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Tonight we have an exclusive conversation with a Federal Employee who is sick and tired of what she witnesses on a constant basis when it comes to the lies, the corruption, the witch hunts and the lives destroyed for no reason whatsoever on a Federal Level rubber stamped as official business.

Grab a peek into a covert world where the majority the masses have no clue as to how crooked this government is more so than not and how this system doesn’t deserve the blind trust given to it by the American people.

Some main points that we want to cover in this discussion are how:

1. The Judicial System is designed as a Profit maker and not to ensure Justice is served.

2. Why Laws are as worthless as the paper it’s written on.

3. Throughout the process, know how to stand tall…and alone.

After absorbing the raw truths in this episode of The LanceScurv Show you will know for sure that in America JUSTICE IS AN ILLUSION!

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