Eric “EJ” Sheppard SPEAKS! – The LanceScurv Show

Brother Eric EJ Sheppard shares his vast wisdom and divine insight once again on The LanceScurv Show in this third conversation that continues to delve into the issues that many are too shy to confront today.

Our beautiful Sister Talaya truly added a unique flavor with her dynamic blend of wit, charisma and intelligence to make our dialogue truly something to kick back and absorb slowly to never miss one delectable soul nourishing bite!

As the Mainstream Media continues to attempt to demonize this young Warrior who is truly an asset to the Black community, his direct words here will melt any misunderstanding that is unfairly perpetuated on the other platforms that choose to paint him other than what he is.

If more of our people listen to what Eric Sheppard had to say, then our community would regain the mental, physical and spiritual might that our oppressor fears will be the beginning of the end of his rule over us that he has enjoyed for hundreds of years!

Thank you so much for listening and do know that I can be reached directly at 407.924.8793. Texts preferred as they get through so much faster!

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Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • JI GZ says:

    Do these guys run trains on this women just wondering. Yall not talkin
    about nothing frfr

  • Ick Icky says:

    Great dialogue being expressed. So many of the issues expressed are
    deriving from so many areas. I think as a people we need to target these
    areas and educate our own so that they may understand how these catalyst
    create complications in our experience. Absorbing media imagery,
    normalization of dysfunction, psychological effects of our struggle, our
    manipulation by others, etc. Somehow we need these clearly defined showing
    cause and effect, so we wont have blacks who hate themselves therefor
    thinking dating interacially will provide some sort of love they will never
    acquire from their own people, black men and women blaming each other in
    endless power struggle tug-of-wars, blacks growing up in predominately
    white areas internalizing and regurgitating white prejudices, and so on.
    This is a good step in that direction. Discussions with clarity and
    MATURITY. Much respect!

  • Trey TwoBandz says:

    Ivan van sertima- guyanese-afrikan paridigm: afrikan woman in antiquity

    This the title of the video. Watch the whole thing. He spoke on the
    polygamy at 46:00

  • Benjamin Lang says:

    If a black dude is not rich most of the time the white woman he has most
    likely are the ones that the other white guys have used up or either did
    not want to begin with….Or that black man has been brain washed and
    mentally emasculated and can’t handle a confident black woman…On the
    other hand lots of black women have this house wench mentality towards
    black men that we are all weak and lazy and below standards of a white man
    because of metal slavery and the white supremacy agenda to emasculate men
    and imprison us..I love black women and my feelings are black women are
    Gods because they bring life..I dream of the day I will have me an African
    queen to create life with and build an empire…

  • >