Faith And Logic Just Don’t Mix!

I’m getting a bit annoyed at those who continue to repetitiously chant in their adopted status of being old as though they cannot live an enthusiastic life like they did when they were in their youth. I feel it’s a matter of how we view our lives and how we approach our senior years.

If you listen to other people’s logic then you just won’t have the faith to pursue what’s in your heart to accomplish.

Walking Cane

It’s not that being older is slowing you down when compared to your youth, its the fact that we’re plugged in to much more responsibilities. Negative activity as well as insincere people will suck down your life force just like excessive unused Apps will drain our phone batteries.

The logic of the naysayers will drain down any faith that you possess to change your thoughts into reality.

If we can simply unplug the unnecessary endeavors from our life and organize the mandatory ones, we’d find ourselves with boundless energy!

Age Graphic

Now I have to say that I’m not in denial as I know that our bodies will show wear and tear as the years go by but again, I say it’s a matter of attitude and how we maintain ourselves and that is something that is up to us!

What irks me is when someone blames feeling bad or looking bad on getting older when in fact it was their bad habits that got them to that point. Then they want to include you in that number as though THEIR bad habits will have a deteriorating effect on you when in fact your personal habits may be the complete opposite.

Premature Aging

This is when you’re going to have to quarantine their energy and thoughts away from the more sensitive parts of your psyche because you will begin to think like them.

…….and remember, everything that you see around you is the product of a thought, so if someone can’t get you to think like them then you will become like them.

Look, it’s not the age of the vehicle but it’s the wear and tear of it that matters in the end.

Give me that garage kept low mileage well maintained 1964 Mustang over that 2014 Corvette that was purchased two months ago and already has 35,000 city miles in city traffic. There are just certain things that the outer appearance won’t show when dealing with human beings because our deepest thoughts are usually the last thing that we share with others if even at all!

1964 Mustang

But once we get to a persons core values over time and absorb them for what they really are, we will then understand why they acted the way they did before you put two and two together about their toxic mentality.

So when you are a goal oriented person who is driven to manifest what you have so abundantly inside of you in a positive manner, expect to bring the negative outlook to a head that was once so well hidden from view.

It’s because you are showing these types up for who they are and even THEY don’t like what they see from within so YOU have to be attacked and discouraged since you made them self reflect in the first place.

So while these entities may have allowed their mindset to cause them to act in a limited manner, I refuse to subscribe to such madness because as surely as the sun will shine on me I will always strive to reach the next level of my life until God calls me home and I take my last breath.

Granted, you may not be able to run as fast as you used to, you may not be able to jump as high as before, but dammit your life experience will give you the ability to not have to because you’ll know how to move about the earth more efficiently with less in the tank. But that is if you only learned from your life’s journey.

Graying Hair

Age doesn’t necessarily beget wisdom in those who possess graying hair, yet we seem to overlook this and will oftentimes take ones advice simply because they are older. We forget that these are people with emotions, hang ups and sometimes vendettas. You might not even have anything to do with the way that they are but you can surely tick them off if you remind them of something unpleasant from their past.

…….this is when you can receive some bad advice or an opinion to bring you into their defeated mindset.

It’s just like me when I speak of all of the wonderful things that I still want to do in this life, oftentimes I’m greeted with a mentality that basically says: “You need to stop thinking about doing all of that stuff and sit your old ass down somewhere!”

…….and yet that’s another fine example of someone else’s logic.

So this is why I say that if I took care of myself all of these years and lived right, why should I be demonized for cashing in on the investment that I took out on my health many years ago when others laughed at my efforts as they treated their body in such a destructive manner with physical inactivity, drugs, late nights and liquor?

Drunk Woman

Always strive to be your best in everything that you do and go hard after your goals and projected style of living. Let no one intercede between you and your righteous root desires and beware of those who are supposed to be part of your inner circle who disappear or speak negatively when it’s time to support you.

Dead weight will always stay deep in the bottom of the barrel in this life, make sure you get as far away from them as you can by climbing as high as you wish until they become a distant memory.

Leap Of Faith

Unplug yourself from these ever present naysayers to experience an immediate rise toward your dreams…….

…….it’s what I do constantly and I’m still going strong because I know that faith and logic just don’t mix!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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