Everything You Need For Success Is Already Planted Deep Within Your Soul!

Many people ask me how in the world can I hold down full time and part time job as well attending to all of the usual mandatory responsibilities that we as adults must hold down while keeping up a daily blog and weekly internet radio program?

Am I trying to be Superman?

Trying to be? I already am! Where have you been living? Under a rock?

…….just playing! I know that I am a mere man and it’s that fact that keeps me submitting to a righteous law that allows me to humbly work IN the supernatural in the first place!

But seriously? How is it that God has allowed me to do so much with so little?

It’s because I work hard with the end in mind. Meaning that I have a goal and a desire to reach that goal. I wholeheartedly will stick to what I must execute in order to bring this vision into fruition and I will not stop until it is manifest!

This is not because I am so great but it is only because of what I am connected to!

I can tell you right now that no matter what comes my way I will always be the winner in the end as long as God signs off on and approves of what it is that I intend to do.

It is not I that has ordained my unique abilities or even granted them to me. I couldn’t do all of this without any advanced studies, I am nothing without the God above and it is HE that enables me to continue to rise when all others have faltered.

This is because I have dedicated my life to being used as a happy tool in our Creators hand to reach whoever needs to be reached. We ALL have this proximity to our Heavenly Father’s hand but we are the one’s who take ourselves out of His favor by doing things OUR way and not submitting to His will.

You see, there are a whole lot of willing tools out there who would love to have the honor of being used by God Himself so when you begin to feel important and pompous in your attitude about your positioning to Him as He does His work through you know that you can be tossed aside just as quickly as you were picked up!

I personally love the flow that glides so effortlessly through me but I really cannot take the credit for it at all. I am lifeless and dead without His touch and will never be fooled to believing that I am the source of it all. Now God will allow you to steer the vehicle to a point while He also has His foot on the pedal as well as a hand on the wheel in case you decide to be stubborn and take things elsewhere away from his will, almost like the child who thought that HE was driving the car while sitting on his Father’s lap.

It’s easy to forget who put us in these positions in our life and this is something that I am constantly guarding against because I would hate to be shut out from the blessing that come to me in abundance.

The gifts that I speak of don’t necessarily mean money because there are many different types of gifts out here that God has blessed us with. we just have to have the presence of mind to be able to understand what we have and the maturity to cultivate it.

Success Key

You could be the best basketball player in the world but if all you do is hang out all night on the street corner with other non-motivated people then your talent and potential means absolutely nothing at all! You’ve got to push hard to reach that next level and most of us are too caught up in our immediate creature comforts to give them up for the righteous sacrifice of cultivating a greater talent and mission.

This is why as the clock ticks on in my life I have an ever growing sense of urgency to squeeze out even more creative energies in order to share my life lessons so that it may benefit someone from the time it is put out there until the time that I have transitioned from this level to the hereafter.

It’s almost like the example of the woman who is racing against her biological clock and has this feeling that she must procreate as soon as possible even though she may not have a man around to get the job done at the present time. What a feeling of frustration that must be but I can identify with it because it is a smaller version of that emotion when I can’t find the time to put something out there new everyday.

But you know what?

I MAKE the time to do so because God gave us each and every day to accomplish something of note as well as giving us all of the tools that we need to get it done.

It behooves me when I see a person with so much talent and potential come up with every excuse in the book in order to relieve themselves of the responsibility of nurturing that ability into something great!

You see, one day you will have to face God Himself and explain why is it that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do with the great abilities that you were gifted.

I surely do not want to be in THAT position at all! I don’t want Him to get angry with me and toss me into hell now! LOL!

But there are many gifted people that I know who are waiting for the big break!


You have to understand that to “wait” on a big break is a damn waste of time and I am going to tell you why…….

While I understand that nothing happens before its time I am a firm believer in making things happen yourself. If you have the energy to speak out into the universe that you must wait on some big break that might never come then you are wasting the time that you could manifest that big break for yourself that you have been waiting on someone else to do for you!

Makes sense doesn’t it?

This why many are bedazzled at my determination to succeed, it’s because I “ain’t wastin’ NO TIME” waiting on a damn break!

I AM my break! I AM my big opportunity! I AM the next best thing!

You see, we have to learn how to brag in God’s name and exalt Him through our confidence in what HE promised us if we follow His simple plan of submission to Him.

That’s all it takes!

It doesn’t take running up in the church house several times a week and making a big display of falling out in the spirit while peeking out of the corner of your eye to see who is impressed with your facade of worship.

Remember way back when Muhammad Ali would brag about his skills in the boxing ring? Well, many people got upset when he would do that but many others understood what he was doing to the mind of the opponent that he was soon to battle in the squared circle.

We all need a little Muhammad Ali in us with all of the negative forces that come our way during the course of a day. Don’t you know that Satan is throwing things in your path to trip you up from reaching your destiny so one of the best things to do to psyche HIS demons out as well as himself is to proclaim victory ahead of time even when it appears that the chips are down!

Muhammad Ali - Cleveland Big Cat Williams

If we have the Creator of the universe in our corner literally guaranteeing our victory then what are you doing making excuses and having a lack of confidence to succeed?

Only when you KNOW that you will win in the end is when you can move with confidence under pressure.

But back to making things happen for yourself, I know of this gentleman who for years would tell me that he is going to make it big in the music industry but all he needed was a record contract and a big break which hinged on a touch of good luck.

He can sing his backside off and will captivate you with the mastery of his vocal chords but has no clue as to why he is still dirt poor and not one step closer to reaching success than he was years before.

It’s good to dream but it’s even better to be prepared!

He says he wants a record contract, yet he wouldn’t recognize an industry bigwig if he passed him by at all!

He says he is ready for fortune and fame but he is not preparing himself for it while he is free from the stresses of that same fame that he craves so much.

He doesn’t know the industry or attend any conventions or gatherings where the people congregate who could help guide him to his ultimate goal.

He feels it is a bit much to perform for free but how else will he create the necessary buzz needed to propel him to the next level unless his name is on the lips of the masses?

I drew pictures for YEARS before I was noticed on the level that I am today. Heck, I am STILL doing so much free of charge but the following built who know of my work couldn’t be purchased with any amount of money because I have a unique and intimate relationship with my people because they can pick up the phone anytime and call me!

You must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach that next level as long it is executed in a manner that will be pleasing to God.

While many today do not believe in this principle of impeccable pursuit, those who will do just about anything will NOT have the level of success that will last long after the curtains have closed on the show of public life.

E! True Hollywood Story

The television is FULL of those who chose to do pursue their success in an unclean manner and ended up on “E! True Hollywood Story” all burnt out from the drugs, fast living and partying that has become a mandatory occurrence in that sordid world.

By continuously keeping your eyes on the prize and to possess a willingness to go that extra mile while submitting to divine law is what will keep you productive for a lifetime when all of the others in your chosen field have long packed up shop and QUIT!

…….but like the energizer bunny on the television commercial, you will keep going and going and going and…….

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