After The Ferguson Verdict: What We Must Do As A People? – The LanceScurv Show

Michael Brown is dead and nothing will bring him back.

Amerikkkan History is filled with countless murders of us as though we are animals and nothing has changed in the present day!

Instance after instance has our Black men young and old gunned down senselessly while we are asked in the aftermath by the so called authorities to “Show Tolerance, Mutual Respect & Restraint”, but if these attributes were executed by those who are deemed to be law enforcement then we wouldn’t find ourselves in these situations where justice never seems to be served and the pain and frustrations grow in our hearts.

After The Verdict

The question that we all must ask ourselves is what must we do to prevent this from happening again.

What can we do to alter the overall system that doesn’t seem to work in our best interests at all.

What is it that we must do personally to counter a system that seems to be bloodthirsty for Black blood by any means necessary.

It’s obvious that race is a major factor in this stolen country and the sickness of racism in those who oppress the darker people of the world appears to be getting worse while we must deal with their dysfunctional satanic thinking in the worst possible way.

Unfortunately, the Darren Wilson Ferguson Missouri Verdict has once again exposed the underlying tensions and racial divide that are festering below the surface of our strained politically correct facade of Colgate smiles…….

This discussion will be uncensored and uncut and I welcome ALL to call in to express their opinions no matter what side of the fence you find yourself standing.

This is a live show so do not hesitate to call in!

Time: Tuesday November 25, 2014 @ 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

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  • * Diamondgirl08 says:

    My People perish for lack of knowledge. 🙁

  • Willyum Jonson says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the extremely FAKE smiles from these
    RACISTS in their businesses they own for us buying stuff we don’t need at
    all period.This is exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow aka on so-called
    Black Friday giving them more of our $1.5 TRILLION in cash they say we got
    worldwide more than ever before period.Our totally unnecessary purchases on
    tomorrow and everyday period is the FUNDING of WHITE SUPREMACY worldwide
    period.This is why there will be more Trayvon Martin’s and of course Mike
    Brown’s more than ever before because the RACISTS are giving our $ we’re
    willingly giving them to the Darren Wilson’s and George Zimmerman’s all
    over the world,not just in black neighborhoods only in North AmeriKKKa
    period.Very shortly more Trayvon Martin’s and more Mike Brown’s are going
    to happen more than ever before on OVERKILL because of all of our $ we’re
    about to give the RACIST only merchants on tomorrow aka Black Friday,BUT I

  • 7 Nero says:

    +Kimi Sue…Whites always want to come against someone. Black ppl don’t
    need to do nothing with whites against another group of ppl.

  • Kimi Sue says:

    I think black and white folks need to come together against the Latinos
    that want to wipe both of us out. Plus I think we should be writing,
    calling and/or going in person to see our state reps., calling talk shows,
    TV news, and even shouting from the street corner …. STOP THE NORTH
    AMERICA UNION !!! Education people to the face Obama is just finishing what
    Bush started. Please forgive all the typos. I’m an old lady and can’t see
    the keyboard very well, usually just listen. But we all got to speak out
    now, and not worry about making mistakes, and do all we do in love for our
    country and each other !

  • >