Every Mother Ain’t A Mother But Every Mother Wants To Hear Happy Mother’s Day!

That statement was in my head and was influenced by the Public Enemy Hip-Hop classic “Welcome To The Terrordome” where Chuck D. in as part of the longer verse proclaims “Every Brother Ain’t A Brother!”

He meant to say that every person that claims to be a Brother in the struggle just might be someone who is undercover against the cause.

I’ve found this to be true with many who so readily accept the blindly given general compliments of being a great mother when in fact they are not.

Ratchet Mother

This is not a negative attack on Motherhood at all, as honor the sanctity of such a divine position over and above most. In actuality, because I do honor it so highly, this is why I get angered at the thought of those women who trash Motherhood because of their wayward selfish ways and indulgences that leave a child neglected.

To those mothers who behave and live in such a manner I have no love for them at all.

Too many times while out in the public driving the city bus as I do for forty hours a week, I will see some – not all – mothers cursing their children using the worst profanity imaginable because their toddlers can’t keep up with the stride of this grown woman. To make matters worst, they are walking like twenty-five feet ahead of them while they are executing their verbal degradation of their child.

Yet, when Mother’s day rolls around, these lowlife women are the first to expect and even demand you to honor them simply because they have a child as though following through with a biological function makes one worthy of praise, honor and admiration!

Ratchet Mother 2

I say heck no!

Why am I against these chicks receiving the Mother’s Day greetings?

Well they don’t deserve it because we have some REAL Mothers out here who are the unsung heroes of our communities and the backbone of our society because of the pristine characters that they possess not only because they are great Mothers, but also because they are the nurturers of a righteous nation!

Think about it, when the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated that “a nation can rise no hire than the state of its woman”, what do you think he meant by that?

To be a woman and even more so to be a true Mother is a heck of a responsibility and positioning in a world that is seeking to destroy the family unit and to degrade all institutions set forth by God Himself.

So when you are a real Mother, you are in a position to build up or destroy a nation by the very actions that you choose to execute in the raising of your child/children.

Farrakhan Saviors Day Speaks On Mothers

So how am I going to show you respect on Mother’s Day when everything that you are all about is diametrically opposed to what the title of Mother is supposed to be?

See, so many of these fraudulent baby mama offspring manufacturers do not understand that it doesn’t take any amount of brilliance to lay down and undulate with a man’s penis inside of you to catch his sperm, incubate it for nine months to later pop out a child.

Sure, the labor may have been painful, but that process alone doesn’t put you in the position of honor, it is what you do with your life for your child afterward that makes the difference between being a true Mother as opposed to just another easy piece of backside who had an ovary shot down by the sperm of a strange jump off that never had a relationship with you.

…….and how in the heck do you expect to garner ANY respect when you don’t even know or want to know how to carry yourself as a decent woman in public?

Ratchet Woman In Public Is Someone's Mother

You see, real Mothers put their children FIRST and would never leave them home alone while they go out all night to the club.

Real Mothers will take the time to teach their children right from wrong and how to navigate through this world with dignity and never expect the television to teach you what you should be getting at home directly.

Real Mothers sacrifice the things that they wanted in this life for a time in order to give their child the best shot at life by molding them on all levels as opposed to being resentful to an innocent child that YOU brought into this world because your own selfish lusts.

Situations can definitely be turned around, so it doesn’t mean that if your humble beginnings as a Mother were not proud moments because life can come at you hard.

But when you can take a negative situation and turn it around over time to make it positive, then that will always be welcomed with opened arms as it takes a strong will, focus, determination and character to turn things around.

Black Mother

So when you remain in a negative situation over an extended period of time when you are a Mother is unacceptable because a REAL Mother will always find and make a way to elevate her reality to make a way for her child!

So for all of the real Mothers out here holding things down righteously for their children whether they have the child’s father in their life or not, I sincerely wish you ALL a Happy Mother’s Day from the bottom of my heart, but for those abusing and neglecting their children, I say step to the back of the line and learn from THE REAL MOTHERS until you get it right!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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