Drug Ring Busted In Prestigious Philadelphia Area Schools: It’s Time For Police To Start Profiling THEM!

Drug usage is a mainstay at the majority of the schools in America from the community colleges all the way up to those affluent elite institutions of higher learning.

There’s really nothing new about that at all and everyone secretly knows this if you happen to not be in a state of perpetual denial.

But in the past I’ve known more than a few parents who would have sworn up and down that hard street drugs wouldn’t be going on in the schools that they paid for to educate their “Little Johnny” to be amongst the future leaders of this country.

Down through the years these same parental masters of self delusion had a hard wake up call when they realized that their perfect “Little Johnny” was smoking, sniffing, shooting and popping drugs into their system like there was no tomorrow!

Hard Drugs For The Drug Addicts

…….and almost always this was swept under the rug and paid for with enough cold cash to make it “go away” never to resurface again as “Little Johnny” got his act together to grow up responsibly to become the “Big Condescending Corporate Bastard” that he was bred to be.

I could only imagine these same tight wad anal retentive filthy rich parents saying to themselves that it just might have been better that “Little Johnny” get a poor chick from common lowly blue collar background knocked up pregnant in an attempt to elbow her way past the barriers of poverty and into the untouchable world of their super upper class fortune.

I can almost hear these cold-hearted class conscious bastards now, saying to themselves that an abortion is a one time thing while a drug addiction could possibly last a lifetime.

A least “Little Johnny” wouldn’t get written out of the family will if he likes to get high every now and again…….

Pregant Girlfriend Worse Than A Drug Addiction

But if “Little Johnny” got that public transportation taking uncultured common chick – whose father picked up trash for a living – pregnant and she DIDN’T get that abortion, he would be disowned, banished and have no chance of getting his hands on their fortune!

It’s the main reason why They will never desire to mix with US! They will come back from the dead if they ever thought that we would get our hands on their money and that’s the truth.

The Drug Menu: Marijuana, Hash oil, Cocaine and Ecstasy…….

Ask any already stereotyped drug dealing Black guy where is the real money in the ever dangerous ever risky drug trade and he will tell you that it’s with the White people who are too scared to go out and “cop they shit” on their own.

It’s true, even I know this and I’ve never ever touched a drug much less sell them. It’s common knowledge that if you can accrue several well paying clients who live on the other side of the tracks and have much to lose in the reputation department because of their societal status, you’re literally hit the jackpot because your phone will now safely ring off the hook because they have friends who have friends who have friends.

From what I’ve heard it’s a great arrangement.

Drug Dealing

No more standing on street corners fighting over turf while being scared to getting shot at and no more getting busted on the regular while having the cops take all of your money to help pay their bills because their child support payments are kicking their collective asses.

No more risk as I’ve heard one associate of mine in New York City say of his new found clientele.

…….and there are lots of unique benefits on top of that also. If the rich White customers are short on cash at the moment – because they ONLY use plastic and cash can’t be traced – you can always get some good head from the wife until ol’ hubby runs to the ATM machine to compensate you for your product while the she makes your wait an extremely pleasurable one.

Trust me, when folks are fiends for their preferred method of getting high, they will just about do ANYTHING to keep it coming, even if it means to keep you cumming too!

Wife & Drug Dealer Passing Time

But let’s shoot straight to the meat of the matter and why I’m typing up a heck of an intro for tonight’s peek into the brain of LanceScurv…….

I came home earlier from a quiet and very perfect day of work to find that several individuals, ranging in age from their teens into their twenties, were involved in a drug ring that provided these illegal substances to students who attended some of the finest institutions of higher learning in the country.

But the aforementioned Drug Menu of Marijuana, Hash Oil, Cocaine and Ecstasy wasn’t provided but the friendly neighborhood upscale drug dealer Black guy, but masterminded by two White guys, 25-year-old Neil Scott and 18-year-old Timothy Brooks, in a somewhat complicated scheme known as “Main Line Take-Over Project”

Wait! This gets even deeper!

Neil Scott allegedly had large amounts of Marijuana shipped from California to several affluent towns just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After the shipments arrived then Timothy Brooks would oversee the distribution of the product to the sub dealers at local area high schools which included the prestigious Haverford school.

Drug Dealing At Haverford College

Isn’t it just a coincidence that Neil Scott and Timothy Brooks actually graduated from that school? I guess they thought it would pay to start from where you knew the terrain.

But their ambitions definitely spread, as the high schools included in the ring were the public schools of Conestoga, Radnor, Harriton and Lower Merion who have some of the highest SAT scores in Pennsylvania.

But this dynamic duo didn’t stop at merely the high school level, they spread their operations generously into the nearby Gettysburg, Haverford and Lafayette Colleges also.

There were also incentives involved to encourage the sub dealers by lowered drug prices and the ability to get the product on credit.

The sub dealers were even schooled in how to become more efficient in making their drug sales at the various schools where they had an iron grip on things.

Now of course since this is a breaking story there is so much more that I can share as the information comes in, and I’m sure you will be tired of hearing it blasted over the television and social media.

But I have to touch on a few points before I wrap it up as I believe that this is a valuable lesson to all law enforcement who have allowed great amounts of illegal drugs slip right past them because the folks that they pulled over for a routine traffic stop didn’t fit the description of being young Black males with dreadlocks and gold in their mouths while wearing their pants sagging.

Drug Dealing Sagging Pants

Trust me, I believe more time has been wasted by the Police in pursuing those who fit the description of a stereotype when they could have been trying everyone equally and actually making a difference in how much drugs are flooding the brains and bloodstreams of our children.

I think that it’s damn funny that this affluent drug ring would be found with a loaded .223 caliber AR-15 assault rifle as as a semi-automatic pistol among other things.

Doesn’t this sound just like that drug bust in the ‘hood that is broadcast over the news with a frightening regularity to subconsciously season the mind of the guinea pigs who are the general public into thinking that all Black men sell drugs and are not about anything good standing morally at all?

This discovery – which was actually under investigation since January 2014 – forces America to change the face of the urban drug trade as this was something that those of us who live in the inner city knew all along.

This phenomenon is in every city, every social status and pedigree no matter what the race or culture involved!

Pennsylvania Drug Suspects

It’s just that the mainstream media refuses to portray their “Little Johnny’s” in this particular manner because it may bruise their image in this day of computers and memory of their actions forever preserved in the Cloud.

…….and they can’t afford to have that because someone has to be in charge over these young Black Thugs who are just as much a figment of the imagination in the minds of White America as is the reality of young misguided Black men who made the wrong decisions because of the deadly environment that they grew up in as well as not possibly having a strong male influence in their lives to righteously guide them past the urban minefields that exist for so many.

But the first thought that hit me was…….what excuse did these guys have when they – I assume – grew up in a better environment that was more conducive to learning without the distractions of the killings, police harassment and brutality as well as the stigma that we must fight in our subconscious mind daily because the world is telling us how much of a monster we are.

What’s their excuse? Really?

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman

There IS none other than the fact that they had to be damn greedy and it caught up with them BIG TIME!

Not that there is any excuse for selling drugs but if many of our incarcerated Black men had HALF of the opportunities that those who lived in that prestigious area of Pennsylvania had, they wouldn’t even BE there in lockdown.

Many of them DON’T have the education to go anywhere but on the street corner. Sure they could have made some sacrifices like so many other kids have done but it just wasn’t on their life menu by what they were so used to seeing around them.

If you are thinking survival you can never go after your dreams. You see, these days in the local street corner inner city drug trade, these young men are not doing it to drive an expensive car but in actuality many are indulging in it so they can get something to eat!

Half the time when these guys get locked up the only person that they can call is their Baby-Mama who has a low paying legitimate job!

These guys can’t work because they probably caught a charge as a juvenile and are now tagged pigeons for life where they can’t get legit work even if they wanted to.

Toys Of The Rich

So these White Affluent so called Drug Dealing Masterminds of Higher Education can’t tell me a damn thing about how hard things can be on the boulevard where the tax bracket is higher.

But as usual, the little criminal will catch the higher sentences while the affluent offenders get a slap on the wrist.

Let’s all follow this interesting story to see if there is a double standard in the criminal justice system.

Let’s hold them to the highest letter of the law!

I’m quite sure they have felt the same about the arrested in our neighborhoods!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Isn’t Afraid To Talk About What Makes People Feel Uncomfortable,



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