Ebola in 2014 & AIDS in 1983: Different Disease, Same Agenda!

Whatever happened to this thing called AIDS?

Why is it that we’re not hearing about it as much as we did back in 1983 when you couldn’t turn on a television set or open a newspaper without that dreaded four lettered abbreviation jumping out at you to turn your own sexual desires into the enemy within?

Is being HIV positive the death sentence that is used to be?

AIDS Medication

Of course it is, especially when you’re poor and/or Black and can’t afford the expensive medication that many now claim will help one to live a longer happier life if they continue to ingest that toxic cocktail of pills.

But there’s a catch here, at one point when a particular segment of the population happened to be dropping like flies from this mysterious and very much unknown ailment that many claimed to be a curse sent straight from God as a punishment for the deviant lifestyle that the Creator abhorred, the face of AIDS was slowly morphing into something else.

Yes, the disease that seemed to afflict Gay White males thirty plus years later now possesses a female face that happens to be Black.

Sexy Black Sister - AIDS

Oh how the tables have turned, and now since Black women between the ages of 18 and 44 – or something very similar – are the biggest category of new cases, there doesn’t seem to be as much of an outcry over the deaths that never stopped happening since the Gay White males held the mantel of this disease as their own.

When Rock Hudson had to publicly face his secret world because of the shadowy peripheral figure of death that thrived in his bloodstream, the media trumpeted the cries of the sufferers and escorted them as best as it could to help bring the awareness and stop the ignorance of it that was sure to follow.

The world cried as cherished icon after icon left the physical plane seemingly overnight with a rapid fire regularity that only transpired on the battlefields of the most intense historic wars.

People Magazine - AIDS

It now appeared that our sexual desires were turned in against us as many were made to feel as though they were their own personal death squad if they dared to submit to the cravings of their loins.

While the Gay White male learned the art of safe sex to dodge the erotic bullet of death, many in the Black community continued to believe that the label of AIDS being “Homosexual Caucasian Thing” carried on with the underground culture of reckless partying and irresponsible sexual activity that gave AIDS its initial deadly boost into the population in the late 1970’s.

But there had to be a hidden bridge to close the narrower than perceived gap between two factions of the community that were as different as night and day.

What could that be you ask?

Well, while I am merely speaking through an eye of personal observation and conversational experience I would say that the down-low Bisexual Black male was the invisible “honeybee” who inoculated our unknowing Sisters with this disease that now thrives in deception.

Bisexual Black Men - AIDS

Is this the case as far as I’m concerned each and every time?

Of course not!

But long before the public was aware of it, I knew all too well about the existence of one who had the ability to shape shift the external cloak of sexual identities because of my heavy dealings in the world of bodybuilding and the unwanted propositions that came my way unashamedly from those who the world deemed as masculine straight alpha males.

These secret worlds were the breeding grounds for the eventual manifestation and assault of an already ailing people from a disease that devours all regardless of age, race, pedigree or affluence.

But what made it stick with us is that we were just too damn poor and disenfranchised to afford the medication or command the headlines of the beloved male Divas of the Queer nation whose connections ensured their remembrance.

But who cared for the Black men and women who inherited a hell of a problem while many turned their backs to our new plight as though the racism and discrimination weren’t already enough of a burden on our lives.

So now we dropped like flies but our losses weren’t ever celebrated like our Caucasian Gay AIDS victim predecessors whose memories will live on beyond ours.

But our plight was amplified by our inability to admit that some of us as Black men were creeping with other men because of the marginalization of all things Gay in our world.

J.L. King - On The Down Low - AIDS

If you were homosexual you better “straighten up” when you returned to the neighborhood and you had to deny any sightings that were reported that appeared suspect when you were out and about the town.

Oh I truly understand what they had to go through because many shared their experiences with me even though they knew that I didn’t get down like that.

So when I say that I can see a similar rhythm coming with this Ebola thing, I know what I feel is accurate even if I’m off a degree or two.

It’s all about money and population control.

The public fear-mongering campaigns on Ebola will continue to heighten and drive an unknowing public into a mass frenzy until a medication is offered to profit from the media propaganda investment.

…….didn’t this happen with AIDS?

But the more frightening aspect of Ebola is that unlike AIDS, there is no abstinence factor, a mere cough or sneeze can do us in and the people living in the bigger more dense populations will be the first to have their psyches attacked and set up for the fleecing of their bank accounts through fear.

Ebola Protection - AIDS

So don’t tell me that a segment of the medical profession is not salivating at the thought of all of the potential profits that they could rake in if this thing takes off halfway as intense in the United States as AIDS did in the previous decades.

You hear that dreaded name everyday and night in the broadcasted and printed press as well as online entities.

There is no getting away from the mind control tactics that will rival that historic “War Of The World” radio broadcast that had people in a frenzy because of the fictional account of an alien attack on earth.

The spin-masters learned well from that incident and we have been manipulated ever since.

Someone is sitting in high places laughing their ass off slapping high fives with those “in the know” who feel that “this one is a sure winner!”

Ebola Aids Connection

Hell, the bath salt consuming Flesh Eating Zombies didn’t catch on like wet match that couldn’t hold a flame on a windy day but most of us never notice those failed attempts.

But with the fact that Ebola is real makes this one that we all have to look out for even without the manufactured fear tactics.

And for all of those Bible thumping believers who feel that a little prayer session is all that’s needed to keep the doctor away like an apple a day, your Holy Book does speak on the last days so what makes you think that this might not be it?

Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.

But one thing for sure is that many people will most likely die in the process of this undeniable game of profit and we as a people appear to be the designated pawns that will eventually take our place on the corporate/medical money grab board game of death!

May God be with us and may we maintain our true connection to Him because we’re sure as hell going to need it!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your “Always Connecting The Dots” Brother,



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