Facebook Karaoke: Where We Lip-Sync False Projections To Cover Our Already Miserable Lives!

Facebook is the only medium where one can instantly become a preacher because they say they are by attaching a title before their name. The other fact that amazes me it that many will never question the title and believe it without confirming.

Imagine if people who wanted to be doctors did this? There would be a whole lot of dead or injured people around here.

But while doctors attend to the body, these ego driven false men and women God attend to your soul and eternal life in the hereafter without a clue what they are doing and too many of us are siding with these kooks with dangerous consequences in the end.

Facebook has become the Karaoke of our lives, we lip synch onto those very public pages what we hope our lives to be with an immeasurable amount of energy yet when it comes time to make our lives better with REAL effort toward manifesting what God has already placed inside of us, we fail miserably!

Facebook Lies

What do we work so hard to LOOK like the real thing instead of BEING the real thing?

I believe many of us are extremely insecure about our lives and/or are fearful of true success.

There are some very intelligent people out here who have some very major issues internally that you’ll never see unless you are the target of their low self esteem based venom against your creative cyber efforts.

Trust me, it has been the story of my life ever since I began to share my expressions here online.

You see, when you happen to be the real thing as far as credibility goes in cyberspace, you happen to pull the covers off of the frauds just by being who you are and doing what you do.

If there is a man who projects himself as a scholar online of course he will be upset with you when you express yourself well from the heart when all he can do is “copy & paste” facts from other websites in order to manifest a position of cerebral supremacy.

If you are a woman who is truly beautiful and don’t need Photoshop or the usual visual manipulations to become a beauty queen, then those who look busted when you see them on the street aren’t going to love you all that much.


Facebook today isn’t all about keeping it real, it’s about presenting a false image to the world and making you think it’s real.


…….that’s too much damn work!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again until the cows come home about how funny it is that the very same adults who ridiculed the youth for taking this “MySpace” thing out of hand are the same people who today act even crazier on Facebook than those kids back then EVER did on MySpace!

Are our lives that shallow where we can project a false image to the world in a really huge game of “let’s pretend?”

…….because of my online talk show, blogs and artistic expressions of the years, many feel that they can gain some degree of credibility on my tab because I’ve earned a great degree of trust from hundreds of thousands if not millions of people all over the world because of my transparent persona and a style that’s obviously not ego driven.

A guy like me is virtual candy to those frauds who need someone to sign off on their deception for their own personal gain in cyberspace.

They always attempt to get me caught up in their multilevel marketing schemes or their prepaid legal hustles because with the following that my work has, these folks see me as a goldmine to line their pockets.

But I will never hustle the people who have supported me down through the years because of a lust for money. I get up everyday and work hard to produce what I need to continue to forge forward and know that one day soon my financial change will come. I do not need to hustle anyone else out of their money simply because I do not have the balls and the work ethic to build my empire and legacy all by myself.


Also, while many people down through the years have given me some very spectacular compliments it has NEVER gotten to my head where I would think more of myself than I really should.

You will NEVER see me place the title “Evangelist”, “Apostle”, “Pastor”, “Reverend”, “Prophet” or any other title that might mislead the people as to who I am. Now, there are those that I know personally who really are the real thing and are out to do God’s work as well as living an impeccable life that we all can look up to.

Facebook Lie

Yes, they are out there, but when I see someone claiming to be something that they are not while using their dime store title as a shield to gain entry to the company of elite clergy and politicians because they really want money for their busted lives, then THAT’S an entirely different story and I will always call them out!

How do they say it in the Bible?

You have to TEST THE SPIRIT!

You have to!

Especially on Facebook!

You see, on Facebook, you have people who call themselves Authors who never ever wrote a book.

You have Secret Agents who live the life of James Bond 007 flying to a country twenty hours away to do covert battle with their foreign intelligence departments to be back in time to cook dinner at home for their kids and walk the dog.

You have dudes who are totally broke, getting a crazy check and living at home with their daddy but brag about how the stocks in their imaginary companies are doing well in China.

You have writers whose only written offerings are the infrequent Facebook posts that they share but ain’t really about doing the damn thing.

You have preachers who can preach their asses off on these online shows, but are nowhere to be found in real life as they want you to believe their every utterance without a shred of proof.

But it’s the “wanna be” preachers that crack me up. The ones who can circumvent any type of religious certification and study/training to ensure that what they are spewing is factually correct. These clowns speak from their own feelings from the inside and literally make fools of themselves to an individual trained in that realm.


Sure, God can speak through ANYONE He chooses, but God does not take an individual who wants to be heard so bad from a carnal level and mentality especially when they should take that “need to be seen” energy to get down on their knees to pray for the deliverance of their personal demons that are tearing their life down.

I’ve seen it all out here and I have to say that I know that the most bizarre is YET to come!

The internet is a medium that the world has never experienced before. It has allow for the strange idiosyncrasies that we all have to be nurtured to full strength in a way that is not conducive to a balanced life.

Whatever we are secretly into, there is something out there to gain our attention and bind our lives up from truly living.

Many of us are trapped and truly need to gain deliverance from this imaginary world that has rendered us impotent to enjoy life as it was meant to be.

Facebook has become a major escape in keeping us from fixing our lives as we need and has progressively brought out the worst in us without us even realizing it.

…….and while the sins of the world have always been in existence long before we’ve arrived to this world, never before in the history of creation have humankind had access to a medium that would allow us to live a double life and escape the work that had to be done in the only real life that we ever had.

Maybe I’m guilty of the same infraction in the past or maybe I wasn’t, I’ll probably never get an honest answer from myself but I do know that too many of us are wasting time lip synching on the karaoke stage of our Facebook posts as the time ticks toward the ultimate judgment that will never acknowledge our delusional persona’s in cyberspace.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Realistic Brother,




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