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The rest of the African leader's should take a page from President Magfuli, of Tanzania. President Magafuli died protecting his country and people. Magfuli in the short space of time (5yrs) that he was President, Magafuli did more for his country than any other president, who spent years in office.

President Magafuli returned his country's resources back to his people, and the next generation of Tanzanians. He knew that he would be killed for doing this but he loved 😍his people and country. He was not about to let the imperial colonizers buy and sell him, so that he would back stab his own people. President Magafuli could not be bought, which makes him one of Africa's small handful of great leaders. Who could not be bought and was able to see an even bigger picture for Africa and it's people. President Magafuli in such a short period of time made the enemies of Africa know that he was not going to let them continue to use and abuse resources that were for his people and that these enemies nation companies, would no longer get away with not paying their taxes. But wanted to bully the Tanzanian government, by threatening them to give them money for setting up shop in Tanzania for mining their resources.

Thank God that President Magafuli was courageous and very intelligent. He knew how to play the games that the criminal nations have being playing on Africa for centuries. He told his predecessor, that a person would have to be drunk to make such a deal with these enemy nations. For them to come into Tanzania and take resources, but don't want to pay for mining Tanzania's resources. And to add insult to injury, they want the Tanzanian government to pay them millions for being there. They were trying to act as if they were doing Tanzania a favor. Magafuli's predecessor did pay them the money that they asked him for. While President Magafuli told them that he wasn't about to pay that type of money when it was the other way around. They were the ones who owed Tanzania money and back taxes. And any type of contract that the previous government of Tanzania signed, was null and void. This is what President Magafuli told them, and that he would be making a new contract for them to sign.

A contract that was much more suitable for his people, and the next generation of Tanzanian's to come. Magafuli gave them a deadline to pay back Tanzania for all of the taxes that they owed, and haven't being paying for years, while digging Tanzania's resources and getting rich off of it. President Magafuli was not playing with these crooked nations. They gave Tanzania back their taxes that they owed, those who didn't want to pay had to leave the country, and those who did pay had to sign a new contract. Magafuli made his people in charge of their country's resources. This is what got him killed. But we as melinated people and gatekeepers of this planet must take some blame to for not protecting our great leaders, like President Magafuli and others.

The non-melinated nations are casting spells on us, but telling us that our ancient high science magic is 😈 evil. This is how they're able to rule overs us. The good news is since everything around us is mental we're able to meditate and imagine what we want our future to be. May 26, 2021 there will be another shift of positive energy towards 4th density consciousness. So that we can be a peace loving ❤planet. But first we must not have fear within ourselves, we must think positive and visualize a golden light of love all around our love ones, ourselves, our great leaders and our planet.

The negative people or beings feed off of our fears this is why they like doing evil things to us and our planet. They are hoping that we would be so fear that our fearful energy would help them to turn our earth into a negative 4th dimension planet, along with our solar systems. This is their plan fot us. But love 💘and light are the strongest powers in the whole universe. Love and light brother(Dr.) Lance for giving us this platform. ❤Love and light to your wife ,for also being that strength, hope, love, courage and power 💘.