Facebook Has Acquired Skype:Now The World Is Really Going To Hell In The Express Lane!

Usually when an illness strikes us, it has permeated our system long before we realize it, long before than first noticeable nauseous  feeling, ache or dizzy spell.

For a time before it is noticed, we are going about our lives in normal fashion not realizing that we are destined to have our grand plans derailed beyond our control.

Then, while we are laid up forced to understand how fragile life can be, we are made to face the fact that life goes on and that we may not
be as important as we thought we were after all.

Well, this is how technology sneaks up into our world, it is there long before the effects of it are manifest, long before the evil of something that supposedly was a good thing rears its ugly head for all to see.

It’s almost comparable to the time in your life when you wholeheartedly embraced an eventual enemy into your inner circle as a lifelong friend and trusted confidante. You painfully reminisce of all of the times that you shared your deepest darkest secrets with them as well as that personal information that could have well put you in a compromising position.

Isn’t that a terrible thing?

Well it isn’t as terrible as the fact that Facebook acquiring Skype for all Facebook users to use as a free addition to enjoy on an already seemingly wonderful online experience.

It seems like Im being a killjoy right?

Even if you think so I say WRONG!

Let me prove it to you…….

…….everything that glitters is not always gold!

While I am all for the technological advances in our world that make communication of thought that much easier, we have to understand that traditionally every time in history that we make an advance there is the potential to have a necessary strength taken away because of the lack of wisdom that is necessary to be able to handle that gain.

It’s not the technology but the flawed human character. It’s not the gun but the person with the finger on the trigger. It’s not the vehicles that kill people but the irresponsible drunks that feel they can drive. It’s not the churches that are bad but the weak individuals who fail to live up to divine standard.

And we wonder why our Creator hesitates to give us more blessings in overwhelming abundance? It’s because He knows that we would “act a fool” if we had more power, status an material goods. Look at how we can’t even use the blessing of technology without finding a way to use it for some lowdown carnal purpose!

I can now hear some of you saying “Scurv, all of that ranting sounds good, but you haven’t proven to me yet that this new Skype thingy that Facebook has is going to help bring the world to hell! Heck! The people in the world have been doing a wonderful job of doing just that so what will Skype do any different to do what has already been effectively executed by satan in the war of good and evil?”

I understand that manner of thinking but you have to actually look deeper as to how we have taken any advance in technology to further our human decadence into new depths of filth.

The invention of the telephone had to help make it easier for passionate lovers to whisper sweet nothings to each other in the
middle of the night. But who would have thought that in a few decades those very same “sweet nothings” would actually be nocturnally shared orgasms accompanied with the visuals afforded from the subsequent ability to send sensual photos in real time anytime/anywhere in the dead of night to titillate, moisten and engorge with blood the genitalia of your intended victim.

Action follows thought. So think of all of the hormonally driven actions that wouldn’t have been realized if it weren’t for the ability
to project the power of those seductive thoughts by the power of text messaging and cellphone use.

Imagine the adulterous affairs that would have never started if we didn’t have these advances.

Imagine the unplanned pregnancies that would have never happened.

Imagine the sexually transmitted diseases that would have never found a clean fresh body to infect if it weren’t for the technology.

Imagine the relationships that would have still remained intact because of that one person within the union not having the ability to
further explore what his or her wandering eye may have been curious to experience.

I don’t think that we even realize the huge impact that merely having a cellphone in our constant possession has done to change not only the way we live on a positive note, but how it accelerates the ability of human nature’s downside to deteriorate into the lowest forms of
thought projection and activity. We haven’t a clue!

We have become emboldened to “go there” in complete anonymity to reach out to others in privacy who hold the same parallel desires deep within that without the present abilities would have remained as unearthed thoughts that were potentially too embarrassing to express.

Our children are our future. Agree? You’d be a fool not to. Look at the world that they live in as the gadgetry that they take for granted
is normalcy for them and something new for those of us in a certain age brackets. While we have to study the instruction manual with a
sense of urgency a borderline failing college student studying late into the night for their finals, they can merely pick up their brand
new phone or newfangled computer and intuitively figure out what would take us days to accomplish and even then not as well as they can. It’s because they are attuned to these gadgets.

So we must agree that while some version of high tech presence has been with us in some form for all who are alive in this world, we
never had it like the present generation and while those late night telephone calls full of sweet nothings may have been the mainstay of
our teenage years many decades ago, Skype will bring the private bedrooms of the world right into your home effortlessly because of its  connection to Facebook.


Yes…….while Skype really brings nothing new to the pot that Yahoo hasn’t, because of the Facebook popularity and present saturation in the households and subconscious mind of every society worldwide, it will spread faster as an accelerate like an emptied can of gasoline sprinkled all over ones home before committing the act of arson for the purposes of collecting on an insurance policy. As a matter of fact, it will spread faster than that and the drama caused from it will be a daily event…….mark my words!

So if you do not know what Skype can do as well as the Yahoo “Cam” allow me to do so now…….By having these services on your computer for free all you have to do is to connect a camera to it and you will be able do a live teleconference face to face without paying one thin dime for the pleasure! Isn’t that wonderful? I mean, who has time to write another letter and drop it in the mail box when you can push a few buttons and in a few seconds have that desired person looking right at you while they are looking right at you no matter WHERE in the world that they may live!

This can take the edge off of the loneliness that can come from a long distance relationship or if it may be difficult for one to afford to travel as much as one desires. It could never hurt to have such an instant accessibility at one’s fingertips.

But I seem to always look beyond the attributes and can see the downside of a situation, not to be a doomsayer but as a precautionary measure because I am quite sure that we all know about that annoying addiction of our younger generation called texting! The phenomenon off texting has changed the playing field of parent-child relationships forever! It has given our children the upper hand if they have chosen to use this technology in a rebellious manner!

They text in school when they should be learning, they text each other and share information today that would have had to wait if it were back in my day. Fights are started between our children because of a misunderstood text message that inflames the tender egos and provokes them to anger and a mandatory show of violent bravado. They even text each other when they should be feeling the punishment doled out by their parents when they are sent to their rooms supposedly to have no contact with anyone! The jokes on us!

But what about “Sexting?” The provocative sharing of seductive photos over ones cellphone that has become popular with our teens to the point of being pornographic? Heck, it’s not only our teenagers who are doing it, just ask former Congressman Anthony Weiner!

Human beings will always bring the element of sex into any and everything that we do. This may not be everyone, but when we have the masses subscribing up in record numbers to a new technology it is bound to happen!

So what do I see?

First of all, before you call me crazy, do a YouTube search of the terms “Booty Meat” and “Twerking” and you tell ME what you see and also tell me how old these young ladies are! It’s an entirely covert world that many did NOT know existed and it just might be going on in YOUR HOME! So you better investigate!

(Look at this young girl in the video above. Do our young girls feel that this is all they have to offer the world? Why do they feel that this is some type of accomplishment? Does this chick even have her High School Diploma yet? If she took the time to work her homework as hard as she shakes her ass she just might get some kind of sense and be able to make something of herself in this life instead of being some jail bound wannabe thug’s pass around community ‘hood sperm receptacle! But most of the time you can’t tell these low minded girls anything because they have the worst attitudes on the face of the earth. But catch up with them a few years from now looking all stupid when they are broke, busted and swollen from bad food and bad living. Then they will want to try to make up for lost time at YOUR EXPENSE! No thank you Sister!)


But I see our youngsters and “not so young” oldsters in epidemic proportions locked away in their rooms in front of their laptops or PC’s narcissistically indulging in the live shows that will give them the rush of attention and money that this generation seems to crave like a drug! Let me tell you something, the negative forces that are very much a part of this world and flying under are radar unseen are hard at work to take over the minds and souls of our children who again I will say are our future!

Imagine the perverse older men who will offer these young girls money after baring their asses in “Booty meat” fashion to the highest bidder? and the sad part is that so many naive parents will cry out to the High Heavens in thanks saying how blessed they are to have young girls who are not the type to rip and run the streets and who love to stay home and in their room to study their school lessons and do their homework.

What a rude awakening THEY will be in when the truth comes out if it EVER gets revealed at all!

Prostitution right from the confines of your own home!

Parents. Please be involved in EVERY facet of your child’s life especially even more so when you have young girls. The sharks are out here and they have perfected their skills to the point of non detection and we as parents must face what is out here head on and stop being in denial! Our children’s lives and futures depend on it!

Monitor their online activities with the available programs that will allow you access to everything that they do whether you are there or not and make a point to know there whereabouts every minute of everyday and do not trust them over visiting at a so called friends house because you will NOT know how loose of a situation it is over there unless you truly know the people and household.

Leave NOTHING to chance. Facebook has done enough damage to the psyche of our youth and we should NOT tolerate Skype finishing off the job.

f you have an extra moment, please check out this blog that I wrote that pretty much goes a little deeper into a few related issues, click the link below:

Black People Value Their Asses More Than They Do A College Degree!

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