Every Misled Hoochie Mama Hood Rat That You See Is A Queen In Disguise, They Just Don’t Know It Yet!

Earlier today I got cursed out by someone who seemed to lose their “young lady” card a long time ago and would be referred to by most as a ‘hood rat or a hoochie! Now understand I am not the type of man to call every pissed off and very angry Black chick (Notice that i did not even say woman or lady!) a ‘hood rat or a hoochie but this time in this situation this female deserved the title hands down! And why did she curse me out? It’s because she asked me to take her and her girlfriend to a place about a mile up the road after I told her we have arrived to the last stop and that the bus was now out of service.

Why did I say that…….

I was called everything but the child of God!

They didn’t stay long when they saw that I was serious about what I said but the sad part is if they came at me in a decent way I would have been glad to accommodate their request with a smile on my face. But as you will learn (If you haven’t found out the hard way already!) when dealing with hoochies, they will be in battle mode most of the time especially when their “check” didn’t come in the mail as scheduled.

Heck! Have you ever been in the ‘hood on the first and the fifteenth during check day? It’s as quiet as it ever will be because the residents are waiting on that mailman to bring their (Their? You couldn’t TELL them that they didn’t earn that money on a job!) check in the mail! Heck, the Koreans are waiting for it! The hood mall’s need it badly! The ghetto store owner’s KNOW for a fact that if you set up shop in a neighborhood infested with hoodrats then you will always be paid! Case closed!

As a matter of fact, I wrote a blog article a few months earlier about the same thing and it was on the bus that I was driving just like before. This is beginning to happen just a tad too much and I am beginning to think that I have something to do with it. Not really but I do know that there is something inside of me that really ticks a ‘hood rat off. Especially a certified ‘hood rat that really think that her heavily tattooed body (Especially a tatted neck, the ultimate sign of hood membership!), cheap yak weave hair, tacky ‘hood mall outfits, pancake makeup and cheap ten karat gold jewelry really make them the desire of every man’s heart!

But I think it’s the fact that since I may not grant a hoochie ‘hood rat that first on sight initial reaction of lust and desire is what truly angers them because their artillery is reduced to being ineffective at best. You see, there is something that I’ve noticed after unfortunately having to be forced in public to enduring the common practitioners of the mystic art of hoochism.

‘Hood rats really can’t survive outside of the ghetto realm from which they thrive in. They have no powers there. It’s like if Superman went back to the planet Krypton. In the world outside of the hood, no one even considers them a force to be reckoned with as their appeal is about as good as those fake tokens given to you to be used as money at the local circus or the Monopoly oney that we play with when indulging in the board game of that name that really means nothing outside of those who are willingly playing pretend for the sake of fun.

I think this is what I bring to the table when a hoochie sees me.

When these hood rats cross my path, if I were to ogle their female adornments like those winos who sit up in their buddies Cadillac while parked out in front of the liquor store, they would treat me so nicely. Why? Because I am a working man who gets a regular check and that is what keeps a low level (Low level? That’s the only kind of hoochie that I know of!) ‘hood rat in business!

It’s those middle aged hard working dudes who possess a profile similar to mine who “creep” with them and in exchange keep them in the small amounts of regular cash to finance their trips to the hairdresser, Korean nail joints and cheap gaudy polyester “wear it one time and it’s garbage” party clothes!

When a ‘hood rat is decked out in such a manner, you can’t tell her a DAMN THANG! (It’s not a typo my friend, I meant to say it that way! LOL!) She feels as though the entire garbage strewn landscape of the ghetto is her fashion runway! She can bum cigarettes effortlessly and always get her smoke on free of charge, hell, even the hole in the wall social clubs welcome her scantily clad presence to their building department violation-laden establishment because for every one hood rat inside of the club will bring ten horny clowns that will treat her to as many drinks that she can gorge down after the free drinking period for females is over.

What a life these damsels of the urban jungle have! They are the pride of the hood, the closest thing to a Beauty Queen that the downtrodden will ever see! Even though the men who yearn to let one off inside of them mainly see them as a “Booty Queen” more so than the aforementioned version. To watch these sad manifestations of a failed society go about their way is comparable to viewing the ghetto nature channel because the life of a hood rat is something just as exotic as anything that one can find in the most breathtaking of beautiful terrains on the planet earth!

Imagine, you don’t have to go too far to observe the primal behavior of the natives to this scorned place of the ‘hood.

So yes, being myself I would pissed a hoochie off repeatedly because the currency of intelligence and moral fiber that I carry on my person is not accepted in the bank of indecency that they do steady business with.

So when a hoochie hood rat rides my bus and hears the intelligent conversations that I have with the ladies who are currently conquering the worlds that the hoochies are a mere sideshow in as well as the butt of many inside jokes, they won’t like it at all because they could never catch my eye if I were a single man as their shallow existence would bore me to tears. So if the truth be told the money and financial resources that I have could never hit their pockets because they don’t the range to keep a man like me intrigued and titillated.

So what do they do? The will attempt to boost their egos out of the throes of low self esteem and try to talk DOWN to me as though they have some measure of control over me! Imagine that? But you as a real man must know and possess a deeper understanding into the situation and realize that many of these hoochies are the head of the households that they are living in and the beer guzzling “unemployed and loving it” men that they have are usually pleasure oriented and non responsible to no end.

So don’t blame her, just understand that the world that they come from has an entirely different gravity to it and you would work yourself into a heart attack if you believe that you can apply the universally accepted rules of normalcy to a situation where you happen to be dealing with the Queen Bee of the fried dyed and laid to the side ghettofied ‘Hood nation!

So you as an intelligent individual must sincerely understand that these prime specimens of the unused atrophied human mind come from a world so cut off from the civilization around them that they will behave in a manner akin to that of the “missing link.”

All jokes aside but it’s sad, it’s sad because those same poor souls who have been reduced to hood rat status are the bloodlines to a people who were once a brilliant people who respected their woman as the royalty that they were. We as a people have been minimized to the point where we think nothing of ourselves and parade around and about the world as the clown of the planet who have been portrayed as the go to people for childish buffoonery and not for anything edifying.

This is my perspective so even after I got chewed out verbally by a young hood rat that probably understand half of the words that I spoke in this blog, I understand the innate pain that comes from knowing that you aren’t considered much by your man, yourself, you community and the world!

That hurts.

So I can only reflect a respect to them that they have never been afforded by the multitudes of sperm donor baby daddies and hope that maybe, just maybe, they will wake up to the truth of who they are and how powerful a position that they hold in this pre-2012 world and that they are under attack just as the Black family is under attack constantly to eventually be the fuel that drives the New World Order to record levels of gains from oppression.

They just don’t know. So the next time you observe a hoochie hood rat acting out in full throttle, give her a sincere compliment to let her know how truly beautiful she is and that she doesn’t have to dress in that manner to be the Queen she is. She might misunderstand you or she might even curse you out but you being the bigger person MUST take it! Why? Because you love is stronger than her hate. Plus, if you truly believe that a nation can rise no higher than their woman, then we have a whole lot of picking up to do!

You are not alone, let’s uplift our lost women before it’s too late…….

It’s almost 2012 and some of us are just not manning our divine righteous posts.

Did our forefathers endure hundreds of years of slavery for it all just to come to this?

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April 13, 2012 7:14 AM

I agree with your post, these women are so desperate for attention they will go to the extreme. -_____-

October 23, 2011 10:53 PM

Somebody needs to wake these folks up. This is the real MATRIX we are talking about.

October 17, 2011 2:47 PM

So true, preach my brother.

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