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Germika Pegram’s involvement to disseminate and ensure the essential aspects regarding healthy living on relationships of individuals, families their environments, and communities, is a high priority that integrates her passion and aptitude to connect with people wholeheartedly. Her observations and expertise concerning the most imperative facets to healthy living and relationships also highlights the significance of how situational factors influence the behaviors of individuals and groups, resiliency and holistic approaches for people to recognize and comprehend.

Founder of CIRCLE (Community Involvement to Remain Connected and Lead Effectively™) and CIRCLE+™ (Challenging Issues while Revitalizing Communities through Learning Experiences+ (for positive change)™) were developed, as she witnessed a demanding need to create a two-component project that would provide community involvement and trainings of completed service projects. CIRCLE, focuses on service-oriented projects to organize and support the advancement of individuals and families within communities for equality; CIRCLE+, is the second component, which encompasses an immediate follow-up of trainings that relate to the completed service project. Upon completion, volunteers are certified, as a +CIRCLE Leader™. Volunteers are guided and prepared with effective tools by continuing their efforts within communities to implement and develop sustainable solutions.

Germika focuses on two of the most profound and unresolved epidemics that effect people of color daily: stigmatization and the impact of racism, which are strongly exhibited throughout society today. Germika’s professional experiences and personal ordeals connected to the issue of racism have continuously geared her to implement and develop researches, as she sought to gain a keen insight around several areas that defy the African-American population. The aim of her mission is inclusive of people who reflect all races, ethnicities, genders and socio-economic classes to appropriately safeguard the appropriate foundation and understanding of unity, respect appreciation and of shared opinions about societal issues.

Germika Pegram

An extension of her mission is verified through her passion of motivational speaking throughout communities, radio and public appearances domestically and London, on an array of topics, and sharing an in-depth overview regarding personality, and social behaviors. Germika’s powerful style of speaking integrates a comedy-style approach while providing a sense of comfort and cohesiveness, as she smoothly coaxes audience members to partake in dialogues and Q & A’s; including workshops, panel and group discussions concerning complex issues.

​Her aspiration to support and guide all children- adolescents and young adults alike to fathom the prominence of self-esteem, goal- setting, bullying, peer pressure and education also confirms her desire to provide the same conversations with the African-American community. Humanitarian and ally of numerous organizations for human welfare, Germika remains heavily involved and connected with mentoring, implementing and developing seminars and programs centered on higher education for African-American youth, adolescents and adults, ATI programs (Alternative to Incarceration), anti-death penalty, domestic violence, sign language and collaborating with community leaders and activists nationwide on various social justice issues.

A native of Stuttgart, West Germany, Germika was also raised in Richmond, Virginia (RVA). She received her BA in Psychology from Virginia Union University (VUU) and a Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University (NYU) where she concentrated in the areas of Clinical and Policy and Practice. Germika will pursue her PhD starting 2015.


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