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The Eric Sheppard American Flag Challenge has undoubtedly caused a stir across the United States of America and beyond.


If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks then I just might give you a pass for not knowing what The Eric Sheppard American Flag Challenge is.

Well before you understand what “the challenge” is, you have to understand the man who spawned it.

So whether one believes the propaganda that is pumped out with no end on the various so called Mainstream Media Outlets – to cause the masses of passive sheeple who simply don’t think for themselves – to believe that this master of all things cerebral could be that dangerous bogeyman that lurks in the shadows salivating at the thought of doing anyone who crosses his path great harm, one has to wonder how much is truth and how much is fiction.

But most never wonder because they take what is bent to fit a hidden agenda as gospel and right now at the present time the demonizing of young Black men is the priority of the day.

So when Eric Sheppard shared his truths through in a very verbal and visible protest by stepping on the American Flag at the Valdosta State University Campus, the full range of sensitive emotions flared across the country and the world in agreement and disagreement to reveal the feelings on what America means to its individuals.

Was it that Eric Sheppard stepped on the flag that was the problem or is the problem the refusal of most to speak about the system of White supremacy and how it currently chokes the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness out of anyone who has a higher melanin count than most?

Did Eric Sheppard make us face ourselves in a way that is the most uncomfortable and did he make it a bit harder to carry on with our business as usual behind the false Colgate smiles that last until the next congregation around the water cooler?

Listen in to the uncensored dialogue of a man who stands by his words as he goes in deeper to explain his perspectives in a manner that he felt would not be allowed on a mainstream media platform.

Whether one agrees or not if this is the country that truly allows free speech then this will be the time when that right is tested to reveal its validity.

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