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But this time, my mom took me seriously. I dreamed of her waking up from a dream where they told her to gather food and water in the house. She actually was pressing Georges to buy a house so that we can grow vegetables in our backyard. It means that there will be another lockdown all over the world and that the lockdown will provoke a shortage of food.

And also, war is coming. It will be bloody and nasty.


Lil Nas X had done it again, shocking the world with his gay sexual liberation, right in our faces, rather we want to see this obscenity or not. If you click on the video “Industry Baby,” you will find in the comment section someone writing: “How gay can you get?” That is my question too. Because what I saw was disgusting and abominable. I am pro LGBTQ rights. I learned how to do my makeup from watching drag queens perform. I learned the arm expressions from watching Vogue battles, but Lil Nas is the harbinger of the f’ing Apocalypse. We are going straight to Hell. For real this time. I am just as baffled and flabbergasted. Just because you need to be accepted does not excuse you exposing your indecency and decadence on all social media platforms. And this lil negro warns that this wasn’t nothing compared to what’s coming.

And the thing is, white folks are praising what he is doing: Yahoo! The New York Post, NPR, Los Angeles Times. WTF??? And to make it seem okay, his video is also promoting fundraising. WTF? The fool cannot see that he is being peacocked like a dumb mofo to further undermine black masculinity. Devils are utilizing Kevin Samuels to dehumanize black femininity and Lil Nas X to destroy the black alpha masculinity. Since they can no longer get away with cutting black men’s testicles, so now they use a dumbass black bashful mofo. The Devil is a lie.

This is what those people are doing. There are putting this filth more and more in your face and if you say something, you’re homophobic. You are basically being sexually harassed by gayness and you are not allowed to say anything because that would make you a homophobe. So let me ask this: Lil Nas X, why white folks don’t Anderson Cooper to shake his penis and butt cheeks on national television? Why don’t they ask Don Lemon to shake his penis in our faces? Don Lemon may be black, but he is as white inside as Anderson Cooper. And white people understand very well that the Christian Conservative majority will not tolerate this and that they will lose endorsements. White folks may be liberated but they worship more their money god than sex or prejudice. That’s why in the end, they emancipated us because they realized they could make way more money with free men than with slaves. That’s why they have dumb ass negroes like Lil Nas X and Kevin Samuels to desecrate our dignity for the devil’s dollar. Both are no better than a 2-buck male whores. What I am saying may be upsetting to Lil Nas X and his fans but one day, you will get older like I am; one day you will have children or people under your care. And that day, you will be haunted by unbearable regrets for mistakes that you can no longer repair.

This little negro had the audacity to go on Twitter and say “Y’all hate gay people!” responding to the backlash. Give me a break. Do you really believe that white folks will let Cardi B drag her herpes vagina in people’s faces? No, because they have an agenda. Fat Joe cried on Tik Tok saying that he's been around billionaires, and they never behave like that. He called Lil Nas X fake and a destroyer of Hip Hop. Myself, I screamed in shock when I saw the infamous scene. I was screaming repeatedly that "we are going to Hell." My family was confused and was wondering what was going on, but it was just shocking to see porn included in Hip Hop. This is fucked up.

You can do all that gay as much as you want as long it’s stays in your bedroom. I would be in shock to see Carbi B shaking her pussy on my TV screen. Why would I want to see a bunch of gay guys shaking their dick and touching their ass? This boy is possessed, if not the incarnation of Shatan himself. It’s an abomination.

Here is the thing, those people, Lil Nas X, Megan The Stallion, Cardi B think that they are on top of the world, that they are in control when all along you have been pawns doing the biddings of devils.


Israel has just been included in the African Union as an observer. The problem is that everywhere Israel is invited, its infamous virus, Pegasus, is ubiquitously used.

Hence, when the Western devils cannot infiltrate Africa, they send wolves under the disguise of Jews. Isn’t it the same Israel that is deporting black people by the thousands? It’s Haiti 2.O where all those “Sousou blan” coons are favoring white folks over their own kind, claiming that they are descendants of Jews as an excuse for their behavior. Israel has no moral or code of ethics. It is not only on their opponent that they will use Pegasus but on all African nations as well. You just invited the devil into your house.