We will fight hard tooth and nail in order to always see that one who hates us so bad and will do anything to us to keep us in check in order to maintain their position of dominance and death over us.

Evil is the nature and it is the birthright of this planetary parasite, their history reflects this even though it has been watered down by them in order to lighten the severity of the travesties that they have caused.

These travesties were not relegated to a small period in history or to a minuscule region somewhere on the planet, they have displayed this nature toward us all over the globe since they’ve appeared a short time ago on this planet.

Yet they want you to follow their way of religion while they are the last ones to follow the so-called divine laws of their religion.

When you write their actions as opposed to what their divine laws state you will then understand who they really are and that what they call religion is only meant to shackle your mind to not retaliate against the evils taught us.

Just like a snake has its nature and an attack dog has its nature we have to understand that there nature is embedded into them so deep that we should never fall for the fake smile that they give us to put them in position to rape, rob and steal as they have for countless centuries all over the planet.

Many will say that this particular bit of content is hate but how can you say that we are heading for all words when they have a long history against us with their deeds?.

So stop making excuses for them as they go about their evil ways against all natural laws to maintain havoc all over the planet in war after war with no peace in sight.

Feel free to leave your uncensored perspectives in the comment section below as truth must be told and spoken in the boldest fashion possible.

Feel free to reach out anytime if you have a topic that you would like for us to cover or if you would like to appear on the show to share the perspective that you find is not usually covered by these platforms that are almost always severely compromised.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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