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The OFFICIAL Eric EJ Sheppard Legal Fund Donation Link

We want to get the word out that our Brother Koven a.k.a. Eric E.J. Sheppard is doing fine and in great spirits while prepared to overcome any and all obstacles that are thrown in his path and ascension to fulfill his destiny in leading our people to higher level of consciousness.

The oppressor looks at a man like Brother Koven in the same manner that he would view a ghost because he knows the amount of traps that are set to get Black men caught up in a system of death.

I can hear them now: How can a young man be so brilliant and have a mastery of advanced academia while possessing an intense love for his people to boldly say the things necessary to unlock their minds out of bondage?

This is why at this time of great challenge we must support Brother EJ because we so desperately need him in the present time as the real colors of the American agenda on all of the darker people being is revealed in a deadly way.

It must be said that there are many fraudulent channels set up to collect the funds in EJ’s name and take advantage of your love and support for him for their selfish and deceptive purposes.

The link to the ONLY OFFICIAL VERIFIED place to donate your funds is located above at the beginning of this paragraph – set up by his dear Mother – and if you find that there are others prostituting the name of Eric EJ Sheppard then we want you to forward that information to us and they will be dealt with accordingly!

That being said, please listen in to this righteously fiery conversation between Sister Talaya, Sister Tori and Brother LanceScurv as they go in DEEP on many topics that will literally stir your soul and leave you craving so much more! GUARANTEED!

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President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • cherry hill says:

    He deserves a fair trial and a deep investigation into all these
    allegations against him. That’s his right to have as an american citizen.
    He was very calm in his manner of speaking he never said he was going to go
    around killing anyone from what I seen/and heard. I don’t feel threatened
    by him at all. As far as the backpack it could be anyone’s. He said he
    wasn’t disrespecting the people who fought and died for this country to
    have equality and justice for all.

  • nshimbrice says:

    another great Afrikan-minded exchange .. keep up the good work family ..
    much love from Belgium

  • Spoken Poet says:

    I should have called n, because as I continue to listen and also thanks for
    the info in I Am Pub co, I did contact her and I am in the process of
    gathering my poetry to work on a book to be published, also like you said
    my son that I spoke of earlier is also an artist and writer and musician
    who zones out everyone when he is in his zone, and like myself once I start
    writing I get consumed with my writing and the spiritual connection that I
    have and only comes from God and many times I do not read my poems until I
    am finished and that’s how I know it is the voice of God who has gifted me
    with the talent, I used to post poetry but people would steal my work so I
    stopped But I have over 300 + original works Most spiritual, But I do have
    some real and raw stuff too..

  • Spoken Poet says:

    Another thing as I continue to listen to your show . Black People who are
    connected to a higher power as in God, automatically have a heart to help,
    and a discerning spirit, because God has placed that in our race its just
    the Religious system and the sell outs have lost that due to their desire
    for greed, and the evilness has taken over the natural discernment to give
    a damn anymore. I refuse to go to their churches and be brainwashed, when
    they cant save me anyway, and only my God can, and I can have a personal
    relationship with God in my home as long as I am helping the genuine people
    that are in need versus adding to their greedy ass pockets….

  • Spoken Poet says:

    Wonderful, I have been trying to watch the updates, He is a brilliant young
    black man, Which in this world is uncommon and a threat to people,And I am
    also a mother of a 25 year old who is incarcerated for reasons that he
    should not be, and Like I always tell my son you can be Physically
    Incarcerated But never allow anyone to Incarcerate you Mentally and He is
    going to write a book upon his release in a few months, And he has a lot of
    knowledge with all the writings that he has sent me and is very spiritually
    connected as I raised him to be, and that is one of the reasons that I
    choose to not date, Because a lot of our Black men just don’t connect with
    me spiritually and that for me is the most important reason to be in a
    relationship and you can never go to any higher level without first being
    connected spiritually, Especially for our Black culture, because at the end
    of the day that is the only hope that we have to be connected t that higher
    power of God.

  • Sokekajal says:

    Very productive conversation.Great show!

  • Bryan Keith says:


  • Holla Black says:

    Darren Wilson had so many supporters in the white community and you
    blacknecks are asking why should we support EJ. really?

  • Holla Black says:

    Darren Wilson became a millionaire by his people and you dumb blacknecks
    are asking if brother EJ is innocent or not?

  • BoardzNdaHOOD says:

    The passion of this show is real!

  • David T says:

    I’m 1000% with you all, much love. Great show!

  • >