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LanceScurv speaks with attorney Jason M. Wandner in Miami Beach Florida shortly after a Federal jury acquitted former NFL wide receiver Titus Dixon – who also worked as an Osceola County deputy – on charges he was part of a ring that stole people’s identities then more than $500,000 in income- tax returns.

Attorney Jason M. Wandner not only went into how his team approached this case and the strategies utilized, he also offeredsome much needed words of advice to anyone who might find themselves in a situation like Titus Dixon had in having the United States Government come after you in relentless fashion.

It all begins and ends with good legal representation! You just can’t cut corners on that aspect of things in which your freedom hangs in the balance!

I want to personally thank Mr. Wandner for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to enlighten us to a world that very few of us will ever experience but must know about if an unfortunate situation arises.

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