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You Never Got A Hangover After Spending All Night Drinking In The Word Of God!

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Did God wake you up this morning to complain with a hangover?

So when you find yourself in this undesirable predicament realize that it's not HIS doing!

Did your Heavenly Father bless you with the beauty of another day only to be fearful of the consequences of failing to keep up with the requirements of "mans" system? If God created that very same man who in turn created this financial system that many of us unfortunately jump through the hoops of, yet instructed us to subdue and conquer the earth, then what are we to be afraid of? If we were told to do this by The One who constructed everything with His mighty hand then don't you think He might know a thing or to about how we are truly equipped as far as being able to handle ANYTHING placed in our path?

The answer is not in that bottle of Gin that you keep stashed behind the couch!

One more question, if God resides within you then how is it that fear can take up shop in your heart too? Can they both live in the same spiritual temple that is your body?

Seems like some of you hold on to fear a lot more intensely than you do the Biblical instructions to master Gods earth!

You say you don't?

Then why is it that you pause before you attempt to accomplish anything out of the circle of mediocrity? Are you doubting yourself?

And if you are than you are also doubting the one who made you!

Case closed.

The fear which comes from satan and the mighty power of God cannot occupy the same vessel and do it's work without some kind of turmoil from within transpiring! It's either one or the other! So many of us have a righteous word on our lips but possess a heart restrained from the boldness of our creator. A boldness that should come from knowing that we were put on this earth to conquer it for our existence righteously by order of our Father.

Earlier last night I took a nice drive and night out with my dear friend LaDonna (, we didn't have anywhere in particular that we desired as a destination but we knew that we wanted to be within the proximity of many people. You see, we are both artists and we both blog, and we both revealed to one another that we both draw inspiration from the "little" things that we see in others as far as human nature is concerned. It's not so much a thing of viewing the physical, although that can be an item of great interest and stimulation, but it is about getting those quick revealing peeks into the motivation behind what makes people do the things that they do, especially the foolish and compulsive.

Walking past the restaurants and the nightclubs, it's so amazing how superficial people can be. I mean, these people really took their "images" and facades quite seriously! and now I see the same games being played out that are really based on insecurity happening as I did as a young teenager back in the seventies. Same play. Different actors. Same tired plot. Man drives up in luxury car. Micro-miniskirted women in line to get in the club primp and covertly ogle the man as he enters their space but everyone is frontin' just to be a star for a night. These souls that are hungry for love, attention and some meaning in their lives have given up on forging real relationships with real people in exchange for becoming a facsimile of THAT fantasy chick or the man of many woman's dreams.

Week after week, the same tired scenario plays itself out and as the months and years roll by life will remove these players from this game only to replace them with a younger more daring set of youngsters that feel they can outdo what the previous generation was known for. This addictive netherworld of the neon laced night has churned out legions of tired souls who have been chewed up and spit out only to aggressively devour the next class of fresh fodder more intensely than the previous victims.

These are the people who wake up in the morning with absolutely no joy in the morning because it has been sucked out of them from years of the soul draining activities of the fast nightlife. Many are going through life without a clue as to how beautiful this world can truly be because they have prematurely aged themselves through the thick clouds of second hand smoke as well as possessing features that have been "cured" and ravaged from the alcohol addictions like a pickle in a jarful of vinegar.

This lifestyle will do nothing for you in the long run and will not bring that inner peace that we all as human beings crave yet very few enjoy. As LaDonna and I have observed all night long through our many hours of trekking through the underbelly of club life here in Orlando, there is nothing here but the smoke and mirror, cloak and dagger illusion of happiness that ends abruptly with the first splatter of vomit at curbside or the very public lovers spat. And that is the usual almost guaranteed fare here as well as in every city across America where people convene thinking that they will find that ever elusive happiness, confidence and peace of mind that only seeking a lifestyle that is pleasing to God can only bring!

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