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The Party Had To End Sometime!......So Don't Cry Now!

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If you live your life for the approval of heathens then you have NOTHING! What I want my people to know is that I love them unconditionally and wish the best for everyone. At the same time if I truly love you I must tell it like it is so you can grow into what God meant for you to be in the fullest majesty of his intended creation! Not an ignorant foul mouthed womanizing pleasure seeking "thugboy" (Pull up your pants from around your knees, get a haircut and speak some real english!) with NO vision for the future or securing any type of stabilty for his family that will last a lifetime!

And if you are a woman who likes this type of man and will mindlessly "lay down" with him (Having baby after baby!) how smart can you be? Evidently you ain't no good either! So don't go crying when you are left with a dozen crying hungry babies ( That you evidently weren't planning for!) and NO man in sight to support you 'cause he got locked up for a long time and sent up the road...if not DEAD from that dead-end lifestyle!

You knew the little money he was making was illegal so don't cry now, you enjoyed spending it and you made your choices. LIVE WITH IT! As a matter of fact, you really have no choice at this don't get pissed 'cause you see a good clean HARD WORKING FAITHFUL man who DOESN'T want to get involved with you and all your drama! Some might partake in sex with you, but you will quickly realize at this point that is ALL you have to offer a man!

Back in the day before you were trapped in that state of living it was too "corny" to stay out of the streets, stay home, stay in school and study. And the good disciplined clean living men weren't exciting enough! They were TOO BORING for you weren't they?

I bet they look good now!

So to all my younger sisters out there living a wayward life or are thinking about it, PLEASE! LEAVE IT ALONE! Save yourself for a man who will STAY WITH YOU IN MARRIAGE! A COMMITTED MARRIAGE! It takes a lot more than a fat thonged rump and the ability to suck a golf ball through a water hose (And you know what I am talking about!) to appear truly righteous and worthy to a good man and pleasing in the eyes of God! THINK ABOUT IT!

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