Even If You Are Running The One Hundred Yard Dash With One Hundred Pounds Of Weight On Your Back You Must Always Possess The Mindset Of A Winner To KNOW That You Will Win That Race!


It’s an addiction of a desire that has been around before recorded history and long before speech was developed well enough to explain the intoxication delivered when experienced.

For many, it is only part of the reward when reaching their goals, for others it’s the ONLY option.

Winning is a funny thing because we all place a different value on this thing called triumph. It’s all about perception because I have
found that a person who wins all of the time may not necessarily possess the mind of a winner, it may mean that they are just enjoying an unbroken winning streak.

It’s easy to appear as though you are the real thing when everything around you seems to be going well, but lose the winning streak, the momentum and the hype of your supporters/fans and let’s see what you are really made of.

Lose everything in life and let’s see if that person who enjoyed that unbeaten winning streak amidst the intoxicating deafening fanfare and let’s see if they still possess “the mind of a winner!”

Real winners possess the mind of a winner even when they might lose! Yes! Even when they might lose the battle, they who are true winners never give up on winning the entire war!

You see, the mind of a true winner is not ever dependent on the surrounding circumstances to fuel and strengthen his/her focus on the tasks at hand because he listens to the independent beat of a different drummer.

A real winner may enjoy some of the fanfare for a short time that comes with the win but from personal experience I have found that the true champion really gets his rush from the process and pursuit of the goal, the challenge. Usually after a big win, the true champion falls into a depression of various magnitudes depending on the individual but it is not long after the win that they are seeking the next level, the next challenge.

That is the reward, to keep pushing on while their followers are still celebrating their previous victory to find their next rush. That is
exactly what it is, a rush. This is what intoxicates a true winner.

The winner is created long before the world even knows the fight that exists within this hungry entity, the mind of a winner is being created in the struggle to ascend higher than ever before in his/her chosen area of excellence. The mind of a winner can’t be manufactured by a man made physical means, it is a spiritual awakening that only the God above can manifest. But once that winning mind is disconnected from the divine source that raised it up victoriously then it will cease to have the focus and strength to keep it in winning mode.

Real winners never lose that connection even when they may appear to lose for a time. Real winners who know that they will be the only one standing in the end never give up even when the crowds turn against them and write them off. The individual with the true mind of a winner will feed off of that in a positive manner and use it as fuel to come back to his rightful throne atop the world.

You see, in this life you will only be acknowledged as being exceptional above and beyond the norm when you must face a lose that you must come back from. To be tested. To be knock off so far down in the ratings where the odds are greatly against you in coming back to your prior winning from. While you may have the lose recorded on your resume, it is your eventual manifestation as a winner that will make you appear even larger than life more so.

What is more impressive than to be strung out on crack at one point in your life only to come back from the grip of death in the lifestyle of the living dead to be free of that addiction and to live a victorious life to the glory of God!

What is more satisfying than to have lived a life of crime with all of the things that accompany that dangerous way of life to leave it behind to become an upstanding member of the community and pillar of the society?

What is more reflective of the power of God than to take a life long prostitute strung out on drugs and the filthy lifestyle that comes with it that and an eventual downward spiral into the pits of hell that only a mind of a winner can change around for the greater good?

How can you ever lose when you are connected to the One who created the Heavens and universe? How can you let anyone who can’t even get their own lives together discourage you from reaching those righteous goals that have been approved by your heavenly Father to pursue?

The one who truly possesses the mind of a winner is the one who keeps their thoughts at all times on the power of God. A humbling mindset indeed! When you witness one who may have accomplished something great yet never gives thanks to the Man above I will show you a person who will not last long in the winners circle because he or she was foolish to believe that it was by their power in which they generated their victorious achievement! How wrong they are, so while the negative forces of this world get in your path in order to trip you up from your journey or when satan whispers thoughts of defeat into your ears always know that with God in the cockpit of your mind guiding everything that you do by your submission to His will you will ALWAYS be a winner because to walk in the spirit is to have the mind of a winner. so even when you run that one hundred yard dash with one hundred pounds of weight on your back deep down you know that you will ALWAYS win that race!

Our Father created us to manifest great things as He made you to be the best and NEVER accept anything other THAN the best!

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