Even If The Revolution Was Televised, Knee-Grows Wouldn’t Watch It!

Black people! Or rather Kneegrows!

May I ask?

How low can we go?

After watching a YouTube video forwarded to me by a dear friend, I felt like my stomach was turning inside out because of the attitude of the “s called adults who were supposed to be overseeing the safety of the two young boys that they left alone in a house that was shortly to burn down while they were inside.

While this alone was neglect at its finest the statement that stole the show was when the aunt of those two boys seemed to have more concern for her lost Food Stamp card and purse more so than for the well being of her nephews.

While this may be old news to some, it is the general attitudes such as these that too many Black people possess that I want to speak on.

As so brazenly displayed by the statement in that video, too many Black people – like that tooth deficient aunt – have priorities that are screwed up and so far out of line.

While their are many hard working, sane, intelligent Blacks that have their responsibilities and priorities straight, all it takes are the few to totally damage their communities with the laid back carefree “let somebody else take care of my responsibilities” attitude.

It only takes one small well placed hole to sink a ship and in the Black community it is those types of knee-grows that do the damn trick each and every time!

Let me share this with you, I get up early in the mornings on the weekend to trim my lawn and do whatever yard work needs to be done to keep my home looking its best.

I feel that if I take care of my yard and my neighbors do the same for theirs, collectively we will keep our community looking good not only to keep the property values up, but to keep our spirits high when we come home after a hard day at work.

It’s called having some pride about yourself.

It’s called having respect for the life that God gave you not only because of how well you try to live your life as a model citizen, but because you respect the community that you’re in and are honored to be in the presence of those that feel the same.

But those types of knee-grows that care more for a Food Stamp card over and above the safety and care of the children in their midst?

Food Stamps For Kneegrows

They are the people who rip a community apart within weeks!

They will damage the image of integrity of those Black people WHO take pride in how they live and how they are a plus to whatever community that they reside in.

All they seem to concern themselves with are the things that they can get without little or no effort and have no sense of urgency to improve the already downtrodden situations that they live in day to day.

The time for excuses are over for these kneegrows!

We have been here long enough and while I do understand what the effects of slavery have been on us as a people that are in play right up until this very day in 2014, we have got to understand that until we get ourselves together we will never be able to conquer the institutionalized racism that gets an easy pass because of the ignorance that exists in the Black community today.

For if we do not have any respect for the lives of our children and our Brothers and Sisters in our community, we are as good as dead and my words are spoken on deaf ears.

Everyday I see grown ass men who look just like me, standing in front of the corner store waiting to beg a person who just made a purchase for a few pennies because they claim “to be hungry!”

Kneegrow Street Bum

Yet, as soon as these bums get up enough money to buy some cheap liquor, they go into that very same store to get some poison to further inoculate themselves from the pain of living a non productive life.

All day long they are there as I drive up and down on my bus watching them get even more intoxicated with every passing trip as they throw down bottle after bottle on the street curb while standing a few mere feet from the trash can!

Needless to say that this is an everyday occurrence and it kills me when they will shout out to the world that the White man is keeping them down.

But I’m here to tell you that NO MAN can keep you down when you decide to man up and be who God created you to be.

Yes, we just may have a few more obstacles to overcome in our everyday lives, but if you want a great life bad enough you have to get up and work for it!

The Koreans come here to America in record numbers and you don’t see them crying to anyone as they set up businesses that dot the landscape in the so called ‘hood to make a fortune off of us and live like royalty.

Korean Fruit Market - Kneegrows

This is to prove how much money flows through the Black community yet we don’t see that we can do the same thing too if we would simply stop ingesting these poisons, get our priorities straight, stop hating on one another and work toward the common goal of self empowerment on all levels.

You get mad at the politicians that you claim “took the money and ran” but what do you expect?

Especially when your sorry asses refuse to get up and vote or even attend the community board meetings to even KNOW what is transpiring in a place that you call your ‘hood!

So how do you think the various immigrants who come and set up shop in the Black communities feel about these aforementioned kneegrows who approach them with an attitude because they are doing better than them?

There is no excuse and these Koreans or Middle Eastern hard working and goal oriented individuals don’t owe you a damn thing as you go on and on saying that this is your neighborhood.

Your neighborhood? No fool!

It’s more THEIR neighborhood because they pay far more taxes to do business there than your lazy behind does while you fail to be a driving force in the very community that you claim to be your own.

And really, after going through so much to step foot on these shores, do you think that they will ever understand why you as a people are sitting on your asses when they came here on a righteous mission of a better life?

So when there is a dispute between you and that immigrant business owner, who do you think the police will favor more because they know who pays more taxes, pays into the police benevolent association and makes regular political contributions to the local representatives?

A Day In The Life Of Hood Kneegrows

Niggardly thinking is on its way out because those who give the very racists that they claim to abhor a reason to keep the word “Nigger” alive – because of the very manner in which you act – never realize that if we stop acting like damn Niggers it would take the power out of the word that we give it and it would dry up and blow away forever!

So don’t get mad at a word that our very lifestyle upholds because we cherish our Food stamps more than we do our abandoned children!

So until our priorities come into order we will never make any progress and as a matter of fact will get worse with every passing year.

We will watch the reality television shows with now problem that portray us as well paid minstrels, monkeys and whores. We love that.

We will blast out loud the demeaning lyrics in some of these trashy corporate rap songs that are a further acid to anything positive entering our minds. We have no problem with that.

We will wear these whore-like outfits that these twisted designer will make for us not realizing that they will never allow their Queens to where such crap while it is okay for us as we love to see our women degrade themselves. We think that is true liberation!

ratchet-club-pictures-ghetto kneegrows

Yet, if I were to ask those very same wayward minded kneegrows to sit down with me to view a program that would revolutionize their thinking and cause them to leap into action as men and women to ascend to a divine existence they would most likely refuse to watch it!

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink and in the case of the dying kneegrow nation they are perishing at their own hands not merely because of the lack of knowledge – because the knowledge is there at our fingertips in abundance – but because we refuse to take in anything that is good for us but readily eat up the slop!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Very Annoyed & Pissed Off Brother,



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