“Finding That Special Someone”

Tyrese- Lately

If you haven’t found that special someone in your life yet, do believe that God has that person for you. You just haven’t met them yet! You must be ready for them and they must be ready for you for a blissful union to actually work. It takes time for life to “season” us properly by the experiences we go through in order for things to be right.

Would the perfect meal taste right if you removed it from the oven long before it is completely cooked? They are walking the earth at this very moment on a wonderful collision course with your life! The day that you meet this God ordained person you won’t even know it that morning when you wake up! So keep a smile on your face no matter what transpires in your life and never let satan block your blessings and connection by letting trivial happenings make you appear unapproachable!

And while it may not be the person that you see in front of you that is the soul mate that you have been craving and waiting for, it may be his/her wonderful description of you to others that might make this person become the catalyst TO meeting your dream mate! So don’t ever turn your nose up to ANYONE as long as they show you respect! You never know who they may be connected to!


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