Ferguson Missouri: Maybe It’s Time!

Maybe it’s time to really become that Bogeyman in Ferguson Missouri and beyond after the police killing of young Michael Brown that these faceless keyboard tough guys claim that Black men are when they shoot off at the mouth with their cowardly rants on Facebook.

Maybe it’s time to be the lowlife monsters that they say we are as we get killed off by these Police Officers who have lost their minds following another hidden agenda that only their secret handshakes can indicate!

Maybe it’s time for there to be a funeral in THEIR part of town as there is in ours and just maybe they would think a little longer before pulling the trigger on an unarmed Black teenager who was simply on his way to his Grandmother’s house.

Ferguson Missouri Riots

Maybe it’s time to stop these damn useless rallies where those who set them up merely want attention, money and an ego rush.

Maybe it’s time we take covert action unexpectedly after realizing that we are in a war that we never knew that we were in.

Maybe it’s time we stop trusting them every time they come around us with that bullshit ass fake smile and understand that all of the smiling in the world will never make them call out their own for any of their wrongdoing.

…….they are family fool! In their mind it will ALWAYS be them against us except when they want us to go to the front-lines in their wars to fight THEIR enemies or when they want some good hot pussy from our Sisters.

Ferguson Missouri Riots 2

Maybe it’s time that we start cultivating some of our own military minded men and patrol our neighborhoods with a zero tolerance mentality from those government commissioned killers of our children.

Maybe it’s time that we stop trusting in their courts and administer swift justice in the streets. As Malcolm X said, whenever a snake bites you, you don’t have to find the snake that did the deed, ANY snake will do when it comes time to get revenge.

Maybe it’s time to get sick and tired even more so than we really are when we see these murderous cops and George Zimmerman-like madmen kill off our children only to get acquitted to walk Scott-free while our pain sinks deeper into a bottomless abyss of hell.

Maybe it’s time to deal with our terrorists the way they deal with theirs, it’s okay to sign up for military service to help them kill their enemies to gain control of their oil but we must be out of our mind if we even think about anonymously picking them off one by one from a distant rooftop to keep the death toll even.

Ferguson Missouri Police

Maybe it’s time to get down on our knees to pray to the one true God to fulfill His prophecy on Babylon the great after experiencing the true manifestation of Satan himself in a people who are hellbent on destroying the natural order of the world for their benefit.

Maybe it’s time for the wrath of God to come down on a demonic grafted people who have raised hell all over this earth where ever they’ve gone but will never understand this as long as you realize that their school system will only teach you what they want you to know.

Maybe it’s time to force the issue in blood to see where the masses stand as they so hypocritically state that this stolen land will bring liberty and justice for all.


Not me or anyone who even looks like me.

What I’ve learned about the fairness in America is that it’s a damn lie!

Ferguson Missouri Police Shooting

If you happen to be reading this and you are not living in the United States and intend to, I suggest that you stay where you are if you are not a White person because your dark skin automatically classifies you as a criminal no matter how hard you attempt to distance yourself from the American Black people who were born here.

And if you do make the leap to arrive to these shores with a dream of making something better of your life, understand that the best thing that you can do is to take the money from here and run while it’s still worth something.

Plus, why would you want to stay in the most hated country in the entire world?

I, Lance Scurvin, was born here in Amerikkka but do not consider myself in spirit to be an American because I was never allowed to feel what that might be like here on these shores.

From the time I began to make my journey into manhood, I felt as though I was a stranger in someone else’s house.

Thank God for having the parents that I did that took the time to educate me as to what was coming soon in my future, because if I didn’t have their guidance I would have probably been someone who would have gone postal once the shock of the twisted realities hit home of life in America.

Thank God I’m not that “grin and bear it” type of Negro who absorbs the bullshit from the slave-master’s descendents simply to fit in where I’m not wanted.

Stepin Fetchit

I love them just as much as they love me and I’m putting it out there like that because when my time comes to leave this earth I want no one to make no mistakes on how I feel about my oppressor.

So when they get there’s and end up having their funerals at the same time we have ours, know that I will not shed a tear for a people who possess no soul and who are dead in their connection to the Most High anyway.

They can ask for donations on these television infomercials all night long for a damn stray dog but feel justified in killing a human being who was made in God’s image with the same amount of regret that they would feel after stepping on a roach.

They can give billions of dollars each year to a hijack land and the imposters in Israel but demonize the true Israelite’s amongst us and work overtime to keep us “dumbed down” so that we never discover our true identity.

Israel Aid

They can hijack your divine lineage as a Black man (Knights) and wear your righteous garb in a game of pretend (Ritual) while being the (Templar) payoff middle-man and go between for the Klan. Ain’t that some shit?

They are truly a sick people when you really get down below the facade and this will force you to understand that they are incapable of showing you any humanity until their ordained time of rule is over within the next few years. It won’t be long!

So avoid this devil at all costs and lust not for his positions of power, women or trinkets. For all that he possesses now with pride will soon come tumbling down into nothingness.

Pray for his world to fall because in order for us as a people to rise, the old order must be crushed. As the Bible says, no man can serve two masters.

So stay out of his way at this time because as you can see, he is trying to bring the world to hell with him because he knows exactly where he is going. Let him go all by himself!

Stay away from his poison laced educational system that will only teach you to hate yourself, have no faith in yourself, cause you NOT to think and make you subservient only to his system when he allows you to participate in it for the crumbs he leaves behind.

Malcolm X - Farrakhan - Missouri

Infiltrate his system while not truly being a part of it.

Learn his every move while playing the game of being his partner.

Position yourself so that when he rears his ugly head to come after you to murder you, you will be prepared to do damage to him tenfold.

Until then, live a quiet peaceful life that is in true obedience to the will of God but understand once it’s time for war, all bets are off!

Ferguson, Missouri?…….maybe it’s time!

…….because they’re going to shoot and kill us anyway.

Peace & Righteous Love Always, Even At The Time Of War,

Your Brother,




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