The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Fight Has Profited From The Racist DNA Of Amerikkka!

Once again Las Vegas is the scene of a fistic crime that has been dubbed a superfight, but the type of battle that took place this past weekend is analogous to that long spoon that stirs up the ingredients unseen that lay dormant at the bottom of the glass.

The press conferences are over. The checks have been cashed. Old records have been broken. Dreams have been smashed 

Las Vegas reeks strong of the similar stench of a cheap hotel room that housed the discrepancies of those married men who utilized the deliciously decadent erotic services of wayward women who specialize in extracting the lust driven hot murky loads for pay from the heated loins of those out of town philanderers who masquerade as committed faithful family men in their part of the world.

These predatory women of the night abundantly dot the landscape in the shadows awaiting the next easily seduced weak willed trick that will sample their worn out physical adornments as though it’s something new to behold.

It’s the same carbon copy technique of seduction utilized on the fans of both combatants that are unaware that they are being played by the promoters of this match for the racism that has always existed deep down in their hearts saturated to the core of their being.

It’s nothing short of brilliance to be able to hoodwink the racist masses out of the one hundred dollars that they probably couldn’t afford from their ever diminishing meager blue collar Trump Era middle class earnings simply to absorb the experience of seeing their man possibly win only because they crave to see themselves on top of the food chain for a brief moment superiority on the job on Monday over the coworkers who feverishly debated the outcome.

The timing of the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight couldn’t have been better for Amerikkka to indulge in their favorite past time of racism and all things ignorance.

I often wonder where are all of those individuals hiding now who screamed at any Black person who cared to listen that this is a post-racial America and that every blemish in America’s history between the races have now been healed and vaporized forevermore as we’ve finally arrived to what many thought was that ever elusive Kumbaya moment because we once had a Black President?

Where are they now?

I suspect that many who proclaimed such nonsense are some of the same individuals who supported Trump in his presidential campaign that was abundantly laced with race baiting terms and divisive language that almost guaranteed that Trump would last in that race about as long as fat blood filled mosquito caught in the web of a very hungry spider.

Not long at all.

But SOMEONE voted him in and that in essence this showed how much of a racist free society that we live in because the support he received was so much more than one would expect an all loving society would tolerate.

For conscious Black folks that’s neither here nor there because we well know the true realities of living in this country and simply consider it to be business as usual.

But this fistic extravanganza has certainly brought out the worst in people and stirred up the racist sludge from the bottom of this cup called America that can hide itself so well when the politically correct kumbayah propaganda cameras are rolling.

If anyone reading this is old enough to remember the Holmes-Cooney Heavyweight Championship fight that was contested way back on June 11, 1982, you will remember that it played out in a much similar manner as did the Mayweather-McGregor match. 

Promoter Don King knew that to showcase this fight as a Black versus White match would take it to an entirely higher level in the stratosphere and leave the participants and himself drowning in cash as well as making history breaking all financial records up to that point in time.

It worked back then and it worked on August 26, 2017 in much the same manner. It’s the ugly blueprint for success in the fight game and beyond and I suspect that the dynamics would work just as effectively thirty-five years from now as it did thirty-five years ago when Larry Holmes defeated and exposed Gerry Cooney for the Great White Hype that he was.

Social Media has been great in exposing the trolling keyboard warriors who express their vile toxic feelings towards Black people and other so called minorities and now the world has caught on to what we have suffered under in our journey here in what our oppressors have deemed the “land of the free.”

Free? Really?

When will we ever be free of the inbred chaos of a satanic people whose very existence feeds off of demonizing the victims with their inherited sickness passed down through the generations? Not only do they know that they are sick, they have now learned even more so how to project that sickness onto the victim much like a wayward man will justify his raping a woman saying that “she wanted it” simply because of her well developed female form.

So I’m not angry at all for Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor and all those who had a hand in promoting and profiting from this fight because at the end of the day the very fools who watched it with a racist mentality more than likely had someone in their bloodline profit well from our captivity to put us in this position in the first place.


The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Fight Has Profited From The Racist DNA Of Amerikkka!


So if you’re pissed of that Conor McGregor didn’t win this fight it’s probably because you were robbed of that sweet rush of witnessing another Black man get whipped by a White man as is protocol with the Police Departments across Amerikkka.

Sorry, that never happened in a Floyd Mayweather fight and I sarcastically say that with a 50-0 perfect record it never has and never will!

Thank you Floyd Mayweather for showing us that the American Dream can be attained even if the deck is stacked against us! Hard work, dedication and the ability to be long suffering to achieve one’s goals is where it’s at even when this racist place called the United States tries hard to convince us otherwise!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Hard Working Brother,



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