A Drunk Tiger Woods Gets Caught Driving While Cablanasian & Forced To Check The Black Race Box!


A Drunk Tiger Woods Gets Caught Driving While Cablanasian & Forced To Check The Black Race Box!

It’s now no secret that Golf’s living legend Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter Florida in the wee hours this morning – some say the arrest happened at approximately 3 a.m. on May 29, 2017 – and if you ask me it’s not really a big thing when you look at the larger picture of what’s happening in the world today.

But I couldn’t help but think back to the time when he denied who he is when he stated that he was a “Cablanasian” as if he weren’t a Black man. I couldn’t forget that and many will ask why am I bringing this up today when he mentioned that so many years ago.

Well let me tell you, you never forget certain things no matter how much time passes by!

When someone owes you maybe a small sum of money and never made any attempt to pay it back, every time that you see them you can’t help but think of what they owe you. It may be a friend or associate who owes you and you might decide to stay quiet about it to maintain a peaceful atmosphere but you still can’t forget it. It’s a matter of principle.

When a man lies about being engaged sexually with a woman in an ego boosting attempt to make himself appear better than he is to his low minded acquaintances, that innocent woman who is lied on can’t forget it when she sees him no matter how many decades passes because she sees that he has no principles and is a victim because of it.

So when you as a Black man in this society cheer on the major accomplishments of another Black man who you know has had his fair share of obstacles to surmount, you can’t help but feel as though he slapped you in the face by outright denying the obvious shared roots that connect you.

Now, I would never expect him to echo a fiery truthful speech by the Minister Louis Farrakhan after his victories or to shout out that his victory was achieved and dedicated to the lost/found chosen people of God who are the true Israelite’s who now reside in America. LOL! I wouldn’t put that weight on the shoulders of Tiger Woods since I know that he has sponsors that would immediately abandon him if he was even seen in the same neighborhood that a pro-Black organization had it’s headquarters!

But at the same token it’s disheartening to me to watch a Black man go through the “Corporate American Rights Of Passage” that forces you to deny your Blackness if you want to be considered for any further success in THEIR system of promotion, image building and cashing out on the illusion that you’ve become to the masses.

It’s so disrespectful to the memory of his Father who MADE Tiger Woods into what he is today and this lack of loyalty to his heritage is what makes so many look upon him in disgust because you would never see this in any other race of people on this magnitude in the manner that many Blacks have exhibited and I am so sick of it!

A Drunk Tiger Woods Gets Caught Driving While Cablanasian & Forced To Check The Black Race Box!


Why are so many of us not proud to be who we are in the image that our Creator made us into? So in other words then God has made a mistake to create us in HIS image? There are many ways to curse our loving God and this is a sure way to do it Tiger!

…….and these corporate snakes would never attempt to drive some sense into this self hating Black man’s head because the denial of his Blackness only supports White Supremacy and dominance over the darker people of the world!

They will always hold up a ‘coon and promote people like him with their unlimited bank accounts to let the world know that there are big bucks to be made when you show the world that it’s okay to erase every indication of Blackness from your appearance, mind, body and soul.

So now that Tiger Woods has been arrested for Driving Under The Influence, will this cause him to understand that he is no better than anyone else who may not possess his level of fame and finances?

The reason why I say this is that I’ve heard too many hands on stories about him and how he aggressively distances himself from his Black fans as though they have the plague but have only heard glowing accounts from his White fans on how he is such a warm, loving and patient individual when it comes time to sign autographs and take selfies.

Granted, I understand how rude some fans may be when it comes time to respecting ones privacy while moving about in public, but DANG! All of these one sided accounts can’t be wrong because at one time Tiger Woods lived right here in Orlando Florida where yours truly now resides so I get the daily pulse of what is being said in the streets and the final assessment on my side of town is that Tiger Woods is the undisputed PRICK of condescending behavior when dealing with Black people.

I didn’t proclaim this because I never met the man, but from the countless dozens of people that I’ve spoken to over the years that’s the overwhelming prognosis that they’ve sworn by.

But at the end of the day this is how he choses to live his life and it’s none of my business because all of the fame and money in the world didn’t stop that cop from putting this living sports legend in jail and putting him in a place where his denial had to come crashing down when he had to check the “Race: BLACK” box that identifies who he is in this society!

So I hope that Tiger Woods understands that the Corporate Entities that have sponsored him and paid him so well don’t love him enough to call him that silly “Cablanasian” name that he referred to himself as.

Or maybe that the White Women who were so quick to jump in the bed with him never saw him as this irresistible heart throb of their dreams but just another gullible Nigger with money who has an insatiable love and lust for the slave-master’s daughter that has the same effect on him that Kryptonite has on Superman! LOL!

A Drunk Tiger Woods Gets Caught Driving While Cablanasian & Forced To Check The Black Race Box!

We live in a day and age where it is a Society Of Mass Denial.

We have so many sub-categories of sexual identification yet when it comes down to it there are only TWO SEXES!

How delusional we are but many of us will also one be in for a rude awakening when the illusions that live in our twisted heads will smash head on into the reality that we’ve spent a lifetime running away from.

Think not? Just ask Tiger Woods how he felt after he had to check…….the BLACK Box!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Outspoken Brother,



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