled individual in order to thwart some demonic plan that they have for your life.

The bottom line is if you do NOT have to deal with a reveal drama specialist then don’t. There is absolutely no rule in the book of life that is joining you to this person to the point where your life must be infected by their repeated lack of self control. But if because of the circumstances of a job or family proximity, then do keep your contact with them to a minimum in order to lesson your chances of them putting you in their deadly scope. But it’s best if you erase them out of your life because whether you realize it or not, your time to get it right on this planet is finite, limited and easily drained. You can better use your physical, mental and spiritual resources for the more productive endeavors and undertakings that would graciously lead you into a peaceful, productive and God ordained life. Just walk away.

I thank God that ALL of those drama seeking individuals have finally been banished from my life for 2011 and not only am I loving the peaceful existence that makes my every joyful waking hour literally HEAVEN ON EARTH, but I have attained a focus and a regenerated drive that has me even MORE productive each and every single day God has blessed me with! Can’t you tell how I am rocking the ‘web with so much content? So clean out and BANISH FOREVER those dead weight entities in your life that mean you no good and you will be surprised as to how much energy that you can finally dedicate to YOUR righteous talents, abilities and mission!

This is a new period in your life if you desire it to be. Righteously claim it wholeheartedly and utilize it to the best of your ability to glorify your God and validate your existence by being an example and reflection of Him!

You will never ever arrive to that glorious state of being by constantly hanging out with a drama specialist.

You will only lose out on arriving to your destiny as well as cutting off you blessings. The choice is yours. I’ve surely made up my mind.

Tell me what you think.

May God Bless You Always.

Lance Scurvin


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