Ebola Is Real But So Was Anthrax!

While I know that the threat of a massive Ebola outbreak is definitely a reality here in the United States, there’s a part of me that gets very skeptical when the media begins its very profitable drumbeat of fear mongering to keep their advertisers and sponsors happily running to the bank.

Remember when A.I.D.S. first hit the mainstream consciousness back in the early eighties?

Well I was on an unbridled sexual roll at the time and probably was to the acts of carnal intimacy what Dale Earnhardt was to racing at his peak…….I was moving FAST & FURIOUS!

And while the news of the HIV monster didn’t halt my libido that much, it sure did scare the lust out of me for a long while as I was careful more than ever before and wrapped it up MOST times (I admit, I did take some foolish chances back then!) before getting my little joystick wet.

HIV-Prevention Ebola

But over the years I’ve noticed a trend that seems to be the norm in American culture.

We can be so gullible that we can jump through the hoops of ignorance that the media fans every time there is a collective perceived threat to the well being of the American citizens and we seem to fall for it each and every time.

My question is, who will profit from the Ebola scare and how long will it last?

While all of the aforementioned threats are very real I think that we need to be realistic to the fact that much of the threat of anything happening to us is reduced greatly if we move with caution and step responsibly.

I find it funny that we will freak out over what is jammed down our throats on the evening news reports yet cross a busy intersection while not looking both ways before crossing the street as our eyes remain affixed on the smartphone in the palm of our hand.

I think you need to concern yourself with your most immediate threat before worrying about something that doesn’t pose any risk to you at the moment.

But remember after the 9-11 World Trade Center “so called” attacks (I refer to it in that manner because I still hold on to the thought that it was an inside job!)

Ebola Hazmat

The security companies were out in full force selling the American public and world community the “just in case there’s another terrorist attack” dehydrated meal packs, protective outfits that could withstand radiation and all kinds of gadgetry to make the paranoid dig deep into the pockets to fork over the cash that would keep these scam artists rich for years to come!

So when the media starts reporting real news as it’s the only thing happening and all of a sudden our young men in Chicago have ceased to kill each other off wholesale it let’s me know that the news media outlets are full of SHIT! (Excuse my French!)

Now I am not trying to downplay the very real suffering in the various countries in Africa that have to deal with the Ebola outbreaks.

For me to overlook their plight would make me delusional, cold and insensitive to the suffering of my Sisters and Brothers over there in the Motherland.

I mean, if the Bible is correct, we will endure great sickness, disease, pestilence and wars. So how come that it appears to be transpiring in that direction that was prophesied most Holy Rollers want to now stick their heads deep in the sand?

But Ebola is only news in America because the threat hangs over the heads of those who care not about the Blacks in the inner cities of this continent.

It’s just like the Crack epidemic, it was just fine when it was contained in the dilapidated downtrodden Black neighborhoods, but when little Becky (Code word for a privileged White girl) got turned out and found herself performing oral sex for Crack at 3 to 5 dollars a pop – raw with no condom is sight with swallowing as a mandatory happy ending for the customer, then it was time to focus in on it because now the threat was REAL!

Becky The Crackhead- Ebola

So let us stop setting ourselves for disaster and get our immune systems running at the optimum levels.

We are nothing but sitting ducks consuming the chemical laced mush that is made to look like food that will have you diabetic and on high blood pressure pills and various other medicinal poisons that are costly to boost the profit line of your enemy.

When this thing hits we of all people will not be ready for it because our lifestyles are so far out of line from what our Creator wanted for us.

We can still return to the promised land no matter where we live, but we are going to have to submit to the righteous moral, spiritual and physical laws which most definitely include a total revamping of what we put into our bodies!

So at the end of the day we are to not fear anything when we know that we are in step with what God wants for us in the obedience department, for it is total submission to His full scope of laws that will help maintain us as the amazing people that we are.

But after all is said and done, I’m still a little skeptical somewhat but that surely doesn’t mean that I won’t be prepared…….

…….and I sincerely urge you to do the same before reality hits us hard to awaken most of you from these “hijacked false reality” television shows and frivolous cyber pastimes.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Relentless Brother,



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