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Get Your Mind Right And Your Reality Will Follow!

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The reason why too many of us get absolutely nothing accomplished not only in our days but our entire lives is that we lack the ability to focus on the long term goals.

Sure, I am quite sure that you have heard this truth spoken in man forms many times before but when you look around in the world it is quite evident that it couldn't be spoken enough.

We as a people overall want the prize but we refuse the struggle that it takes to gain that prize. But little do we understand that we were placed on this earth to overcome a constant struggle. We just weren't placed here to sit back and laze around waiting for the next man to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves.


Granted, it is not wise to work toward any goal in an insufficient manner but there are times when we have to roll up our sleeves to get down and dirty in the trenches in order to take ourselves to that next pristine level of accomplishment.

Are you ready to make that commitment and take that step?

You probably are but like many of us become frustrated because you don't know where you should start in making that first crucial step toward your new reality.

This feeling alone is why too many of us shy away from making any changes in our lives for the positive and merely allow whatever life events transpiring in our midst to mold our realities.

This is sad because it is comparable to getting in a sailboat to cross to the other side of the lake but not taking control to guide the sail to maneuver it according to the ever changing winds that will surely come your way.

To change our realities and to reach those goals that will make that change their are actions required of us and if we commit to doing them the way will be made by divine order.

Focusing on reaching those goals will be very easy once you KNOW what it is that you want to accomplish. One of the main reasons why many of us get frustrated and quit in the action of reaching for our goals is that the picture of what we want to achieve is vague at best. BE SPECIFIC in claiming what it is that you want.......there is absolutely NO crime in doing that at all!

Yesterday I went into a luxury truck dealership and made the goal of purchasing that truck for my 50th birthday. It wasn't that I need something material to boost my ego, deal with a midlife crises or prove to anyone that my credit is excellent but it is merely a personal statement to myself that for all of the years that I simply gave away to others in the pursuit of THEIR goals that this will be my time to indulge a little and treat myself to the excesses that I have afforded others in my life over the years.

So I had to go out and "see" what it was that I hope to achieve so that my desire will be crystal clear to me. You must define your goals clearly and you can never be specific enough in doing so. Even if they change slightly or if you totally do not desire that particular achievement ever again, keep your scope on the little details at all times. Why? again it makes it so much easier to focus on.

Another point that I wanted to bring up in the achievement of ones goals is that we are to maintain a mindset of "singular purpose". What I mean by this is that once you commit to reaching that new level you must not ever take your mind off of it until the job is done.

The word that comes to mind is "compartmentalize!"

For example, as an artist, I am very detail oriented in my work and there would be no way for me to ever finish one of my very detailed pen and pencil scene renditions if my mind was all over the paper that I was to use for that sketch.

Say for example I was going to sketch two people sitting a a table enjoying a meal, I would sketch out the general areas of their bodies and the table but I wouldn't at this point go in to to much detail in any one area. Once those areas are roughly defined, I would then define the boundaries even sharper of the table, the twp people, their garb, shoes and any major area that can be defined so that when I now go to work on area by area I can stay right in that section until it is 75% finished.

So the mindset of singular purpose here is important because I would defeat myself and diffuse my energies if I was supposed to be deatiling the area of the foot but were concerned about the detailing of one of the individuals hair.

Keep your mind on the task at hand. You must be methodical in your execution of your plan. Not only can others distract us but our "untrained minds" can be the worst variable to completing a task that should be so much easier to finish than we make it.

Now! Let's bring this concept into real life.......

No matter what is going on in your life, once you have committed to working toward and reaching your goals, NOTHING must stand in your way to getting the tasks at hand completed! This is why is is of the utmost importance to have your goals clearly defined because when the negative forces gather around you to thwart your flow, you will have a clear set of objectives already written in stone to help guide you out of their mind altering madness!

And while positive energy wins out ALWAYS over all, if commandeered improperly it can be misdirected because of those manufactured evil attempts on you to remove the intensity of your focus. So being positive is not enough, you must have your mind wired securely and properly so that you do not waste one iota of energy.......

Energy leaks and distractions can come in many forms, you have to have such a presence of mind to remain unscathed and keep on the path that you have committed to in reaching your goal when these distractions are placed in your way. Your job, your family, and your friends will be the source of much that comes to to take your mind away from your covenant more so than ANY stranger that can bring these issues into your world.

It seems that when you are almost there, here comes some family drama or some manufactured issue that "requires" you to stop your positive pursuit in order to deal with these usually preventable mishaps. This is why you must not be as vocal to everyone who is not a trusted member of your inner circle. and please understand that merely because someone who is SUPPOSED to be a trusted close individual because of the fact that they share your same D.N.A. does not make them worthy anymore than a total stranger if they are not validated for their genuine character.

So as you see, the mere act of "focusing" on a goal is not hard at all when you take care of everything aspect and variable around it in order to free you up to do so.

Never give away your energy to a soul unless they are already in the same positive process that you are in to improve their craft and methodically ascend into the full manifestation of what our God put in us to cultivate.

There is so much out here that is invisible to the naked eye that can keep you out of the God ordained destiny that He has for you and the faster you learn to navigate these spiritual waters with your third eye, the faster and easier it will be to produce a sizable gain each and everyday when it comes to focusing on your righteous goals.

Trust me, this is the way I think and it truly helps me to get the work of 20 people completed daily and to remain as fresh, drama free and stress free while so many that I see are so caught up in issues that are irrelevant and insignificant to say the least.

Get you mind right and your reality will follow!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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