For A Man To Enjoy Your “Heaven On Earth” He Should be Made To Secure You In This Life To Deserve It!

Let’s get right to the point in this one…….

And I’m talking to YOU ladies!

You all know I love you from the bottom of my heart!

But I have to raise the roof with this one……

Let me give it to you like this, straight to the point: STOP giving away your loving to these men who are NOT worth the time of day or the ink their waste of a time birth certificate was printed with!

If you hold on tight to this man who has not produced a minuscule speck of joy in your life for the last few years then LET HIM GO so that ONE who your God has truly made for you can come on in!

Another thing that you need to do is to STOP LOOKING and wondering if the next nice man that you meet is THE ONE! Sometimes it is in the works for you to try on another mans ENERGY (NOT his hard dick or oral skills!) Just to know what good treatment feels like in a non sexual way.

Sure! I understand that a girl (I KNOW you are a grown woman now, I said girl as a figure of speech, you KNOW how we talk now!) has needs and that can sometimes blur the common sense that you depend on to make those very important life decisions, but GROW UP and HANDLE IT!

Its just better to use your hand than to have a man come into your life (among OTHER things!) and wreck up YEARS of precious effort that got you to this point in your life where you can say that you are almost there with your personal goals! And if you are NOT there yet, do you think that taking on a dead weight so called male “friend” is going to help you get there?

Life is too short to gamble on time that you don’t really know will be there or not. Imagine, unless one has a terminal illness or some similar scenario and can kind of understand that their time is near, you really don’t know how long you have.

Put it this way, the day most people die, they woke up that same very morning thinking of what they will do for the day, the week and maybe the next few years! They never knew that while they took that shower and got ready to leave their home that THAT was going to be the LAST TIME that they would see the inside of their home and possibly their loved ones!

So don’t get it twisted ladies, this is not only a new time period in the form of a new year, but the whole entire WORLD is at the cusp of an entire flip flop of power dispersal and CHANGE! And I am not trying to sound like President Barack Obama because I am not talking about a mere type of political change. I am talking about the passage in the divine word where it states that “the first shall be last and the last shall be first!”

No I am not a preacher, not even trying to be, but I know deep down in my bones that a major shift is upon us and we need to start flying right!

The precious wombs and minds of our women do not need to be continually abused by a drunken, weeded up, bloodshot eye having non productive man who knows how to “take you there” (And not all can accomplish that either!) in the bedroom but cannot take you ANYWHERE  because he can’t afford even the most inexpensive car to transport you to where you have to go!

Every year that comes around we not only make excuses for ourselves, but we make excuses for that non productive sorry ass mate that is out there sleeping on the couch snoring with his feet kicked up like he worked all day!

Now I must say that there are a gazillion good men out here, some just might not look like Denzel Washington,Billy Dee Williams or LL Cool J but ask ANY woman who has lived life a for just a little bit of time  and can admit to being through the pain of being used by those slick talking pretty boys and they will tell you that the ugly dude who doesn’t cheat, works hard and can hold down a job, won’t bring home any diseases AND/OR and outside babies begins to look REAL GOOD to a Sister when you compare HIM to those other losers who have absolutely nothing to offer!

Yes, he might not be the most handsome man that you’ve dated but while you are with him the lights were NEVER cut off and even in the slim chance that they DID get cut off for a time he would NEVER sit up looking stupid while asking you “what are YOU going to do baby?” No! He would already have a plan to put them back on without you ever having to ask!

Your perception of time moves even FASTER with every passing year so we all truly have no time to waste, if you are going to clean house now, it must be done NOW!

If not, be prepared to find yourself singing the same old sad song complaining about how you are so disgusted about that non productive man of yours and how you wish he would motivate things to a higher level.

Somewhere along the line you both had a major misunderstand and lapse in communication because when you told him that you wanted a man who was a mover and a shaker but little did you know that he took it to mean that you wanted someone who had slick moves on the dance floor!

You’ve been waiting for THAT real man that he claimed to be to show up ever since and just don’t know what happened.

But all the while in your disgust HE is getting all of the Heaven on earth that a woman can bring.

Now here YOU are bent over and mad as hell feeling nothing while this goon pumps away at your backside making faces that distort his face while making noises that most would think were coming from an over crowded dog shelter letting you know that pleasure is gripping every fiber of his being but deep down you know that he doesn’t deserve to feel THIS good!

And while your physical charms and adornments are a huge aspect of bringing him peace of mind, you have to ask yourself “what does he deserve peace of mind from? Realize that it takes more than a “piece of behind” to bring him peace of mind but in actuality what does a non productive person do to deserve it?

This is NOT the way the Creator made this thing and WE have thrown off the delicate balance of a divine system with our foolishness!

Women, you are MADE to be secured! Do you know what that means? It means that a man is supposed to bring YOU peace of mind by handling HIS business in making sure that all systems of that home are running smoothly!

You are supposed to laugh when the bills come in the mail because your good man paid them in FULL early last week!

You are supposed to be very confused as to what you will have for dinner tonight because you just won’t be able to make up your mind because of the vast amount of culinary choices that you have from the refrigerator being so full and the food pantry overflowing because you good man keeps it that way!

Going out should be an absolute PLEASURE because you can drive that car with a peace of mind because you KNOW that there is NO repo man looking to take that vehicle because the note is paid up ahead of time and the tank is always full!

Most women who speak out strongly on how they would not EVER submit to any man in their lifetime probably has never HAD a man like this IN their lifetime and would do a complete turn around having that table set and a good meal ready when that man came home because she just wouldn’t be able to help herself from the peace of mind he provided to her that she always craved deep down inside.

So ladies, you must demand this of your man each and every time!

Now I know that jobs are very lean and the women these days in this economy do not have the luxury of staying home but at least that man should be pounding the pavement harder than ever before if you have to also!

He should be also sacrificing his favorite indulgences to keep you on a certain standard of living when times get lean, and understand that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on if he starts complaining about not having any extra cash to go “out with the boys!”


Take a lesson from Mother Nature, when a woman is pregnant with her child and food is lean, that nutrition that is consumed by the mother is given to the child FIRST and what ever nutrients are left over are THEN utilized by that mother but it is always BABY FIRST!

……..and this is the way it should be with that so called MAN of the house: WOMAN FIRST!

But how many of us men are doing what we need to do to secure our women in this manner?

I’m out here in the streets, everyday at work, driving that city bus, watching the faces of people who take public transportation and have noticed that 85% of the women have the same overall disgruntled expression on their faces of dissatisfaction. They don’t even realize how their facial expressions reveal the overall mindset that they possess, only when running into a friend or co-worker will they feign happiness with the brightest cheesiest smile telling their friend “how everything in her life is going just GREAT” when moments earlier when she spoke on her cellphone to her man, upset and disgusted saying how she “just can’t take another day” of how things are at home anymore!

We have got to stop pretending that there is backed up trash that needs to be taken out of our lives and clean things up immediately!

When waste is not disposed of properly we begin to smell a stench, but this odor is quite evident in our personal lives and will affect every aspect of it eventually if we do not move on it swiftly.

What our women have to offer the world is just TOO precious to overlook!

What if Michael Jackson’s mother didn’t exist? We all would have suffered the loss of the unifying force of the music that her children gave as a gift to the world!

What if  Martin Luther Kings mother aborted? An entire people would not have made the progress in an oppressive racist country and we all, black and white, would have not benefited from the presence of one who was ordained to give his life as a sacrifice to humanity!

What greatness exists unseen and dormant deep inside of you just waiting to be activated in the loving atmosphere created by a great union of a relationship?

Do NOT sell yourself or your very necessary and crucial positioning in this “soon to be changing” world short because as the end days come down upon us, you need not the unrighteous blockage of a dead weight man to keep YOU from being an elegant, strong and pristine example to all who come behind you in this world of Heaven on earth!

Let us start this day enthusiastically with a clean rejuvenated mind, a clean refreshed heart and a cleansed body detoxified of all impurities, fresh and ready to be receptive to all of the good that is due to come in this period of long overdue change!

May God Bless You Always!

Lance Scurvin

Lance Scurvin

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