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Gentlemen: Know That A Woman Scorned Can Never Stop The Glorious Parting Of Your Personal Red Sea!

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A woman scorned.

Lots of times this is not the case because we as men do some jacked up things to get a woman to act crazy but do know that there are some cases where this term fits a situation like a glove.

What makes it worse is when that scorned woman still loves the man that she pushed away but will never admit it.

This so called love has turned into a toxic hate where she wants nothing more to see her former mate dead and even then I believe that the realization of the final ending of her former beau wouldn't even be enough to erase the toxicity of hate that resides in her heart.

We as men (And ladies too, I am just writing this piece from a man's point of view today!) must be very careful who we choose to commit ourselves to because oftentimes the very one who we allow into the inner chambers of our heart can be the very one who will be the very one who will not hesitate to stab that same heart with deadly intentions.

There are "some" men who have chosen to move on from a toxic relationship and have had to take many a "short" just to gain their new life and their new freedom.

It's a whole lot easier to deal with having smashed credit that was riddled with foreclosures, repossessions, write-offs and sky high credit card bills than it is to deal with a real live breathing human being who is hellbent on being a negative force in your life and smearing your signature moments of new found victory with the dung from the low points of your life.

Yes, we as righteous victorious men may have some low points on record from our past but you cannot allow anyone to make you believe that you are only your low points! What that scorned woman cannot stand is that your present victories and ascensions will dilute the effectiveness of her character assassinating campaign and render it powerless!

So never react to the stones thrown by her in a manner that would lend credibility to all that she has spoken about you and your character, to quarantine those frivolous attacks and ignore them will render her to the level of a babbling fool and after a time it will become quite evident to the masses as to who is the one in dire need of mental help.

You are in a new day and a new life and it is only an attempt to control the victorious present with the dirt laced issues of the past.

This is an even more important mindset to retain if you have become very successful in your chosen field of excellence because it can truly bring out such a murderous intent in that woman who once had you all to herself, mistreated you and took you for granted when you were all hers. It's almost like having the winning lottery ticket and losing it while later on seeing how someone else found it to cash it in and live a forever prosperous life!

This can drive that scorned woman crazy to the point where all she can dream of is your downfall.

But no matter how much hate resides in her and her dysfunctional cheer-leading squad it can never be enough to rob you of your new life or stop the glorious parting of your personal Red Sea!

What do I mean by this?

The scorned woman will utilize every option to making your life a living hell and stop at nothing to one day stand over you in twisted victory and live for that moment until the day she dies! The sad part about it is there are some of us who live under a divine protection that will never allow this negatively based individual to ever see that day that they so deeply crave to come.

You might have innocent children together and she will bring those children into her unrelated issues with you in an attempt to amplify your pain and frustration as a means of having power and control over you.

Child support you will pay if there was a dissolved marriage but no matter how tough the system is on your pocket it is a whole lot easier than living your life in a prison cell because of a heated moment of unguarded anger that now has you incarcerated because of a murder charge.

Please. NEVER get pushed to that point.

You might be smeared, talk about, ridiculed, rejected, ejected and lied on.......

Whatever the case may be you must never do that wicked waltz of death with the scorned woman because as long as you go back and forth with her your new reality will never arrive!


No matter what most men would like to think, you cannot swing more than one relationship at the same time. Even if you are living under the same roof with that scorned woman and your days together sharing the same address is limited, your heart may not be there and your present arrangement may be merely a shell of its former glory and your scorned woman deep down will know this.

Be careful if you are making a transition away from a toxic union with this type of woman because she just might be capable of setting you up somehow where you will never be good for anyone else!

Cops may be called to arrest you on phony charges or fabricated accusations on lowdown deeds may be levied at you to hide what she has in her heart that is not very wholesome at all!

But you must hold on regardless because NO reality lasts forever especially one that attempts to block a life that was chosen to do great things and that was ordained by the Creator Himself to manifest a mighty work at a precise time.

There are times that the legal ramifications will leave you broke and penniless with a strained faith as you might not even know where your next meal is coming from or what park bench you will choose to sleep on that night.......

Keep stepping my friend, your personal tragedy of a Red Sea won't touch you no matter HOW bad it appears!

Sure, you might have to deal with a little hunger.

You might have to deal with being straight broke for a time.

It may even be where you have to skip a shower or two because of your unpredictable living conditions but do know that your Red Sea has been parted for a reason!

Understand that while that scorned woman will run you down like Pharaoh ran down Moses in the bed of the parted Red Sea, her aggressions levied against you and your character will swallow her up so fast as you cross over to the other side to shine to the glory of God!

Never move in fear and always keep the faith as you hurriedly move into your new destiny, you will hear the stomping feet of the scorned woman trying to keep up behind you.......

You will hear her curse you and bring up every bad thing that you may done in the past but understand that once God has forgiven you there is nothing that she can say to make Him drop down those mighty waters to drown you!

Never slow your pace as you move forward to your new reality while she haphazardly works overtime to destroy every connection that you had to the old.......

It doesn't matter anymore.

God has a new job for you.

New friends for you.

A new home for you.

More money for you.

A world that will respect you for who you are no matter what is said about you from your past.

Refuse to even entertain the words that will be screamed at you as your every step to the other side is like a dagger driven into the heart of that scorned woman who knows deep down inside that she lost a good thing and that there is truly no hope in holding on to the toxicities that she displays so brazenly in order to bring you down.

She knows that she is powerless and this is what you will see as that same very sea that was miraculously parted for you will come crashing down on her as every trap, every curse and every evil deed that was ever conjured up and executed to bring you down is washed away forevermore.......

The scorned woman has no power over us Brother if we stay connected to what is right even if we were actually guilty of doing some wrong in the past!

Never allow your past to define your future no matter how many screaming demons proclaim otherwise!

You were chosen to do a mighty work in this lifetime and not to be a minimized ridiculed defeated footnote in the trail of a twisted scorned woman's path! good is indeed the best revenge.

Eat your hearts out.

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To Lance and all my friends... this is exactly where I am at right now! You will never know how much I appreciate this writing! Thank you!

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I wrote it from the soul because this has been my exact experience my friend. I am so glad that you could extract something from it and do pass it on to someone else who will also. God bless you!



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Good post.

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Sounds like my ex boyfriend and I am so glad to have made it out. GOD was and is the ONLY way!