In my 58 plus years living on this earth, I can say that I’m sick and tired at this point in our journey as black people in a racist world of hearing how we need to wake up.

If after all the police shootings, the raping of our people and all lands across the world if we can’t see that we need to wake up or have to be told to do so you are dead weight and a lost cause.

It may sound harsh to other these words but time is of the essence and I feel that most of us had enough time to absorb the realities in the truth that we must move our feet now together and if you don’t understand this you need to be left back.

We cannot carry did weight with us to the symbolic promised land and if you feel as though you don’t need to have a sense of urgency to improve yourself to be able to carry your weight then I guess you have made up your mind to live a life of mediocrity and a certain death.

We have to face the fact that total unity amongst all of us will never happen and that those of us who have proven to have raised our vibration and perception cannot feel sorry for those who refuse to put in work.

It is very sad we realize that many amongst us in our inner circles are simply brain-dead and we would love for them to ascend to a higher level of consciousness but there’s only so much we can do for them before we begin to damage yourself.

We cannot enable those who refuse to unify to make our lives better in a society in system that seeks to leave us as an extinct people on the verge of never being around ever again.

We cannot allow history to repeat itself or continue on as it has because we now must understand that we have to benefit from the sweat of our brow regardless what area it is that we excel in.

So you have to consider those who will not unify for the betterment of their people as diametrically opposed to any progress to the delight of the Masters that they serve.

So no matter how you feel about this particular topic please share your viewpoints and perspectives in the comments section below and please do not hold back.

I must say that no matter where you stand on this topic I do appreciate you taking the time to listen to the video and to tell us how you feel.

Do know that you’re always welcome here it any time in your opinion is truly valuable and precious to us.

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