Extracting The Seeds Of Greatness From Within!

It’s my personal observation that too many of us have allowed the present trials of our life to leech us of the joy that we should have forevermore in our hearts.

This blockage is deceiving and can make life appear to be something that it is not and make it not worth living. Isn’t it funny that while we go through our personal tribulations that it seems as though every single person in the world around us at the time is living trouble free with everything going perfect for them?

This is a trick of the enemy to push you further into that deep dark abyss of depression where your view of your situation only becomes amplified and rendered impossible to overcome.

You often feel flawed when in this state of mind and not worthy but I am here to tell someone that you ARE worthy and you ARE entitled to the best of this world that was created by your heavenly Father for that sole purpose!

Like the father who worked those two or three jobs to have enough money to move out of the ghetto to give his child a safe backyard to play in and their own room to enjoy to have a great childhood, God has furnished EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US with a planet that is rich with the resources for our sustenance to support a joyous life!

Do not believe that lie that you have nothing at all to your name! It is only “man” that has hijack YOUR gift and makes us pay for something that was given freely to all of the earths inhabitants. As far as you can see from horizon to horizon, that is yours. Every sea, lake ocean and stream was made to serve YOU – HIS CHILD – while on this earthly trip called life and to enhance your experience here in order to elevate you to the next level.

The fruits on the trees and the vegetables growing out of the earth were given to you to nourish your physical selves! Everything ON this planet was given to you by the mightiest of them all so you have absolutely NO excuse to feel as though you have nothing and are worthless! If you WERE worthless would you have been blessed with so much and had every need taken care of in an overwhelming display of loving abundance?

Don’t believe that lie that you are nothing!


You were fashioned by the very hand of God Himself for a purpose in this world and ever since you were born there was an evil force on your backside every moment of everyday that was riding you and whispering into your mind that you are NOT to heed the call of greatness that has been placed in you like the seed is placed in the fruit!

So you like myself, have spent YEARS wandering about the face of the earth without purpose, without form, void and ignorant of what we were supposed to be. We were in fact temporarily defeated and began to believe and internalize the lies fed to us by the wicked factions in this world whose purpose was to quell that inner God force within all of us that would break the oppressive grip that the enemy has on our mind body and soul.

That word “situation” is a hell of a word.

You can hear it used in many different ways but it is never really a good thing the way most of us utilize it – “I would be doing so much better if I wasn’t in this “situation” that I am in.” — “I know things would be so much better if I weren’t in this situation so pray that one day it will go away!”

What kind of defeated talk is that?

You are NOT a damn situation you are bigger than the constraints of any negative stronghold on your life and you need to know that those hidden seeds of greatness that exist inside of you right now need to be planted in the right soil and watered in the right mental climate to grow up and shine out to the world victoriously to show all others who may feel down and defeated that you are empowered to defeat ANY so called situation that the enemy wants you to perceive yourself to be in!

So when that man attempts to put his hand on you know that this was NOT God’s will for your life.

When that boss attempts to belittle you to place a fear in your heart that will keep you subservient to him for HIS profits know that God never made you to be an exploited slave for anyone!

When those “friends” of yours try to get up in your business because they are envious of the union that you have with your soul-mate know that nothing that they come with can stop your gift of a REAL SPOUSE as long as you know that God was the giver and only HE can take it away!

Never lose that understanding that in the chain of command in THIS life that God is at the head of it all!

…….and unlike the military, corporate world and all other world orders that have the protocol of rank and file, GOD HIMSELF is the CEO of CREATION and He ALWAYS has a direct open door policy with Him for appointments that never needs to be scheduled and never have a time limit as well as never being canceled due to an important concern that was bigger than yours!

No matter WHAT it is my friend, your Father will always have time to hear what is on your heart and is there twenty-four hours a day – seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year to love, protect, guide and uplift YOU anytime you make the time to speak to HIM!

Rid yourself immediately of this negative way of thinking that did NOT originate within you but was slowly and seductively fed to you mind to keep you from those wonderful days that you thought were all behind you! No! The best days are yet to come and you will jump for joy once you realize that your life is a living testimony in progress and these rough times are the times that you will one day share with the world as you sit high on the divine pedestal of victory so far away from the dark and depressed world that you believe is your “situation” forevermore.

While that may be merely one or two chapters in your life, it ain’t the whole damn book especially when you have so many more chapters to write as we speak…….so get back to God and start to write YOUR personal tale of empowerment and salvation even when you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It will be so much sweeter to arrive to your destiny when you finally do because in order to understand the true beauty of what is sweet, you HAVE to have tasted those things that are sour!

I have to admit that I am running late for my appointment but I HAD to sit down and share these words today because SOMEONE out here needed to hear them and if this was for you then I have served my purpose!

Peace and Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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