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I asked the question is black love a crime while already knowing in this minority ruled world that already is as the answer is oh so obvious.

The reason why I say this should be obvious, statistically our existence on this planet is black people has been targeted for extinction.

Anything that comes in contact with us from that one who despises us, who has raped us, stolen our resources and continues to exploit us for his game has always kept us in and oppressed position while he benefits from it.

The travesties that he has caused across this globe and throughout the history that he will not tell correctly in order not to expose himself would provide sufficient proof that his existence is diametrically opposed hours.

Many of us are under mind control to think that our very enemy loves and cares for us and are always afraid to see the truth as we bury our head in the sands of denial.

For those of us who understand the intricacies of how the present world system works against us we understand how we must move in a very powerful and covert manner in order to maintain our lives.

Black love and I mean unconditional true black love for one another is the only thing that will keep us here as our enemies diminishing birthrates take them out for the final blow.

We have to become a selfless people and see the bigger picture over and above the separations that have been put on us by someone who does not want to see us unify.

For our unification would surely bring him to a faster demise because he is not truly craving a fair relationship on this planet with us ever since he arrived here.

It is imperative that we reject his GMO foods, reject what he calls education but it's really indoctrination as well as a precursor to a lifelong state of mind control and going back to our practices as African people worldwide.

There is a lot of damage, trauma and pain that has been inflicted on us that we cannot wait for someone else to clean up.

Our righteous love for one another and the focus on building our nation worldwide will put us in the position that we are supposed to be in and not in that position of kindness to this parasitic enemy who is hell-bent on the lust for power, greed and total domination.

We as a people overall have got to elevate our vibrations in how we deal with each other and while we will watch the enemy in his every move to await our counterattack we have got lots of multitasking to do to bring us back to health.

We have been damaged because of our toxic proximity to him and have lots of areas to repair and restore on an emotional, mental, physical and last but not least on a spiritual level. Notice I did not say religious level which is totally different than all things spiritual.

Please listen to this discussion between EmpressEllaGee and Yours Truly as well as one of the most intelligent, aware and engaging chat rooms in cyberspace who bring a wealth of wisdom to the table from which we will cerebral really fees from seasoned with a great love for each other.

Do make a point to share your perspectives on this topic so that we can continue the important dialogue that is very necessary for our liberation in upliftment.

We have to understand that we are not only living this life at this particular time in history for ourselves the we must make the necessary sacrifices that our children, grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren and beyond will enjoy.

The only way to do so is not only to make sure to transfer our wealth to them in a way they can be stolen like it has before from us but to teach them the wisdom that they will need in the knowledge that they must have in order that history does not repeat itself ever again.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time here with us and I do look forward to you joining into our discussion once again.

I wish you nothing short than the most powerful positive vibrations so you can resonate highly above the wicked demons that lurk in the shadows whose only purpose is to bring us down.

We will win and they know it because if they did not think or know how powerful we are they would not work so hard to bring us down.



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