The Forbidden Byte Of The Apple and The Hellbound Knowledge In Cyberspace!

Today it started out a mere thought that got out of control……..and I couldn’t stop digging deeper into the possibilities of what it meant.What am I talking about?I’m talking about those Apple Computer logos that many people have on the back of their cars placed their to let the world know of their phone or computer of choice.It’s amazing how so many people take their smartphones personal, they really take it hard if someone speaks badly about an I-Phone as opposed to an Android Phone. To me it doesn’t matter, a phone is a phone. I have both, an I-Phone and a Droid phone, actually two Droids to the on Apple phone. I need them all because of my web presence and the amount of calls that I receive, but I just can’t get caught up in an uncontrollable fervor over a gadget.texting-while-driving2

…….and that’s where I’m going with this, we damn near worship and PRAY to these phones like they are a God beside God!

Driving my bus I sit up substantially higher than most vehicles and every time I look either way while in motion I can see drivers text messaging while traveling at speeds that are dangerous even if they weren’t distracted.

So now I got deep into thought about that Apple logo, this thing of theirs is POWERFUL!


My observation is something that I believe has gone over the heads of most and it frightened me when I really thought about it. Don’t you realize that Eve bit into the Apple from the Tree Of Knowledge and our existence once our “eyes were open” was never the same?

Eve was seduced into tasting the Apple by the snake which to me represented satan. Whether you want to say it was the devil in us or an external demonic force that’s up to you, I’m not going to argue that point when in fact the end result would have been the same. Eve bit the Apple and had a knowledge that we as the children of God weren’t supposed to have because he TOLD US not to go there!

When I really began to meditate on this as I drove, it seemed as though even more Apple logos appeared in front of me on the back of the vehicles driving around me.

It was almost a satanic taunt supernaturally sent my way because I was on to something that most people never pondered.

Here we are in this modern society biting an Apple that gives freely a knowledge that for the most part has help to destroy the moral fabric of our world. We can have any other good thing that God has given us but we have become addicted to this one means of extracting knowledge and communicating as though all of the other divine gifts are no good.


We bow our heads everyday and for some what seems like every moment down in our phones. We trip over objects in the street that we didn’t see because our phones have our undivided attention in a place where we should be most aware.

Jobs have been lost because of the things that we share online in cyberspace that would have otherwise never been known because we took a bite of that forbidden fruit called the computer.

Happy homes have been destroyed because of the access to pornography which has become so addictive that many men can’t resist that sinfully sweet rush and erotic blast that a daily – and in many cases hourly – porn/masturbation can bring. The men of these wives cannot compare to the vivacious vixens who willingly bare their assets for the probing eye of a man or woman who has the fire of an uncontrolled lust in their hearts.

Porn is merely the precursor because at the base of the Tree of Forbidden Knowledge it has become a gathering place of like minded kindred spirits who can now meet each other in real life to sneak off and act out the twisted fetishes that only years ago would have remained just a mere thought.


Friendships have been lost because of the indulgence into that forbidden would where your every movement, utterance and communication can be view in bold relief where a friend can see that nasty statements that you’ve made about them that you thought that they could never see.

The bite of that Apple has opened up a world where the almost predictable rebellious phase of an insecure young teenaged daughter is amplified and exposed to the predators who are all too happy to sooth her low self esteem with the deceptive compliments that will lure them into their clutches.

There are simply certain things that a child should not be exposed to and after being touched by the power of the Apple they are never the same.
We think we are punishing them when we tell them to go to their room after a transgression tom the family rules but in actuality we are sending them right into the clutches of the devil himself as he has a lesson for them as they are locked away with time on their hands to learn the filth that you never knew they had access to.

The Apple’s presence in the lives of the narcissist is a very much welcome addition and addiction to those who have an insatiable need to be seen, adored and worshiped as the built-in camera phone literally guarantees the endless possibilities to show ones wares whether it be material possessions, a faux status or ones scantily clad female adornments.

By taking a bite of the Apple and bringing this cancer of the upright decent human character into our homes we have set our lives up in the worst way because whatever our weakness is, the Apple is oh so proficient in supplying it in abundance in the privacy of our own homes.

So whether we have refuse to taste this forbidden fruit it has torn our worlds upside down and inside out because of the effect it had on our loved ones who may not have been as strong to resist its temptations.

You have to wonder, how many happy homes would have remained intact if not for the accessibility to such a powerful entity that actually does have many great qualities if the human beings who utilize it can avoid the temptations to go places there where we shouldn’t.

Phone Pics

So at the end of the day we can never blame the Apple for turning our lives into a virtual wreck, but we have to blame ourselves for not listening to that still voice of righteousness that we all have but many times do not heed because of the need to satisfy a curiosity whispered into us by the devil himself.

In the garden that is our lives there are good fruit just as there is bad vegetation, they say that the mind is the devil’s playground and nothing stated could be closer to the truth than that profound statement right there.

We can walk the streets and go about our lives with the packaging of uprightness, decency and holiness, but as soon as we arrive home or to a quiet place where we can access our phones our real characters surface to the top reflected in what we search for to view in cyberspace.


We’ve surely made the job of our God on Judgment so much easier because now He doesn’t have to pick through everything we’ve done in our lives to determine whether our names remain in The Book Of Life or not, all He has to do is to pull up our search history on our Smartphones and Computers to see what we were really all about!

It will be too late to cry out to the Lord at this point because we’ve had a LIFETIME to make the choices that would have lead to a better result in the kind of life that we’ve lead but we have no one to blame but ourselves.

No devil in hell can MAKE you do anything but they can damn sure coerce you into indulging in some twisted mental journeys that will cause you to crave to see just what is around the corner in the netherworld of cyberspace with just a few more clicks.

white apple logo

As your private degradation goes unnoticed, you will find yourself in a place from where there is no return as you are not aware that your mind is being prepped for an eternity in hell!

I can’t tell you what kind of Apple Eve bit into to open her eyes to a knowledge that changed the intended life that God had for man forever, but I can damn sure tell you what Apple we have that’s taking us to hell in the express lane and we’re are standing in wraparound lines in the mall everyday for a taste of death and a deceptive road map directing us to an eternal torment.

…….don’t take that bite! Whether it’s a simple Megabyte or not, your world will never be the same!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,
Your Perceptive Brother,

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