Facebook Is The Anti-Christ Just Like MySpace Was Satan’s Little Helper!

If my memory serves me right, Facebook was supposed to be the adult alternative to the old version of MySpace that was dominated and infested with drama filled out of control teenagers and countless immature young adults.

While I’m not calling every bonafide adult that was on MySpace back in the mid 2000’s immature, those who did act age appropriate had to wade through the endless sea of people who had all types of lurid intentions and agendas on their minds.

I can remember many adults – including myself – stating how MySpace had no adult appeal even though it was attractive enough to keep many individuals over 30 years of age on it because of its very helpful ability to keep friends and contacts connected.

But for the most part,unless you were disciplined to get on it for your singular reasons and get off after your personal tasks were done, you pretty much were a lost soul in the sea of cyber drama that came from this new found platform of a very public and impersonal way of communicating.

MySpace Logo

MySpace was like a bad drug when it first came out if you can remember, the teenagers would be happily holed up in their rooms when at one time to spend that many hours there would have been the result of being punished for some parental infraction.

School grades plummeted south for them and the minor to violent drama between classmates and neighbors increased at blinding rates.

We as adults didn’t understand nor most couldn’t comprehend how this new found ability could bring the entire schoolyard and all of its rebellious wayward activities therein right into the inner recesses of the bedrooms of our children in live time.

Many young lives were damaged greatly at a very crucial time of their lives when their development is of paramount importance as their minds should have been focused on getting great grades and living cleanly.

Teens Studying Facebook Free

But unfortunately, they were exposed to an abundantly available toxic form of decadence that drew them in like flies as all formerly enjoyable conventional methods of entertaining oneself were viewed as outdated and were all but forgotten and thrown by the wayside at this point.

But the damage was done, young kids got locked up behind the disputes and ended up with juvenile records that should have never materialized.

The sweet cyber nothings uttered by a horny adolescent on a MySpace direct message whose endocrine system was bombarded by testosterone Kamikaze style resulted in that young girl giving in to the urges that she felt and he caused to erupt resulting in a child that changed the course of their once promising lives.

pregnant-belly facebook


What was really good about it?

The State should press charges against whoever created that unwanted Frankenstein of a monster that left our children’s lives scarred forever by amplifying their already out of control desires and turning them in against them!

Isn’t adolescence a challenging time enough?

I mean, have you forgotten how difficult of a time it was for you with the nagging insecurities and the awkward feeling that you would never fit in to any social arena?

Sure it was a rough time, but at least we didn’t have to worry about Photoshopping the zits away on the picture that we wanted to use on a profile page!

Oh how easy we had it as youngsters back in the day.

I know that when I had a crush on a girl and handed her a love note in class while the substitute (They were always too slow to catch me!) teacher’s back was turned, the only concern that I had was that another classmate would open it up to read it out loud.

Passing Lovenotes Facebook

Now with social media, your romantic confessions could be copied & pasted for the entire world to see if that love interest in your heart-struck scope and cross-threads didn’t have any mutual feelings to be your official kissing partner for the remainder of the school year.

But all good things must come to an end.

MySpace didn’t actually end, it’s still alive and kicking with some new skins and an even newer attitude.

But the kids that were there in its maiden journey have for the most part abandoned ship and moved on with the lives that MySpace exposed them to prematurely.

Some recuperated and some did not.

Some went on to school to shake off the deadly grip that the cyber world had on their collective psyche’s, while others have been frozen in suspended animation wondering what happened as they live a life of regrets as they change diaper after diaper before venturing out to the park to congregate with their former war buddies who caught just as many if not more scars in that very intense time of reckless abandon and foolishness in their lives.

black-baby facebook

Some learned and some didn’t. Life goes on.

But like that unexpected lightning strike that abruptly dropped down suddenly on an otherwise sunny and tranquil day, that nondescript plain Jane named Facebook who once strolled the beach unnoticed because of the lack of development that her peers enthusiastically sported for the male gaze now turned into a bombshell of a knockout and picked up with the adults where MySpace left off with the children.

The drama.

The foolish behavior…….

The fights over lovers who weren’t true…….

The secret jealousies that were harbored for people that a person didn’t even know…….

The false persona’s that live out the grand existences that could only be conjured up in the minds of the best writers of fantasy fiction…….

It’s MySpace all grown up! Horny…….hot to trot and REFUSING to use any birth control whatsoever!

Where MySpace had become a parents worse nightmare, Facebook has become a potential embarrassment for every teenager out there who will be forced to witness their for bearers act out in a way that was once reserved for a spoiled brat!

So this new medium that claimed to be the Mecca for all things adult and mature in cyberspace has become the Trojan horse that has turned the tables in what constitutes proper adult behavior.

In 2014 our youth can watch “Reality TV Shows” that showcase individuals multiple decades their senior in some very buffoonish situations.

real-housewives-atlanta-kenya-phaedra-apollo-sexting-texts facebook

The flame the fuels this mentality in today’s world is definitely the undisputed Social Media platform named Facebook.

But I’ve noticed that Facebook has lost its punch and has be degraded to something more of a commercial venture as one is bombarded by ads for everything from useless apps to mindless games that keep those of legal age ineffective in their personal lives more increasingly everyday.

Did anyone say…….Zombies?

The effect that Facebook has on grownups is the same as when you plug your smartphone into the charger only to wake up realizing that you don’t have a charge because it wasn’t plugged into the electrical socket in the wall.

And I think it’s sad that those former teenaged MySpace terrors will use Facebook in a more mature manner than the grownups who would scold them back in the day because they have learned from their battle scars and know when it’s time to log off for the night.

I think you really know where I’m going with this and I’m just going to say it in my patented brutally honest fashion…….


And Facebook like MySpace, is Satan’s little helper!


It comes to you like an angel of light and slowly seduces you until you are addicted to a drug that keeps on calling you back for another taste.

Users will drive their vehicles dangerously at high speeds and risk life and limb removing their eyes off of the road just to view something juicy on their smartphones that Facebook never fails to share.

Very amorous but lonely men and women can cruise the Facebook profiles of total strangers that they feel are attractive and set their drama/baggage scope to interrupt their lives for nothing more than a cheap thrill.

Sure, we can reconnect with old friends, classmates and neighbors, but is it too much to ask that every available door to re-enter someones life should not be opened?

I’m sure we all have heard the stories of regrettable Facebook drama that became legendary and a wake up call to all who have forgotten that behind the sexy profile photos that a real person exists who has real feelings that can be very unpredictable in how they can react.

Be very careful. Satan is alive and well in 2014 and whether we know it or not, we invite him into our homes, our bodies and our minds every time we seek out the entertainment through this medium that is taking the world by storm even as we speak.

Satan Facebook

If the mind is Satan’s playground, we have taken off the locks of the gates that gave Satan a curfew to stay out of our mind and have allowed him to have access all day everyday without hesitation or restraint.

While some good can be extracted from the use of Facebook, understand that when using a medicine for an ailment can be a very good thing until you abuse the medicine that restored you to health to now make it a poison.

Get up out from in front of the computer screen and talk to that friendly elderly stranger in public or volunteer your time to a worthy cause for children.

Do something that will indulge you wholeheartedly in this wonderful thing called life as opposed to sitting in front of an electronic box in a corpse-like manner while life goes on without you anyway.

Life is so much more than a profile page, don’t pour your whole world into something that will one day be easily deleted, gone and forgotten.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother Who Is Living Life To The Fullest,



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