As always LilyFiyah fearlessly gets to the nitty-gritty in speaking the truth but also as always she sneaks up on you with her intensity by beginning very gently.

Like a category 5 hurricane that you never knew was coming, her intensity grows to a frightening crescendo that lets no one off the hook who has done wrong to her people.

But can you blame her when she has grown up in such a beautiful country in the mountains that although she doesn’t live there anymore she wants only the best for her people and this is why she is as intense as she is when it’s her turn at the microphone.

It’s really a travesty when you see a people slowly being bamboozled out of their land their resources and really their life.

No matter where you are in the world living if you are living in another country other than your place of birth, you will still have a love and concern for your original land and when you see it diminishing in the quality of life for its people you will still feel the pain from abroad.

But the fact of the matter is many people may feel this way from a distance after leaving the island of Jamaica, but many are afraid to speak up collectively on what they see as an injustice to their land and place of birth.

It has disappointed LilyFiyah greatly that many have allowed other people who have migrated to Jamaica out of a immense greed, a will to dominate and exploit the resources for their own monetary gain.

What hurts her even more is that the politicians and leaders who look like you and I have been on the forefront of the oppression of us simply because they been paid off and they’ve shown their true heart behind a deceitful Colgate smile.

But not only is this happening in just Jamaica, it’s happening in many lands throughout the Caribbean, South America, Central America the motherland Africa and where ever black people are in the world they seek to exploit us and suck the very life force out of us as though it belongs to them.

But as long as we have sisters like Queen Warrior LilyFiyah we will be inspired to move forward seeking justice regardless ,even if some of us want to stick our heads in the sand and ignore our oppression.

They can silence some of us but they can’t silence all of us and so I hope the younger generations give an ear to the words of our Sister and take action moving forward to take back what what we have cultivated because it is our birthright.

Thank you very much for spending your precious time here and I hope you do return and do share your perspectives in the comments section below.


Your Brother,


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