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About The Author, Wanda Stanley:

Wanda Stanley, a single mother of three children, was born in Florida, but migrated to Michigan at a young age before eventually returning to her birthplace.

She graduated from Jones High School, but received her accumulative degree in the school of life.

She overcame many hardships, from sexual abuse, drug addiction, and physical abuse to homelessness. Her character collectively exemplifies her strength and courage to be a positive influence and example to everyone she meets.

Her vivid imagination wholeheartedly encompasses reality with spiritual ideas and viewpoints that encourage and uplift the broken, the forgotten, and the misguided.

About Wanda’s latest work – “What It All Comes Down To”

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Nyvianna has the better of two worlds; one she lives in secret and the other according to her mother’s standards.

Her mother, Gloria Taylor, has to have the perfect children, the perfect marriage, the perfect image, but being the daughter of a preacher came with standards.

Nyvianna did her best to live by those standards until she experienced being with a woman.

She knew at a young age that she would live out every erotic fantasy with beautiful, sexy women, and possibly destroy the perfect plan Gloria laid out for her life. In her lesbian interludes, she was free from the conformity of her mother’s expectations.


To keep her mother from discovering the truth, she agrees to date Michael Johnson, a hardworking man who wants nothing more than to have a good woman by his side.

Their three-year relationship has worked well until she meets Samantha Berkley who opens up more than just doors of opportunity.

Nyvianna’s life changes for the good, and her world is the way she wants it to be-perfect.

Nyvianna learns that living a double life has its advantages and consequences.

She finds herself falling in love, and her secret life becomes more of a challenge. She realizes that she can’t keep everybody happy without hurting someone.

Which life will she choose?

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