Dual Citizenship And The Glorious Dream Of Going Back To Where They Took Us From!

Go back to where you came from you damn Savage!” is what I used to hear almost daily in time form or another from my white classmates while attending P.S. 121Q elementary school while growing up in Richmond Hill Queens New York.

The depth of that statement never hit my brain until I got much older,  but looking back on that time I now realize that a child could never have possessed such a storehouse of venom within their hearts to say such things on their own.

Skin Heads

They absorbed it from what they heard at home at their dinner table.

They mimicked the false plastic Colgate smiles after the Sunday church service when their fellow congregation members of color walked past them knowing that this was the only day that they wouldn’t be called out of their name with a sneer.

Yet there were times when that statement was never spoken, yes, there were times when they knew that they couldn’t get what they wanted if they acted less than compliant to the unwritten unspoken laws of the ghetto Negro whorehouse.

Stocking Top

They would curse and harass the Black man by day on those oppressive jobs, and pursue that very same man’s Sister to fulfill his twisted sexual lusts to make up for what he just couldn’t get at home.

When they needed us as physically superior men to build their country to the world power that America was once known for, our presence was tolerated until their goals were reached. But like that dirty dented tool that has outlived its usefulness once the home improvement project was completed, we were tossed aside, forgotten and even treated as though we were in the way of the affairs of the very affluent whose backs were to weak to erect its own oppressive system.

They never told us to go back anywhere when they needed us.

As we fought for our rights as a people losing our lives to be able to live as a free people on the stolen land that we built, the collective feeling grew across America that we have gotten beside ourselves and needed to go back to where we came from.

Lynched Black People

Came from?

…….or rather stolen from?

Oh how we can see the same situation so differently!

So we need to go back huh?

Well some of us have heard that statement so much that we’ve begun to consider it. You don’t want us here? Then let us pick up and go!

But since your Trojan horse of a puppet President said from the beginning that reparations will NOT be on the table up for discussion during his presidency,  let’s see what he says when some of us step to the plate to speak on our people having duel citizenship where we have the option of living on either side of the Atlantic and increasing our opportunities to grow in one of the most powerful emerging markets on the face of the earth.


Interesting indeed.

Now it wouldn’t be as simple to bring this about in a swift manner I know, but since we are unappreciated here on these shores like that dirty old used tool wouldn’t it be something wonderful to pursue and a way to leave this oppressive system once and for all?

I mean, the Chinese are all over the continent of Africa doing business with many countries there as well as setting up shop there on many fronts as well as the Europeans who have already been there to suck down the resources that are there in great abundance. So why not us?

Don’t many Jews favor having dual citizenship for themselves?


So it’s very much a doable goal. But would America give up their ” unwanted tools” so quickly especially with the constant state of war still current and looming constantly over its head elsewhere? I mean, who do you think will populate the front lines on the battlefield as America fights once again for its very profitable corporate interests at home and abroad?

Dual Citizenship?

Let’s talk about what you feel as a Black person on the possibilities. Are most Black Americans to caught up in this an American culture that really never embraced them no matter how many Oscars that the movie “12 Years A Slave” won in front of the masses.

Don’t they now call us African-Americans? Well since there isn’t an issue calling us that, there shouldn’t be a problem with us reconnecting to Africa if that is what we truly are!


Look, we already know that our 40 acres and a mule or reparations will never materialize anytime soon for Black people in the United States but the very real possibility of the more inspired of us having the chance to make a new life beyond these confining shores is worth enough to fight for.

By what I’m hearing the rumblings of just that have begun and when it does transpire I will embrace it wholeheartedly with the enthusiasm of a young man who just graduated fresh out of college ready to righteously conquer the entire civilized world!

I would love to hear your feedback on this for sure!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Forward Thinking Brother,



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