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It is not surprising that every other person talks about internet trolls every day. Abuse seems to run amok, and Twitter is not just the only platform where trolls are flooding. Over half of young people are bullied over the Internet, and every other day. Such kind of information hit the headlines, yet nothing is done to tackle this situation.

The Internet has made communication easier. You can contact people overseas, but it has allowed many people to bash people out there. Trolls are people who use negative and offensive language to hurt someone or to get attention.

Everyone experience some online trolling and bullying. Before you get to know if technology can help smother bullying and trolling, you should know why people do it. Experts believe that most people troll for seeking retaliation, attention, personal amusement and boredom. People generally lash out at people who are successful and enjoying their lives.

They are probably insecure and disappointed in their lives that flood negativity and get out of it after throwing brickbats at others, sometimes with no reason. If you are being trolled, you do not need to respond to the troll, block the troll’s account, and report it to social media platform and the cops if you feel under threat. However, now technology is also helping to tackle internet trolls.

Technology can help identify cyberbullies early
A recent study has revealed that algorithms can detect whether or not internet trolls and bullies will end up banned from a social media site down the road by identifying their behavior patterns, not the words they choose.

Researchers have found that anti-social people spread criticism in just no time. By identifying this behavior, experts have become able to design an algorithm that can quickly identify if the user is anti-social across all social media platforms.

This algorithm, according to researchers, can identify such posts and warn the anti-social users to stop trolling and bullying.

In some cases trolling can be done against the trolls
There are some traditional ways of tackling cyberbullying. Some activist groups have run a Zero Tolerance campaign that automatically targets users who use anti-social language. If any of the users tweets seem to be abusive even to the slightest degree, they are stopped right over there.

Likewise, some organisations are running online campaigns to stop particularly abuse against women and vulnerable and minor community, including LGBTQ.

These users are spurred on taking part in self-help programmes to help them eliminate their anti-social behaviour. Anti-cyberbullying organisations are working with this kind of method. It will naturally help to curb anti-social behaviour.

If users are caught up with the consequences of their actions, they will not spread negative, and hate and wrath are provoking thoughts and comments. Some charity organizations have run the campaign in schools to bring together all students and ask them to work together to curb sexting. It is a very common type of bullying in teenage students. They are made realized how it feels when someone becomes the victim of sexting.

Care and attention is also important
Although technology helps curb cyberbullying, it does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to it as a human being. Technology cannot outweigh the role of users. Most of the time, teenage cyberbullying is hard to see, and if it comes to your notice, you do not take it seriously.

If you want to prevent it from growing further, you should stop as soon as it comes to your notice. The cultivation of empathy is good, but at the same time, children should know what they were supposed to do in the first place. Parents should also take up the responsibility of identifying the behaviour of their child and knowing why it happens so. The more careful you are, the better it is.

The final word:
Cyberbullying is ubiquitous. Teenagers are becoming the victim of sexist bullying at a broad level. It is crucial to engage with technology but to a certain degree. People join social media sites to make an online presence and keep themselves in the loop of what is happening around them, but at the same time, you should identify how much you are comfortable with it.

Trolls and bullies can affect your mental health. You can feel even depressed for a longer time. Try to separate from such platforms for a while if someone tries to troll or bully you. Parents should also track what their children are doing with their mobile phones. Nowadays, you can use some trackers to get a line on their activities. You can take out text loans in case you have any monetary problems.