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The black woman in today's world is the most underappreciated woman on the planet, yet everything she possesses on a mental physical and spiritual level is emulated more than any other woman on the planet. How can these two extremes exist for one category of woman you ask. I really couldn't tell you as it boggles the mind and lets me know how precious and beautiful she is.

You see, I remember growing up and seeing the girls in school of other races look on my young black sisters with scorn and I know why. It's because they saw the qualities that she possesses straight out-of-the-box without any enhancements showing the world her natural physical beauty, a deep spiritual consciousness and just in essence that was simply out of this world.

It was a deep envy that they had to cover with their ridiculous jokes and putdowns on the fullness of her lips the shape of her body and the beautiful curves that she possessed as well as in essence that no non-Melanated being could ever possess. The powers that be had no problem in using her for her sensuality while never acknowledging this in public, so while she knew she was special she was used without ever getting the acknowledgment on how powerful and how beautiful she truly is.

It truly hurts me that she has to suffer at the hands of many who do not understand that she is the mother of all civilization yet she doesn't get the reverence that she deserves yet many Caucasian children nurse on her breast. Many couples who are in trouble in their marriages go to her for her free consultation from the soul that is saved many unions over countless years.

She is underappreciated to the point where her pain and suffering is dismissed as business as usual by others because they take for granted her immense strength that has gotten her race through many a storm over countless centuries.

When will it end as it seems to be the commitment of this oppressive society to always make sure that our black women never ascend to the level of excellence that their seeds of greatness that they possess within dictate. We as black men should take an extra step to aid those who are wounded who are our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, and our various family members whether we share the same DNA or not.

Only we as black men can give her the security and comfort that she needs so badly and never seems to receive. She is not a victim in the sense that she wants to fall down and give up because she is the strongest being on the planet but she has been victimized and virtually shut out from ever having a seat at the table to acknowledge the travesties that have been done to her. Her deep pain and trauma seem to forever go unnoticed to make her feel so alone as she shares her tears by herself with the responsibilities of the world on her shoulder with no one around.

We must all dedicate ourselves to alleviate the stresses of our sisters whether she admits to it or not we have to be there to lift her up and protect her and this is why the white man's society wants so bad to get rid of us as her protector. If we are removed and become ultimately defeated she is the prize that they will take for their own twisted wickedness and we refused to allow that to happen.

So in this discussion on the show and in the chat room we are discussing what it is like to be a black woman in this current society and the unique pains that she goes through. Let this be a starting point and not just another discussion will be make great points but refused to take action, for our future depends on it because if we don't have the black woman in our lives we cannot reproduce something so strong that affects the planet and how it moves. There is no other race of woman who is made for us as black men because she is the sweetest most beautiful woman to ever grace the planet.

And because of this fact, there are so many who know that when we are loved by a black woman there is no other love on this planet that can surpass the intensity, the comfort and joy that only she can bring. I hope you receive something from this particular show and I do welcome you to share your perspectives and viewpoints as much as you want to write in the comments section below. Thank you for spending your precious time here with us and feel free to return as much as you wish. It is always a pleasure to dedicate my time to discuss our unique issues and to hopefully motivate those who come through to these discussions that I hope enlighten, empower and motivate you to improve your awareness and your love for each other incrementally every single day.

Peace, righteous love and revolution,

Your Brother,


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