Is Floyd Mayweather Truly Scared Of Manny Pacquiao? – The LanceScurv Show

Is Floyd “Money” Mayweather deathly afraid of stepping into the boxing ring with Manny Pacquiao or not?

Here we have a man in Floyd that has been in the ring with the best and dominated future hall of famers and has never lost a fight, yet, for the last few years since the public has been demanding that he face Manny Pacquiao they are now saying that Floyd is terrified to face Manny once and for all.

But what is the real truth behind these accusations and what makes Manny Pacquiao the monster of an opponent that his fans make him out to be?

His knockout loss to Mayweather victim Juan Manual Marquez is still a visual that haunts even his most die-hard fans as his recent inability to secure a knockout victory even over sub-par competition like Chris Algieri has done nothing else but to support the fact that Manny Pacquiao’s best days are behind him.

But yet and still, Floyd Mayweather is afraid.

So answer the question: Is Floyd “Money” Mayweather truly afraid of Manny Pacquiao?

Let’s let it all hang out as far as your opinions on this topic goes and at least back up your explanations with FACTS and not simple useless chatter.

Mayweather Scared Graphic

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  • DallasTechie says:

    This guy can say all he wants, that he is not defending the ducker, but he is. Manny Pacquiao will win by UD or SD if the fight ever goes down.He does have a point about a white fighter would be celebrated. Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about them as all white boys can’t fight.

  • DallasTechie says:

    Maynever is scared of losing ! The one man who can most likely give him his first “official” defea is Manny Pacquiao. I say “official” is because he was beat by Corales and given a bogus win by the judges. De La Hoya in my opinion beat Maynever also. My money is on Manny Pacquiao !

  • Aone Thomas says:

    Manny owes Floyd, because if it wasn’t for Floyds “bad guy image” and if it were any other fighter in boxing that Manny had chose to dodged random blood and urine testing against, hired lawyers and coincidentally moved up the P4P list at at the same time, while being 29 years of age he would have been known as “THE BIGGEST CHEATER IN BOXING HISTORY” and he certainly wouldn’t be getting a pass for demanding testing 4 years after himself having a number one hit and can’t sing, and documentaries…, especially in the media… THANKS FLOYD!

  • Mao Ollero says:

    +LanceScurv JAMES PRINCE : Ever heard of this dude?Said to be the OG who runs the game down in Texas? He just called – out Diddy and Suge. I’m from the Philippines, fortunately blessed to have grown up in the Tupac generation. Though a Filipino, I pride myself as someone who has knowledge / deeper understanding of the black culture than the common fan.I haven’t heard of a James Prince ever, so I did a brief research. It is said that J Prince was the first person ever to manage Money’s career. And apparently, the two had history. Would you know if this dude is indeed legit? Based on what is being said, this dude moves a la ” Gus Fring ”.I’m just wondering why he would call – out Diddy and Suge in such a manner. As far as I know, true OG’s would have operated much differently. If he’s not legit, his sudden re – appearance in the eye of the mainstream may be a ploy by the ” Powers that be ”, to get the G’s and the black community in general, to start beefing violently once again. It’s not like they haven’t done that before. ( Sarcastic ).On the other hand, if he is indeed legit, do you think he would have something to do with why why Floyd hasn’t signed up for the fight? Regards!

  • Juan Tampocao says:

    Yes he is afraid and lots of people now are believing so. Why until now the fight is not happening while Pacquiao has agreed to Mayweather demand and he keeps on saying ridiculous excuses. Why with other fighter it doesn’t take so long to finalize a fight. With the amount of money Mayweather is making it is so strange to me that it takes this far.

  • Ryan Barrett says:

    I was at that E3. It was pretty glorious.

  • saba tareq says:

    Now i’m scared to live

  • True_Champions_MF says:

    +LanceScurv Pacman will KILL mayweather.

  • Ariana Grant says:

    you r crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzayyyyyyyyyyyy man

  • Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Menudo duo el de Morata y Halihovic eh xD.Como esta empezando la temporada el Sporting!!Esperemos que Jose Maria tenga la oportunidad de marcar mas goles en el Sporting xD.Saludos!

  • cashius green says:

    when has manny showed a plan B or C in the ring?? never you can see him getting confused esp with marquez he simply cant deal with great technical boxers with counter punching ability the fight will look like all floyds fights 3 rounds of in ring data collecting then a one sided boxing lesson manny is a smaller southpaw floyd will walk down like he did judah who was just as faster than floyd an manny with single shots an way better boxer an counter puncher than manny an gave floyd real technical trouble manny can do that he only throws fast in combination he definitely doesnt fight every minute of each round to avoid cramping he will look amateur he had a 50/50 chance back at the lighter weights now he has to win by 1 punch ko or lose a one sided boxing lesson(corrales) he’ll follow floyd for 5 round eating right hands until he realizes they are starting to hurt an then just collect his check


    this nigga scared

  • Rean Guzman says:

    both rios and algeiri can take punches too.floyd being a defensive wizars has nothing to do with fighting dont know what youre talking about. do more research.

  • Rean Guzman says:

    both marquez and bradley can take punches well.floyd almost died by a telegraphed punches by 90 yrs old mosley.

  • Rean Guzman says:

    floyd clearly saw manny as a monster, else he wont be asking for more stringest, does he?

  • Rean Guzman says:

    pac is a southpaw, if you want to make an analogy or comparison, canelo is a bad example.

  • Rean Guzman says:

    if he isnt scared then why the hell was he asking for additional test, something he hasnt asked before against anyone, including mosley (a admitted ped user, when he called him out before).clearly he saw something that he thought can not be done normally.

  • Rean Guzman says:

    who the hell run from a 100m fight to fight a midget?flloyd isnt scared, he is terrrrrrrrrifffieedddddddddddddd!!!!

  • Rean Guzman says:

    floyd doesnt want to deal with that pac left straight or doesnt know how to deal with it.a loss to manny is unimaginable. his whole brand is going to shatter.

  • Paul Evangelista says:

    I can smell your BS through my computer screen..

  • sc cs says:

    blah blah blah….wasting time listening to you

  • sc cs says:

    blah blah blah….wasting time listening to you

  • vwbond says:

    Floyd has way to many excuses, just to many excuses – just make the fight happen…damn.

  • vwbond says:

    Floyd has way to many excuses, just to many excuses – just make the fight happen…damn.

  • boxingtalk8576 says:

    I think Floyd is scared period

  • Tha truth says:

    Floyd is scared no other boxer has dodge another boxer for so long you bias floyd cus you are black and so is he just keeping it real brotha

  • junior cunanan says:

    Pacquiao maybe older but I don’t think his boxing skills are fading. I also don’t believe that Floyd is scared. Floyd understands that boxing is a business. So having said that, Floyd will always takes fights with the advantage being on his side. He waits for the right time to fight an opponent. He also understands that he cannot fight forever and needs to continously make a lot of money after his boxing career is over. His “0” will make that possible for him…Being undefeated can continously make him millions after his boxing days are over. So the question is…Is Floyd scared of manny, I say no, does he think he’s vulnerable against manny? I think he knows that he is. He will avoid that fight as much as he can because I don’t think he’s confident that he can beat him convincingly……and the judges might hand the fight to manny if it’s a close fight.

  • Best of the Best says:

    Manny dont have to be a heavyweight for floyd to be scared of him.,and no Manny’s not over the hill cause if he is then Floyds over the hill..and yes Floyd is scared of the Manny style..No he might not be scared of Manny himself.,but yes the entire Floyd camp is scared of Floyd fighting against the Manny style..Floyds movement will play no part in the punishment he will take from Manny..Floyd has ducked several fighters throughout his carreer and Manny is just the fughter people notice him ducking because were paying attemtion closely now..Floyd is afraid of the Manny style…Face it..its a fact..if he not..then sign the fuckin contract….Then you will see why Floyd was afraid of the Manny style!!!

  • naruto6979 says:

    me cae mal ese infectado :s

  • ThatEpicCrafter says:

    Floyd got 5days to sign the contract if not floyd is going down in history and always remember floyd scared ducking making excusee an a liar .

  • Xeng Xiong says:

    if May doesn’t fight Manny for this kind of money, I have to say he is scare of the man .

  • andrea chirivì says:

    andate a vedere il vlog di surreal pawer…ce step ke dorme…ke carino=) hahaahahaha

  • hans hater says:

    du bist schlecht gehe zurück in das loch wo du hergekommen bistniemand will dich gucken du kleines crackkind verzieh dich lg grohnk

  • Jesus Christ says:

    Excellent! You already know what to do…..apologies on that note. I will be watching….

  • vidz06 says:

    Manny ain’t no killer

  • Sl1mG1rl says:

    Absolutely not. Mayweather happens to know a lot about the business of boxing and has been able to parlay that knowledge into making him the highest paid athlete in all of sports worldwide. Scared is not what I would associate with such astute business acumen and the boxing skills to back it up.

  • james barredo says:

    OMG still no words coming from floyd camp

  • Agorom Dike says:

    They do not need to fight to please people. They are both champions who need to enjoy their wealth. It makes no sense to get hurt and suffer more pain simply to put money in the pockets of promoters and appease the interest of the public. They are already great accomplish fighters so they have nothing to prove to the media or anyone else.

  • Agorom Dike says:

    Great Commentary.

  • Top Notch says:

    Yes Mayweather is afraid… He still hiding right now!

  • ADR1AND619 says:

    It’s easy to see that floyd has been ducking.

  • Tyrone Jackson says:

    I don’t think Mayweather is scared of Pacquiao. Based on his past interviews he is scared that he might get permanently injured, something similar to Tayor. Floyd even said that he does not want to be like Ali at the end of his career, believing that Ali’s Parkinson was from boxing. Floyd for sure believes he’ll win but he doesn’t want to be hurt to where he can’t take care of himself or not being able to enjoy the riches that he already has for the rest of his life.

  • Tyrone Jackson says:

    Agree, both should be 1st ballot HOF!

  • DRAG OON says:

    say it so convincingly that he ain’t scared…. please don’t say truth or ludicrous as if it’s 100 percent … hear it from the man himself when manny was in his prime, i believe this guy in the link for sure, all of a sudden floyd has gigantic balls after manny was koed after slowing down 3 years ago, floyd has a good track record of avoiding or fighting guys who’s taken damage and then calling himself tbe. only people who don’t follow the true story or flomo’s can forget this so quickly…

  • ⒷⒶⓃⒼ|ⒷⒶⓃⒼ says:

    +Lance Scurvin True Story!

  • Playing Single Player Hide And Seek says:

    Okay let’s talk. Floyd was the best then he retired. Then Pac come’s and become the best. But Floyd came back and tell everyone in the interview that he is still the best. So we just want to test his claim if he is truly the best. So Pac challenged him a fight 6 year’s ago. That was the time Pac was still in his prime 5 years ago. But Floyd was nowhere to be found. Pacquiao waited and waited and took Marquez 4 time’s until he got KO. Then Floyd uses Marquez video to taunt Pacquiao. Then accused Pacquiao for PEDS. So Pacquiao and his legal team filed a lawsuit and ask for WADA testing for Floyd, but Floyd beg for settlement to protect his career. Of-course Floyd lost the the lawsuit and payed a sum amount of money to Pacquiao. Because Floyd did not wan’t to get caught again with a positive PEDS test result. And we lost hope for the fight. But then Floyd called out Pacquiao after Floyd vs Maidana fight. So we assume that Floyd will try his best to get the fight. But he is nowhere to be found during the negotiation’s. Even though he has so many demand’s to Pacquiao just to make it hard for Pacquiao to accept his term’s and to submit to his will. But that didn’t stop the warrior blood of Pacquiao. And accept everything he could ever ask for. Even challenged Floyd for both of them into a charity fight. But Floyd Mayweather hanged up the phone. And now Pacquiao signed the contract. But still Floyd is nowhere to be seen. I will agree to you despite of everything I have said. If you can convince Floyd to sign the goddamn contract! You talk allot about Floyd not being scared?? And tell us that we don’t know Floyd? Well then, if that’s true. Then how can you know what he is thinking??? And how did you know that he is not scared of Manny Pacquiao? It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out who’s ducking and running. Open your goddamn eyes! You praise Floyd for rigging all his fight’s controlling everything from glove’s, shoe’s, ring size and other bullshit he just said. How can we not say he is not scared. When he clearly is scared. A superstar like Floyd Mayweather who has a demand’s like a DIVA just to make the fight is not scared? Just by doing that, he is guilty already! And if this help’s. Floyd Mayweather was a certified PACTARD before. He used to watch and cheer on Pacquiao during Morales fight. And after he beated Oscar. Then Floyd suddenly hate the guy? Come on! your talk is all bullshit. Ask your self if you are in Floyd’s position. Would you make people wait for 6 fuckin year’s??? The longer the time he don’t fight Pacquiao, the more people will tell you the same thing. FLOYD IS SCARED! And nobody in EARTH’S PRECIOUS RECORD has seen any like it, the way Floyd duckin and running against Pacquiao. The problem with you people, you become greedy with money, that you sold your own soul just to get allot of money. Where is your pride and dignity. Be a man and tell Floyd to fuck sign the contract, PUSSY!

  • Marie Lou 3M says:

    Mayweather, maybe, is fighting Miguel Cotto on May 2 instead of Pacquiao. His excuse is Showtime and HBO cannot agree on some points about televising Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on May 2nd. Rich coward duck chicken mouse Floyd Joy Mayweather has done it again. Source –

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