Every Fruit Doesn’t Ripen At The Same Pace, Some May Take A Little Longer To Be Ready To Eat…….

You were born into this world for a purpose and are to NEVER compromise the divine mission that your Creator made you to specifically fulfill.

Look at the inner working of a well made timepiece, each component, now matter how insignificant looking, and oftentimes barely detectable to the human eye, has it’s own unique and VERY important role in the overall workings of that watch.

Many times on this life we will question our Creator as to why we were born on the first place because it sure didn’t seem at the time that our lives haven’t amounted to much of anything.

But worry not!

Let me open your mind to a different way of looking at the downtown that may seem nonproductive and aimless……..

Tell me this…..

How do you think an athlete feels when he/she is spending most of the game on the bench? Here they are all suited up to play the game, ready to get involved, anxiously watching each play and feeling as though they could make a winning difference in the game if the coach would only bring them in!

What a frustrating feeling it must be but ultimately, even though that athlete may sustain a sizable portion of frustration in their heart, they know that the coach has a broader scope from HIS vantage point as to what may be going on in that game and has a strong reason for keeping them on the bench.

When all is said and done, hindsight being 20/20, it will soon one day makes sense as to why things turned out the way that they did.

So the same faith that the athlete has on that coach who may have keep him benched until maybe bringing him in later on toward to end of the game to give the team a strong finish is the same faith that we must have in the SUPREME WISDOM of our God!

So when WE feel “benched” and on the sidelines in our lives with an ever growing feeling of frustration in our chest cavity because things have not panned out in the way that WE may have thought, we must relinquish the steering wheel to the one that has a broader scope as to where we fit in the best!

That being said, many may find their divine purpose very early in life and some don’t find it until their hair is gray, but the common thread in everyone’s aspirations is that we as God’s children are the orchestra and HE is the Omnipotent All Seeing Conductor!

So don’t fight it.

Don’t push it.

Merely obey the divine command to PLAY YOUR PART!

Be happy with this and always know that every component of God’s master plan big and small carry equal weight to make it happen!

Stick around for a while on this planet and you will realize that this is how it works because WE, as small as we are to the ALL POWERFUL one, “ain’t” dictating a damn thing when you come to really think about it.

…..cause if you ever took the time to pick the brain of someone who is considered an Elder, they would have told you that the fastest way to make God laugh is to tell Him what YOUR plans are!

Why am I coming out so strong with my feelings on this subject?

Because I am getting sick and tired of seeing those who were chosen to do a great work discouraged and attacked by those who aren’t chosen for diddly squat yet want to hog the headlines because of their narcissistic need to be seen and heard!

Never apologize and NEVER compromise when God’s anointing and protection is raining generously down upon your life! That is ONE thing that we NEVER have to do…… saying you are sorry for the station your Lord has elected you to fill!

But until then, if things do not seem to be moving along as fast as you may have wished, understand that every fruit doesn’t ripen at the same pace just as every meal must be cooked until every ingredient is blended just right!

So in your frustration know that as you endure the unpleasant blockages that cause you to feel that major discomfort of feeling like that benched athlete, know that you are really being “seasoned” like that delicious meal in the fiery furnace of preparation to become a magnificent example of how great a God we serve!

Our measure of time is not HIS measure of time. He knows best and nothing rushed without his endorsement will NEVER work out, so be diligent in following His instruction and be humble in accepting whatever task or position He has for you to do!

The more we maintain being humbled as we rise is the higher we will go in His kingdom, possessing a spirit of arrogance and entitlement is the fastest way to get our Angelic wings clipped as we must understand that we are here to serve His will and His will only! Our egos have absolutely NOTHING to do with His glory!

Truly internalizing this concept will make our wait for His command free of frustration because we must always know that anything that our God does is ALWAYS right on time!

Never forget that!

I do hope my random thoughts has made sense and reached someone tonight………

The pleasure was all mine…….

Until next time,

I love you and God bless you all!


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May 3, 2010 9:44 PM

This piece was well thought out and written.God is always in control. Thanks for reminding us. Always a pleasure Lance.

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