Everytime We Indulge In Sin We Give The Devil A Reason To Thumb His Nose At God & Laugh!

I must admit, that having an unexpected day off to relax and gather my senses is quite a treat indeed. Today I pretty much accomplished nothing of note and am somewhat embarrassed to admit this. Even then I still found the time to pick up the laptop and share these words on my blog.

Life really is beautiful, it all depends how we look at it and how blurred our views are by the life events that we all must endure. But
no matter what the situation, we can still find joy in all things. We must make the point of storing up on all of the good times so that we have a reserve tank of happiness to get us through the periods when joy can be lean.

I mean, we shop in bulk when we can so that our food stores do not need to be frequently replenished and we make sure to gas our fuel tank up when we have a long journey, so why not truly understand that these days ARE the good old days that we will look back on one day in the not too distant future? So stock up on them!

Peace be still. How true. As I flow with these unscripted words I can see how being alone with nature is such a healing thing. I am
reclining back on one of the most relaxing seats in the entire world on my sun porch looking out into my backyard and feeling the gentle breeze that feels as though it is intoxicating me with every inhalation.

The potted plants and grounded trees do a synchronized dance of happiness as though the are feeling the same peace that I am and are welcoming me into a world that I have oftentimes overlooked.

Overlooked because of the concern over the man made interests that we allow our minds to get caught up in during the constant grind that I’ve learned personally will never stop demanding your time even after arriving at the edge of exhaustion, there will always be that one more bill to pay or that next chance to earn an extra few hours pay…….

Please tell me…….when do we finally get a break from this never ending ride?

That God given joy is overlooked because we can’t think for ourselves as we have allowed all forms of electronic gadgetry flood our minds to stimulate us to run in fifty million unimportant directions before we have afforded ourselves the first opportunity to plan our day!

How sad!

But we scorn the person who has an early morning coffee addiction as though we are better than them but we cannot function without turning the television set on as we groom ourselves to get ready to leave to fulfill our obligations or by turning on the radio full blast and desperately searching the AM or FM dial for something to block out our thoughts from ever being filtered by our mind.

Peace be still?

No wonder the crazy houses are filling up at such phenomenal rates and the shrinks are getting paid so lucratively!

What are we running after so hard? It must be that we want to go crazy because true peace of mind can never be attained through overtime or an expensive purchase. Most will agree with this in theory but it is quite the opposite when you observe their greedy practices!

I can honestly say that I want no part of “that” world anymore. It’s been a long time since I have been close to that world because if the truth be told I was never one to sell out sense of balance completely in exchange for a worldly possession that is a sure thing to

My way of thinking leads me in a completely different direction, I mean, our very heartbeats are limited and our Creator knows the exact number of beats that it will provide for us. If that realization alone doesn’t make you want to live more efficiently and more in line with what our Maker desires for us then I just don’t know what will!

Now many of you will say that I might be hypocritical when I mention how we all should relax a lot more because of the amount of writings, drawings and videos that I create after working two jobs and seemingly living online twenty four – seven. But since that is the case then who else would be better qualified to even state that we all as well as myself should implement a change in our lives for the better while we can?

While typing that paragraph I jut happened to look down at my foot and my legs and realized that I haven’t even looked at my own body for such a long time. I don’t even know what my foot looks like anymore as I gaze down at it as I type these words. Now THAT’S when you KNOW you’re busy! Lol!

But the hustle and bustle that can elevate one to a higher plane is the very system that can take you QUICK six feet under! Never
underestimate it. And do realize that for all o your sacrifice and hard work in your chosen area of expertise, that if you were to
transition on to the afterlife that their would be someone ready to take your place quick, fast and a hurry!

So I am officially “OFF” of that ride, never to be curious enough to jump on it for a short spin ever again. I am forever relegated to the
pasture, lazily grazing out in the fields like an old retired racehorse whose racing days are behind him. Not that I am saying that
my days to live are behind me, but any trace of worldly foolishness that will take me away from the Heavenly peace that I have become addicted to.

As the breeze that caresses my face reminds me of the unconditional love of God, the thought hits me that it is THIS feeling that I want more of! Peaceful, quiet and God centered. If it is not of that flavor than I shall pass because nothing good will ever come out of it if it isn’t.

Give me the trees. Give me the sun. Give me a good book or a edifying conversation that sharpens my awareness and increases my wisdom.

Allow me to utilize the limited time in this immense creation dear God in a manner that is pleasing to you and if the command is given to defend your truths as I pursue the duties placed in my path, then so be it.

All warriors never forget how to use their swords to slay their enemies but until then let me suckle from the breast of life to
prepare myself for my inevitable transition. To hopefully leave a work behind me in my eventual absence that will allow those who come after me to figure out the riddles of their life more effortlessly.

I will bring this to a close as that gentle determined breeze has won the battle for my consciousness and is coaxing me in convincing
fashion into that delicious world of slumber. With the little bit of clear thought that I have remaining, let me share a thought that was a recent lesson and observation from the plant world…….

In the moments before I flowed with these words on my laptop, I gaze out into my backyard and my eyes fell onto a particular pot close to me that housed an exotic plant that was caused to brush by my leg from the breeze every so often.

I looked closely at the plant and reveled in how wonderful a creation it was and how it is fulfilling the purpose that God put here for it
to fulfill. What might that be you ask? Well it serves many purposes, seen and unseen, known and unknown. We all know how plants give us humans more oxygen to breath in exchange for the carbon dioxide it gets from us to breath.

What a brilliant exchange!

Who else could have done this but someone of a higher mind then us?

And to think how every single plant in this entire world has a medicinal purpose that we can consume their roots, stem and leaves direct or boiled in unlimited quantities proactively to prevent disease and disorder before it even happens!

Try snacking on the medicine like it’s candy at your local pharmacy and see how long you can maintain consciousness!

But aside from the obvious and documented benefits of having the plant world in our midst, I found an even deeper lesson to mankind in how this plant was even constructed!

Look at any plant for that matter, look at how each leave appears to be an entity all onto itself yet its very life depends on its
connection to its stem or branch to bring nutrition and water up from the root that benefits it by staying anchored to afford the rest of the plant its life giving minerals.

The bottom line is that while this plant is made up of several separately acting components, they all work together as one because in
actuality it IS one! To hurt or damage one part of it is to damage the entire plant and choke it off from its own very life itself!

Now let me ask you, why is it that WE as humans cannot see this? Why are we acting as though we can operate without each other? Why is it that we cannot see how divinely connected we are to each other and how our very life depends on how loving we are to one another to help care for each others needs?

Why have we become so arrogant to the point where we are now on such a barbaric level that is oftentimes demonic? When are we finally going to learn that we have been choking off our on resources from one another by the hoarding of every little advantage we can get over each other not realizing that what God has supplied here for us on this planet is for everyone!

Why is it that we cannot see, like the vast beautiful colors of fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and leaves that we as humans with
are varied glorious full range of colors from Black to White and all in between with the intriguing cultural differences that we are all
here to contribute a very special positioning and knowledge to the pot of in the kitchen of the human family?

Why hasn’t our consciousness grown in proportion with our technological progress?


It’s because we have all collectively gotten away from seeing the bigger picture of this huge garden that we are living in called Earth
where we all have a crucial positioning, bar none, in the creation of the human family that OUR GOD has proclaimed without a doubt that we were made in HIS image!

Well if we WERE made in His image then why have we refuse to ACT in accordance with the very nature that He has placed in us so abundantly?

Who has hijacked that image for their demonic purpose to solidify the lie in the deepest recesses of our collective consciousness that we can be nothing more than failures, nothing more than a cheap prostitute, nothing more than a womanizer of a man or even an
effeminate man who possesses millions of sperm that will never bring forth the righteous empires of the future as God desired it because it will find itself rendered useless in another man’s anus?

We have all of the tools to be so much more than we are but the negative forces of satan’s powerful command has convinced us to settle for less!

And our God watches down on this planet, angry and disappointed as the devil thumbs his nose at Him in attempt to let Him know that these who were made in YOUR image are nothing more than a pleasure seeking hedonistic people who want nothing at all to do with you!

So imagine how satan LOVES for you to do the things that you and I do in transgression to our God? Trust me, if you only knew, there is so much more to this unseen world of spiritual warfare than you could imagine and most of it is beyond our comprehension as we go about our minuscule ways in thinking that we are so all important when in actuality when we step out of Gods plan for our lives and divine protection, we open up the very pits of hell and every sinister murderous demon into our lives and we don’t even know it!

I don’t even know how I got on this subject but I have flowed once again to probably say something to someone who needed it! And if that is my purpose for this day then I am happy to be a messenger for a word that will enlighten and uplift someone because while I might be the very visible leaf to many here online I am anchored by some very powerful roots who have continued to support me in prayer and in the knowledge shared to help me grow to be able to serve the world even more!

The difference with me is that I KNOW that I am nothing without God and the total collective of all who encourage me and for that I will be forever grateful!

God bless you always and please continue to pray for me as I pray for you!

Love Always,

Your Creatively Outspoken Brother,

Lance ‘Scurv’ Scurvin

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