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You have nothing to fear when calling out a False Prophet and if you don’t then you will also have the blood of deception on your hands!

This is why I’ve decided to shine the spotlight on all Jackleg Preachers and Sneakin’ Deacons who prostitute the divinity and name of God for their profit!

In my online journey I have come across many wolves in sheep’s clothing who care not about improving lives, removing depression, smashing doubts, empowering communities and saving souls.

These particular leeches are hellbent on lurking on popular social media platforms to solicit money from the unsuspecting well meaning Christians who are so gullible in believing anyone who claims to be a minister is truly from God.

I can not and will not tolerate ANY fraudulent hustler deceiving those who enjoy my offerings!

I will aggressively call out any pimp preachers who cross my path…….

Thank you Madamwhipass for standing by my side during my rant!

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