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Once again LilyFiyah delivers a message that is right on point that focuses on what we need to do as a people to rise up in the system that is diametrically opposed to us.

While many other races have shown time and time again that unity is the only way to nurse ourselves to economic freedom for some reason we cannot get it into our heads that this is the only way for us to rise. It is very fashionable to speak unity in all of the good words that sound oh so well. But when it comes time to put those words into practice to sacrifice and execute the moves that are necessary for us to ascend, we can become quite impotent and unable to make a modicum of progress.

Are we cursed or is it that so many hundreds of years we have been taught to come against each other to the delight of all others who profit from our envy and self-hate. Most of us can talk a good talk but when challenged to put those powerful words into action we just never seem to have any desire to do so. I'm at a point in my life right now but I am so sick and tired of hearing people talk such good talk but end up being frauds at the end of the day.

So I have decided to venture out to pursue my projects on my own because at least if I do it by myself-while it may take a little longer-I know that I will reach my goals eventually and not have to deal with those turncoats that will rise up against me just before I reach victory. Success is achieved from within and you must be prepared to give your all to attain it, but once you bring it into reality you also have to defend it from those spiritual leeches that are angry that you achieved it. So keep your eyes open as you move forward in understand that you must refuse to be in a state of shock when you find out how many that are close to you a really there to bring you down.

Whatever I achieve in moving solo is sweet every step up that I move because I know that I'm building a solid foundation that will never be in jeopardy unless I choose to come against myself.

Unity is the best way but it will never be achieved with the people who are self hating and envious of each other, it's just simply a waste of time.

Feel free to share your perspectives in the comments section below whether you agree with the words of really fire or myself or not. You're always welcome to return as we upload new content every single day.



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