Engineered Influencers are those Social Media personalities that are approved by the powers that be to cause division and dissension among a targeted segment of society, in this case the Black community. While this phenomenon is all across social media on a multitude of platforms, I feel that the engineered drama on YouTube is second to none over what used to transpire on Facebook and the original and now ancient forgotten MySpace platform that the younger generations at that time swore by just after new millennium passed by.

Unfortunately those Black people who on a lower vibration of consciousness and absolutely no spiritual awareness mindlessly eat up the abundance of Social Media drama to the delight of those who pull the strings from the shadows. It’s a shame that many of us cannot see how we are being played so easily to turn on each other by an entity on a YouTube channel who is a well paid sell out who doesn’t give a damn bout the people who look like them and actually despise them.

Please share your perspectives and experiences in the comment section below so we can truly connect as a community. Thank you for being here and know that I appreciate you wholeheartedly beyond measure.

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