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Which came first?

The chicken or the egg?

As far as being a parent is concerned, we know that it is the chicken that came first because we produced our eggs from birth and set the high levels and standards for which they are supposed to strive to.

But something over the last few generations has happened, I can remember a time when the parents of my community growing up had nothing but high standards for their children to live up to and wouldn’t accept anything less than the best.


These days, it appears that the priorities of many parents have shifted to maintaining a high materialistic standard in the cost and branded name of their possessions while the development of the children has long gone by the wayside unchallenged.

Why is it that once upon a time the emphasis was not to drown our kids in the highly advertised name brand foolishness that gives the parents – if you can really call them that – of today more of a rush of pride than the need to see their children develop into the upright morally complete citizens who are the thinkers, movers and shakers of the complex world of tomorrow?

As goes the example of the home, so goes the kids.

If your father has nothing more on his mind than downing that next bottle of liquor with “his boys” then what will happen to the living breathing divine gifts of gold and silver in the form of his children whose worth and potential is immeasurable?

If your mother is more focused on the what Nene Leakes said on the Housewives Of Atlanta and pays more attention to buffoonery than the delicate needs of her daughters, then why should that same parent be shocked when that little girl grows up with the same ratchet traits that were displayed on the poisoned television program that her mama paid more attention to?

Obese Hood Rat With Children

Now that our children are collectively acting out in ways that would have been totally unacceptable by yesterdays high standards, have we compromised in not expecting them to excel or are we to afraid to enforce what we feel is divine law out of the fear of them making that phone call to the child welfare agency to complain about being abused?

We see so many other communities making gainful strides with their children in leaps and bounds yet are we to timid to uphold the same high standards because it might be too much of an effort to do so on our part?

Saggin Children

I say to hell with getting you nails done!

To hell with keeping up with a clown-like hairstyle that does nothing more except to make another person rich while that same money could be used to tutor a child that has fallen behind on their grades because you’re allowing the television set to raise them!

Where are the standards?

Where are the expectations that we had for our babies that as they were so small in our arms we told the world that they were going to be that successful lawyer, doctor or whatever person of excellence in whichever profession that they would choose to conquer?

Are the expectations for our children far too low?

Today it appears that our youngsters take a particular pride in representing everything that our forefathers abhorred and tearing every gain down that they’ve literally given their lives to manifest for us.

Saggin Ass Children

Our young men seem to not have any desire to be a man at all as they’ve found an easier route from the responsibility to stand up to the powers that be by copping out in calling themselves gay to bitch out as the battle for defending right over wrong with Satan draws near.

Our young women haven’t had the presence of a real man in their life so they have had to make do with each other by becoming that which they’ve lacked and finding the strength to make it through another day in the arms of a butch who mimics the qualities of a true man.

Black Gay Boys

We know we’ve been scarred surviving the crack era as well as the multitudes of us that AIDS has claimed.

Many of us are defeated after the lifelong battles with poverty and not ever being taught how to handle our money which is an ignorance passed down through the generations that helped others to grow rich off of our exploitation.

We know this about us. We know we have been affected.

But does this mean that after living on this earth for so long that we must allow the madness to continue into the future by our low expectations for our children?

Morals, standards, dreams, aspirations and goals don’t cost you a damn dime so there is NO EXCUSE not to aim high and shoot for the top because our God made us to be nothing but the best!

So if we as individuals fail in this life it is not because we didn’t have the talent and ability. It would be because we didn’t desire it enough to fight hard for it as though our lives depended on it.

Let us break the cycle and bring back the high dreams that our forefathers had for us!

This discussion will be uncensored and as raw as it comes as I believe that this is a conversation that is long overdue.

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