Enjoy Those Last Delicious Bites Of Your Favorite Dish, But By All Means, After The Meal Is Over Please Go To The Restroom And LET IT GO!

I was speaking with a close friend of mine the other day and he reflected back to me many of the different ups and downs in my life that I have endured and survived, he gasped in awe and said that he doesn’t know how I came through so much to maintain my sanity and not to have lost my mind!

After listening to my trusted comrade meticulously go through every phase of my life with the pin point accuracy of someone who must have somehow memorized my personal diary, it dawned on me at that moment that I HAD overcome some very steep challenges and endured the most trying times imaginable!

And on the other hand I believe even at THIS point in my journey, that I’ve probably had so much more of a HUGE portion of my allotted quota of gut busting laughs, adventures and good times more so than many of my peers, in fact, it’s not something that I believe, it’s something that I KNOW!

All in all everything in this life will balance out, but we must understand that by coming into this mysterious and wonderful world, there will be many lessons that we must learn during our time here regardless as to how long or short it will be.

One of the lessons that I’ve learned is that there is a goodness to even the bad times in your life, and at the time you are going through the fire of that time period, it may not feel very pleasant but rest assured you will walk away from the experience wiser, stronger and possess a foresight that will help you to avoid that same situation again if it happened to be something brought on in your life by a poor choice or bad decision.

Even if it’s something that was brought on by NOTHING that you caused as far as a decision or choice, you will still gain great maturity by having to face and endure that pain. We never really know at the time WHY things are allowed to happen but we have to know that everything happens for one reason or another! The maturity gained will be like an invisible resume in the trials and tribulations in life! And the funny thing is that what I’ve found is that when you JUST meet someone who has gone through so much also, you don’t have to explain away every experience that you both had to go through, you both just “know” and your conversation will go to a higher level without having to name out the specifics of how you gained your mutual wisdom!

Many instances during and after that particular travesty suffered we find ourselves questioning as anyone would why it was allowed to happen to us when it did. The answer to that question most often never gets realized until sometimes YEARS after the tragic incident. This is why we have to learn to let go, we cannot hold onto a particular incident until we get an answer because that enlightenment may not arrive for years!

So what are you going to do? Refuse to move on because we didn’t receive a ready made answer instantly? What happens when another life changing event transpires in our life? Can we put that on hold until we get the answer to the first one?

I have found that the only way to be able to multitask emotionally is to clear your mind of it and let it go! Do I mean forget about it? No! Just let it go! What I mean by letting it go is that you must do all you can to heal and bring closure to that situation but when you find that it is not happening as you thought it would, just let it all go to the Creator of all things.

Isn’t it so natural to savor the memory of a great meal at your favorite restaurant or special home cooking by that cherished family member? Ain’t nothing wrong with that right? RIGHT! That’s a GOOD thing! But, if you try to hold on to the actual meal in your stomach without letting it go, then you will reabsorb what is waste and begin to make yourself very sick! A good thing turned bad because you just couldn’t let it go. Some of us need emotional Ex-Lax wouldn’t you agree?

We drive through an old neighborhood and get reminded of a person who did us wrong who doesn’t even LIVE THERE ANYMORE but you still get fuming mad at the memory, you need to take an emotional DODO if this is the case, because if you hold on to it and don’t LET IT GO, it will back up in your system emotionally and make you sick! Reabsorbing something long gone that should have been released! And like food, the longer it takes for you to release it and let it go, the more the situation WILL STINK!

Old relationships that have gone sour should be remembered for the good times and growth opportunities that it gave you, you might have outgrown the situation or maybe it was time to move on. But none the less, like that good meal where you savored every enjoyable bite, there was a time for the union to end and we have to know when it is the proper time to get up from that particular table before the meal turns bad.

But many of us like that greedy fat man with the big tee shirt on hanging out of his pants and over his belly to conceal how fat his gut is, we make a fool of our self trying to “get in one more plate” at the all you can eat buffet when it’s obvious that the staff is signaling that it is time to close the restaurant. While we in our denial of a bad situation hold on too long when it’s painfully obvious to all who are in our midst that it is time to release it and let it go. And most times if we DO have a friend to tell us the truth that we usually already know, we chew THEIR head off because we refuse to see the obvious!

Now I know it may not be as easy a I make it seem, but I do speak from great experience and I do know that it works. Leaving your troubles to God to me is the ONLY way to get through this obstacle course called life. Because if you think that you are going to make it to the next level without being tested then think again! The trick is that while one should definitely be concerned about their life and all that goes on in it, realize that concern and worry are two different things with two different types of energies that bring different results to a situation.

Concern is controlled, concern is effective, concern is needed and gets the job done as much as the situation possibly allows. Worry? Worry is out of control, ineffective in helping an incident to improve and if doesn’t do anything it will actually make your situation WORSE! Once you leave out of the realm of concern into worry then don’t expect to feel much better from within. Once you leave concern into worry you have then opened the floodgates for the devil’s weaponry of FEAR to enter your mind! Now we all know (Or at least I hope you know!) that fear did not come from God, so when you begin to fear a situation and worry out of control, you are telling the Creator that you really do not have much faith in the promised word that He has given us! These two minds can’t occupy the same vessel simultaneously! How can you be a warrior for your Lord and be a PUNK (Or Punkette! LOL!) on the battlefield in this world? Let go of the fear and let God take care of it all! Just do what you KNOW to do is right from within and his word and it will be alright! It’s really very simple!

I speak from experience because ever since my Mother passed on in ’94, my life has very much been a likely candidate to be featured on the “E” True Hollywood Story series (And you KNOW if you are showcased on that show that it’s NOT a good thing!) if I were a celebrity, YOU DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT! But even while the haters and attention freaks compete to gain some type of misguided and delusional cheap “win” at my expense, God has blessed me with a peace of mind that I truly have never ever experienced before!


All because I have truly learned even more than before to LET GO! This life is TOO short and my Creator has blessed me so much with the ability to communicate concepts, ideas and feelings to the world in such a clear manner with my art and writing without as much as a high school diploma! I prayed to allow for my creative output to increase and it has! My writing has been flowing everyday and my art is coming like there is NO tomorrow! It ain’t me, that’s you know who! I don’t have the precious TIME to focus on those who cannot even keep up with me because of the DIVINE FORCE that truly energizes me!

So my advice to you is to not focus on those time wasting attacks on your clear mind and focus that will come from people, situations and tragedies, but concentrate on what YOUR destiny is and work toward the development of it EVERYDAY in ways BIG and SMALL!

Some days it may seem as though your dreams are a million years away and may NEVER transpire, I know the feeling, DON’T BELIEVE IT! Do NOT allow a present reality, obstacle or even an imbalanced relationship thwart your personal improvement and movement toward the NEW realities that are promised to you if you can only hold on! HOLD ON! If you give up then you will be cut off from what is due to you through God’s promise! I know someone is feeling these words! Let it go to God and seek protection in HIS bosom!

Don’t allow that man of yours to make you feel silly for dreaming about changing yourself for the better! I hear it all the time: “What you wanna go to school for? You are too old too do something like that! You should have done it before you started having all those babies!” That’s a damn LIE! If you can think it, you can DO IT! And if you don’t make it on your first try, HOLD ON and keep doing the damn thing! Your girlfriends might say behind your back: “I don’t know why she is trying to lose that weight, we all know she will start going to the gym for a little while and quit her diet and training as soon as she sees a bucket of fried chicken in front of her!” Even if you stay up all night with the chicken baby, GET UP and start a fresh new day like it never happened! Don’t look back!

Years ago I can remember being laughed at for picking up my pen and pencil and being told that I was too old  (Years ago in 2003 when I was 40) to start drawing again or that I should start out by going to get part time work at Disney here in Orlando. WHAT? I had different thoughts! How was I going to be a person who affects the thinking of the masses of my people with my talent if I went to Disney world to sketch the faces of tourists for a couple of devalued bucks? It wasn’t money that I was after, I had a REAL MISSION to accomplish! Now, as I look back to the many people all over the world who appreciate what I do, I think of how hard the people around me tried to discourage me because even THEY knew that something special was percolating deep within my soul.


Imagine if I did? Now I never compromised my vision and now I dictate what projects I undertake or not! All because when the negativity came, I let go of it and NEVER internalized it! And the funny part is that those same old haters living their same old tired realities that ridiculed you so much in the past and put you down with their noses to the air as though they were a member of some exclusive club that you were not good enough to join, will one day feel so foolish as they watch you soar! Take it from me, it’s a great feeling to LET IT GO because God has BETTER for you!

I don’t care what you are going through right now, all you have to do is follow God’s word and it will NEVER EVER let you down! A woman can leave you. A man can cheat on you. Someone may lie on you. A job can be taken from you. Money can be tight. You got a lump and you are scared to find out what it is. You feel nobody wants to be around you and the only company that you think you have is the roach that comes out after you cook dinner.

Everything can seem wrong.

Got a toothache but no dental benefits and you can’t take the rent money to get it pulled and the Anbesol stop working! The lights might be cut off. No money for gas to get to work. Erection ain’t as hard as it used to be. Breasts can be sagging, trying to touch your toes. You don’t know what it will take to get through to that kid of yours, they are smart but they don’t try hard enough in school. Daughter is pregnant. Momma might be sick.

Shall I go on? But I THINK you know what I am talking about! Don’t act like you don’t!

But you get the picture.

We all are going through SOMETHING! So with all in this life that we have to endure, just remember this one thing just for me: LET IT GO! Now make this the thing that you say to yourself all day even when someone flips the middle finger at you or gives you a dirty look.

Come on home with a DIVINE joy in your heart even if the lights are cut off and thank God that although your lights are cut off and you might soon get the money to turn them back on, at least you appreciate the ability to SEE that they are off because without the blessing of eyesight you WOULDN’T be able to tell the difference at all!

Leave your comments for me to read y’all! The feedback inspires me, and I will write some more from the heart later on tonight! You KNOW I love you! God bless and see you tomorrow!


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